25 Pictures Of Modern Society Worth A Thousand Words

I’ve come across a picture that summed up a moment perfectly…

In the post-modern era, art is no longer only a means to express the artist’s own view, but can also be directed by the audience, and can be used in a political way.

The first picture was in the 1800s, because the people in it live in the modern day. It shows a kid holding a stuffed dog.

25 Modern Society Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

The Thin Line

I feel like I’m walking on a tight rope, you know? I can’t live without my laptop, but I don’t feel like I can go off the grid entirely either.

The Divide

This is true of most countries, but especially in the USA where it is impossible to hide the gap between rich and poor.

Lack of Connection

Laid to Waste

I was shocked to find out that people will still be living in this world in one hundred years, and I wanted to let the people know that you don’t have 100 years to do anything about this problem.

The Perspective

Perspective is always about the lens that you see it through. And it’s always about the problems associated with it.

Look Around You

iphone is not made to look at. If you look at it, it’s like taking pictures of the outside of your house with your phone camera. You’re not even able to see inside your house. So why look at your phone instead of looking at your life? It’s so different.

Caged Like Rats

The students were being treated like prisoners because of their skin color, and they were having to walk in lines.

The Zombie Creator

Smartphones are replacing human interaction. In restaurants, we see families of five glued to their screens. No one is connecting with anyone anymore. In the past, smartphones were banned at the dinner table.

Greed & War

These companies are making money off of people who are sick, but the companies are not doing anything to make the products less harmful.

Poison As Advertised

Fast food poisoning has made us so addicted that we look for pills as the only solution to the problems that junk food has caused.

The Slob

I’m not killing anyone. I’m just saying some humans might want to be killed if they think they have the right. I just think that if anything is being killed to keep anyone alive, it should be us, so I’m for that.

The Monday Blues

In order to make your Monday better, try to make the weekend better by waking up early and working on your own projects. Have something fun to look forward to.

The Employed Slave

13. People are being forced to get a job for the sake of the employer. If anyone speaks out, they’ll be put back in their place.

The Pet-Controlled Mind

Sure, we are slaves to our pets. But we also have their care in our hands, and we do not have to worry about them. They are not like a toddler. We do not have to pay for their care, and they are not a pain in the ass when they get sick.

The Fat Cat

As the rich grows richer, the poor loses rights and benefits and has to work harder for the same pay.

The Christmas “Miracle”

I don’t know about the others, but Christmas time is a time when people tend to get misty-eyed over their old past, about Christmas parties and family gatherings.

Media Bulls***

Not only does the media poison our minds, it also makes us sick. If you read the news, you will get sick from all the bad news. But you still have to watch it.

In this case, we can look at these two sentences in isolation, to compare and contrast their meaning and their meaning is the same.
When we look at it in context, the meaning of the sentence changes.

Ermm… What?

There’s really not way to save your data (that would be the hard drive) if you don’t backup. It’s called Time Machine.

The Watchers

I’m going to go on a tangent here, but it’s all about the power of the people and the power of the masses. You may think you’re a bad human being for not helping someone who’s drowning or on fire in the middle of the streets, but you are actually just one person. Imagine if everyone that saw that person was to stop and help.
Maybe the person would have survived.

The Switch-A-Roo

The screen is getting thinner and the TV is getting bigger.

Do As Your Told

People are not thinking for themselves anymore, they are just following blindly just to get by. That is what is happening in our world today, but I think it is because of technology.

Money for Earth

The world is being destroyed by people making too much money, which ironically won’t be any good when the Earth is gone.

The Brand Junkie

When i was growing up, i don’t remember ever wanting a branded product. If i wanted to buy something, i’d choose from my collection of used things. Buying a new one was just so wasteful and the money i would have spent on a branded thing would have been better invested in something that could help me earn money and support me when, or if, i wanted to go to university.

The New Chain

We’re always checking our phones. Even when we are with people, we try to check them whenever we can. We can’t be without them.

The Happiness Trap

Homeschooling is about so much more than just academics. It’s about family time together and making sure that your children are safe, healthy, and happy.
The world is a scary place, and we will always have people looking to harm others. You can protect yourself, your family, and your home by having a home education policy.


The images you all just looked at have been very personal things to you, and they show how there’s a lot of issues and a lot of problems in this generation. You all recognized that just by looking at those images.

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