25 Amazing Katie Holmes Quotes

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Katie Holmes was born in 1979 in Kansas City. She is the daughter of actors Tom and Catherine Holmes. Katie is the cousin of actress Sarah Michelle Gellar and singer Freddie Mercury.

The film starred Keira Knightley, Dominic Cooper, Matt Smith, and Dominic West. It has been a very successful film so far. It is set in the present day with a mother and daughter searching for their lost family.

Here is a great collection of the most amazing Katie Holmes quotes. She is a true inspiration.

25 Amazing Katie Holmes Quotes

Katie felt that working in this fashion for this film is more difficult, because it isn’t as visually stimulating as if it was a bigger-budget film.

Katie Holmes said that she is “pretty normal”, she says she is “not that smooth type of girl” and that she says “stupid things”. Katie Holmes says that she doesn’t have it all together.

Katie Holmes has a lot going on in her life and she needs to stop being so picky. She has a lot of money and power but she never uses it for her own good. She spends her time complaining and criticizing others. She is too self-centered and self-absorbed to reach out to others and care about them. She is trying to be like Oprah but Oprah is the real deal.

Katie says the one day that she didn’t work was the day she got married to Tom Cruise. She says that when she got married people in the paparazzi were everywhere and that that part of it was so stressful.

When the movie came out, it was all the talk in town. It was like a huge celebrity event. And she said the only thing about that was that she and Tom Hanks never had any privacy at all.

This statement sums up how Katie believes she is and the life she has. Her quote speaks to the fact that you don’t always have to be hard on yourself that isn’t necessarily what you want in life. What makes this statement, and perhaps part of her success in Hollywood, is that she has found a way to make life work no matter how imperfectly.

Katie Holmes had the right attitude when she said that she never looks back on her life. It is important to look forward in life. If we dwell on the past all the time, we will miss all the wonderful things to come.

Katie Holmes states that she is free of an abusive cult based on money and power, and that it is safe to return to the Catholic Church.

Katie Holmes says her fiancé, Tom Cruise, was ‘blown away’ when she went to his house without a bag of groceries and instead brought him three bags of groceries. Tom, who helped her pick out the groceries, didn’t know Katie was planning on going grocery shopping. ‘He was so delighted that I had gone to the grocery store for him,’ Katie said in a joint interview with Tom and Katie published September 23, 2013.

10th of 25 Katie Holmes Quotes 

My daughter is going off to college next month. While I hope she is able to enjoy college and even find a job, I am concerned that she will be depressed and depressed because she is surrounded by students with more energy and life.

The filming of “The Haunting in Connecticut” was a very difficult experience for Joel Schumacher, because the conditions were all wrong. One of the people who worked with him said that the whole crew, including the director, were complaining, but Schumacher was a gentleman. He told them to relax, and he would do everything to help them. The movie was released a year later, when it was already too late for the people at the production company.

Katie Holmes is in a very good mood. She loves Tom Cruise. She’s also a great actress, but if you’re not into Tom Cruise, she may be a bit over the top.

If you are messy and disorganized, you may have to work harder on developing your organizational skills. Acknowledge your messiness and make a plan to take control of your things.

Katie Holmes, who is being investigated by the LAPD for an alleged domestic violence incident against her husband Tom Cruise, recently opened up about her troubled marriage, according to the Daily Mail. This is one of the reasons why Cruise has been staying away from the press for the last nine months.

Katie has always had the ability to appreciate what she likes and what she doesn’t like. There was a time when she couldn’t find the suit she wanted at the mall, so she took a picture of it. She found a way to have a little fashion sense that was hers.

5. The most fashionable thing in London: “My daughter [Princess Charlotte],” Kate said. “The most fashionable thing in London is shopping.” – Kate’s favorite thing to do was shopping with her friends.

Katie Holmes once said, “Becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience in the world. You have to be a little bit wiser; it’s the most important job you have in the world”.

The actress was quoted as saying she felt too much animosity towards drivers who zoom past her on the highway.

When Katie Holmes was asked how she would change her acting style if she were to come back to the big screen, she stated that she would be boring because she wasn’t very funny or flashy.

Katie thought that Starbucks was the greatest thing on Earth.

20th of 25 Katie Holmes Quotes 

People might not remember Katie for being nice, but for being interesting.

According to Katie Holmes, fans turned against her when she questioned the boyfriend.

I had to tell my parents, and it was so horrible, I wanted to die. I still feel sad, blushing about it.

Katie Holmes has been quoted saying she may return to theatre. Also, people may think she is working on a movie career. But there are no signs she is working on any movie career.

In an interview, Katie Holmes said she doesn’t eat meat very often because of allergies and health issues. When making a choice about what to eat, she mostly just follows a “healthy diet”.

Katie Holmes’ son Liam is four years old, and he still looks like he just stepped off a kids’ menu. And we mean that in a good way.


Katie Holmes said she liked the idea of having a “solo career” and that she is an independent person who is not influenced by anyone. She said she likes being alone and is a very independent person.

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