40 Inspiring Emma Bunton Quotes & Sayings

My favorite Bunton quote is about how Emma loves to eat so she has her own food blog.

She grew up in Stockbridge, Hampshire, the daughter of a gardener and a teacher. She went to the Sylvia Young Theatre School, where she trained in singing and dancing. She studied journalism at the University of Birmingham, graduating with a First.

Together with her group, Bunton sold more than 90 million albums worldwide and became the best selling female group of all time.

Her first album ‘A Woman Like You’ was a certified Silver disc and was listed in the top three and in the top 20 throughout the year. On that album, the single ‘Do It All Night’ was also listed in the top 20.

Bunton played himself along with the BBC in the sketch show ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, and he also appeared in the TV drama ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

Emma Bunton is a famous British singer who was born on the 22nd of July 1968 in London. She is currently the Lead singer of the band Spice Girls. Emma’s first solo album was titled ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ which was released in 2001. She’s won many awards and nominations for her music. She’s also performed at many major events such as the Brit Awards, the Glastonbury Festival and the Grammy Awards. She’s also been ranked 5th in the Top 20 best female musicians of the 2000s by NME.

40 Inspiring Emma Bunton Quotes & Sayings

Sometimes it’s so sweet just to take the time to just be honest. Don’t take our doughnuts. They’re just for us.

When the British Prime Minister Theresa May announced a plan to reduce the number of nappies in the UK, Emma Bunton decided that the best way she could help would be to turn her maternity pads into a collection of reusable nappies.

I love a man who can cook. And I love a man who can cook something decent.

She was really happy to be in London for the Olympics, and she’s really enjoyed going to karaoke and getting room service. Her favorite thing to watch is the closing ceremony of the Olympics because her favorite part is seeing the U.S. flag raised.

Emma Bunton claims that the Spice Girls were never quiet about their feelings and emotions. Bunton said that their experiences with Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry made them “young and excited”.

Emma Bunton is making a comeback in 2015 and this time as a single mom with her son. And it seems that she’s happy with this new life and even found time to meet up with her former band mates and her ex-boyfriend’s wife!

Emma has made some of the funniest statements about the lack of home ownership on the show. She’s always been such a fan of HGTV and the concept of homeownership, it might be nice to see if she could turn her talents to the show.

Emma Bunton said that even now when she has children she juggles everything even though it is very hard to juggle but she still does.

Gwen Stefani is a great pop singer, and she is also very lovely and sweet.

10th of 40 Emma Bunton Quotes

Em, please tag me in some of your animal-themed pictures! I’d love to share them all over my site!

Even now people ask “did you really write your songs”? That is quite frustrating. We know we written them We got paid for it! If they don’t believe it, they don’t believe it!

They are the same thing as we said after our reunion. And the audience was just as excited and we just talked about it on the show. It was amazing. And the atmosphere was so brilliant.

Emma Bunton says that she loves shopping and especially food shopping.

Emma says at the concert, she saw mothers having fun with their children and dads dressed up in Spice Girls costumes. She thinks this is an inspiration for younger generations to have fun together. The whole family can enjoy the Spice Girls together.

I do believe fate. I’m a firm believer in fate. Fate has been my guiding force since I was an infant. I believe there is a certain destiny in things.

She was born in Croydon and always knew it was going to be a tough life.
She wasn’t very nice to her mum.
She said her mum used to get in big fights with her dad.
She grew up in a very close family and always knew she wanted to marry and have children.
She’s very happy in her relationship with Mark.
She tries to help him with his work and career.

I remember the first time I had to take a newborn to the hospital. I didn’t know what to expect. It was definitely a journey of discovery, and that is something that I will never forget.

I have always been a mother who tries to instill good habits in our children from an early age. They are too young to grasp the concept of good or bad, so if I tell them something is good they have to see it with their own eyes.

Emma’s fans know her as the “voice of Bunty” and she has no problem talking about them during interviews. She explains that she’s “not into gossip” and it’s “a bad thing”. But some do call her a “scamp”!

20th of 40 Emma Bunton Quotes

People are paying more attention to their impact on the environment. They are becoming better consumers.

As parents you want the very best for your little ones and we were both frustrated at the lack of natural and sustainable brands on the shelves and wanted to provide an alternative option for families.

My husband and I went back to France after many years and it’s so nice to meet everyone who knows your parents. Some people are older than your parents and when you see their faces you can recognize them from looking at the pictures. Some of them recognize me by name and some don’t even recognize me from the pictures.

The girls have been doing a weekly routine where they go to the gym almost every day.
They have been working on their fitness, and have also been practising dance.

I think you can keep a friendship by respecting that everybody is different.

Emma Bunton said she will always want to wear pink as long as she lives in this world.

In 2014 she said that they were so busy that at one point they had to cancel their tour while on the road.

I’m in a new band with the greatest singer of all time, and it’s going to be amazing. I can’t talk about it too much, but I promise you it’s something you’re gonna want to see.

30th of 40 Emma Bunton Quotes

I’m sure she puts herself through a lot with her voice, but I’m sure she also has panic attacks when she performs!

Emma Bunton and Chris Evans worked very closely together throughout the production of the film. They worked together on the script to make sure they each had the same vision for the film. They are both great friends and wanted the same production values for it.

You should be yourself with the world around you.

Gwen Stefani came backstage and was really nice. She asked if everything was alright with us and wanted to know if we were all good and rested.

The Spice Girls gave a very brief interview to The Irish Times in which they mentioned how they would go back and change things if they could. The biggest thing that stuck in my head was Emma Bunton saying she was not a pop star.

I’ve been seeing some of Emma Bunton’s quotes in my feed recently, so I thought I’d repost this.

Emma Bunton, a well-known designer, actress, and singer is passionate about charitable causes. She once said that brands nowadays can and should do much more. This statement explains her reasons for accepting the award.

“It’s so easy to do – simply throw your nappies into the bin!” Kit & Kin is a completely biodegradable nappy. It’s made from certified organic cotton, a non-toxic, organic non-shrinking, non-wicking nappy base, and is free of the 12 chemicals most associated with nappy rash.

I actually find myself driving the Mercedes for most of the time. I love the way it feels, and I can take it a little quicker than the Range Rover. Driving two cars is a bit of a nightmare, as they are almost always in the way of each other.

I’m not really into sports but I love when they do “slam dunks”. That’s so sexy.

There’s a reason why my favorite Elton song is “Candle In The Wind”.


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