43 Inspirational Florence Nightingale Quotes

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The nurses’ personal care of patients gave them the opportunity to develop their skills. As their practice grew in size and quality, they learned how to care for their patients at home, and eventually their practice grew to encompass the care of patients in institutions.

Here’s our collection of 43 inspirational, insightful, and motivating Florence Nightingale quotes.

43 Florence Nightingale Quotes

The prayers of the Mystics do not ask the God of the philosophers to show his strength; but they do not ask him for His love, justice and pity either, nor to remove our sufferings.

There is little evidence to suggest that the world is sketchy.

Florence Nightingale was a famous English nurse who was a pioneer in the modern practice of nursing. She was known for her dedication to nursing and was a social reformer.

No matter how much I care and feel the pain inside me, I’m still going to smile and be happy.

3) I can’t remember where this one is from but it is a good one.

There are so many people who try to live life with an attitude that they do not really deserve what life has to offer. If you are one of them, it is time to change your mindset. Life is a gift-and we do not deserve to have it. We get it and we should be happy with it.

Although Florence Nightingale was a medical administrator, she is widely known for her work in the field of nursing and her efforts to improve the health of the soldiers during the Crimean War in the 1860s.

Florence Nightingale, a founder of modern nursing, said that the amount of relief experienced by sick people after being thoroughly washed is one of the commonest observations made at a sick bed.

The problem with humanity is that we’re not very smart and we can’t control our own instinctive desires. We need help.

You should be careful with what you say. When you talk about knowledge, remember that you can never know anything, so you always speak incorrectly. If you are speaking about your business, you need to be careful.

Women are the most powerful dreamers. Women dream with a strength and honesty that is impossible for anyone else, and because of this, women are the most powerful dreamers.

12th of 43 Florence Nightingale Quotes

I think her success is because of two things. She first of all did not give excuses for not achieving great results, and secondly, she was the founder of the Nightingale school which is one of the most important medical schools today.

The world should be a better place before I can have a perfect life. I will work until I am no longer needed.

 I believe that you can look at things in a way where you make them your own. The colors around you can be used as a medium to evoke an emotional response. I also think that they have an impact on us but it’s something we can control.

I don’t know much about Nightingale, but the desire for ‘the return of the day’ sounds like a desire for sunlight.

I have been an enabler throughout my life, and I feel so tired now. I’m so sorry, my dear.

The horrors of war are those things that cannot be fully put into words. They can be put into words, but no one is capable of fully comprehending the horrors of war except the wounded, the sick and the dying. Those who are in a position to help them understand this can find themselves to be the most difficult of individuals to work with.

It is a good idea to think before undertaking any course of action, but too much thinking or waiting can cause the patient to go from feeling that he is losing his patience and anxiety to feeling that he is losing faith in his own ability to overcome his illness. This can cause the patient to feel that the course of his illness is getting worse.

Everyone wants to live well, but some people more than others, so it is important to have the best doctors.

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I was not motivated to go into this profession out of selfishness, but for the sake of humanity and the common good.

A closed bedroom is the worst thing for a sick person. A sick person needs light and fresh air. He or she should have a window open with curtains or a blind to let light in. Even if there is no direct sunlight, the sick person can still get some sunlight through an open window even if it is not enough sunlight to do any harm.

Many people try to argue with any person who disagrees with them. In my opinion, it is better to say nothing at all than to argue with someone who holds a different opinion than you do.

When we don’t start with a small, practical, change we can make, we are not making a practical change. It is a great opportunity to get started and get things rolling.

And the whole thing is wrapped up with a quote by Dr William Johnson. I’ve had this hanging in a corner of my work area for some time and it has not been there long.

Florence believed that water was absolutely necessary for cleanliness.

In order to become a fellow worker with God, the highest aspiration which anyone can think of is to become a fellow worker with God.

Florence Nightingale says that as an experienced nurse she never saw any use in being so interested in a patient’s comfort. As a nurse, she says, it is best to focus on patients’ survival.

Hospitals are a stage in the advancement of civilization, never intended to be our only resource for nursing the sick. May we hope that someday there will be enough resources to provide everyone a home-nursing setup.

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There are many people who are being very careful about the safety of their children, trying to make sure their child is safe. However, they are not able to make sure their child will not be bullied.

Although the definition of a nurse was that of a “devoted and obedient servant”, this was not quite accurate. After all, the word servant generally implied that a person was someone who does what you tell them to do.

The LORD has predestined the ungodly to eternal damnation, and his own people to life in the land of Canaan.

While nurses often work in a vacuum, it is important to remember that nurses are a part of the larger healthcare team and their role is not limited to just one aspect of patient care.

If you want to understand God’s Thoughts, you must study statistics because that is the measure of God’s Purpose.

When we are in a bad state of health, it is important to find reasons to give us the will to do something about it. The first thing to do is to understand where the health problem lies. This is then the moment to start looking for the solution.

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“The more one is afraid of something, the less it is achieved” – Abraham Lincoln.

Nightingale was concerned about the emotional side of healthcare, what with all the tears and agony and despair. She was an early advocate of the power of positive thinking to cure and manage illness. Her experience showed her the importance of self-regulation and control, and in fact her book on nursing was called On Nursing.

The doctor and nurse had many treatments with Dr. Nightingale, sometimes as many as 10 at a time. She worked closely with the nurses on the ward where she was treating patients as part of a team approach to treatment. She also worked well with the families and the doctors that had been treating her mother. Her mother had many complications of heart disease, including some with pulmonary embolism. The treatments that the staff gave her and her mother were not traditional medical treatments.

Mystics are the saints and sages of our times. Their mission is to serve the Divine in all things. In return, the God of the Universe showers them with the gifts of wisdom and power.

The world is put back by the death of every one who has to sacrifice the development of his or her peculiar gifts in order to conform to convention.

We can reach for a good life, and live a good life, by being discontented with what we have. This is so true even when we are successful in the things that matter the most to us: our marriage, parenting our children, and tending our own gardens.

And if we are not discontent with what we have-if we are satisfied with our life-then we have stopped growing. It is important to be discontented, if for no other reason than to keep growing.

Florence Nightingale said that she stood at the altar of the murdered men, and she would fight their cause.

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