4 Success Lessons From Gisele Bündchen

You need to learn the art of self-control. She’s great and she’ll teach you.

I had a bad experience when I was a kid, but my mom always protected me, which gave me the confidence to not live in fear of the outside world.

I also learned to have my own opinion, to stand on my own feet, to speak and to defend what I think as a good listener and a good human being, and to be happy and peaceful about what I do not have or do not want, and to accept the fact there might be different opinions about something.

Gisele Bundchen’s Success Lessons

I learned about the importance of having a balanced diet during my travels. But I learned more with Gisele than anybody else. I learnt that being beautiful doesn’t mean having to take a lot of medicines.

This will be the final battle.

Final Battle
A week’s worth of training is done and we are ready for the final battle. This time, my opponent will be Yoda.

1. You Can Handle All the Roles if You Really Want to Act Them

Gisele is known not only as one of the world’s highest paid supermodels, but also as a successful businesswoman who owns her own clothing line, and has done very well on her own without relying on any man for success.

Now that’s something which most women dream of. But what makes her special is she does what she loves the most, and that is modeling. And with her gorgeous beauty, she does it to perfection.

____ is one of most powerful women in the world. It seems that the only thing a woman needs to be powerful is to keep her good looks. That’s why the most beautiful woman in Africa and Japan always gets into power.

I just could not stop crying reading Gisele Bündchen’s success story in Vogue, I mean how could she feel bad about herself when she’s so beautiful? I felt so much of her pain! I felt so unworthy and so much like a slob!

I was in hell at the time I realised my dreams and those dreams changed my life. I would never forget the day I got into a plane in France which I boarded with the dream to travel and be free.

You had good intentions and good actions in the past, but now you’ve gotten better and more confident and that’s why your present circumstances are different from what they were before.

2. You Can Have Healthy Lifestyle and Always Look Good

 But, I think that if you want to go true eco-life, you need to make the effort to come visit friends and family when you are living in Los Angeles.

We just want to let you know that you can have a healthy life even with a limited budget, you do not need a personal chef to have a healthy diet. Just, buy foods from the eco-farm and eat them.
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I cooked a lot, and the weight dropped drastically. I found that I was craving greasy food, and my skin was breaking out. I realized that I was eating wrong, so I started looking into healthy eating.

I never tried to find the nearest to my place, I always choose to go to the store to buy the ingredients I need, but the food culture we have nowadays is so developed that it’s not difficult to find a store that has a recipe for any kind of food, and to do this food you don’t need to have a lot of money.

I was making breakfast when I found myself thinking about the next day’s schedule. For starters, I have to do some things on Saturday and next week I have a few meetings. I was so stressed.

I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron book a long time ago and I am still inspired by it. In the evening I usually spend 2 hours in a gym covering with sweat and getting rid of all the negative thoughts accumulated during the day.

It takes a lot of determination and effort to live a healthy life. You need to have a goal on the wall which you can follow while sleeping.

3. You Can Be Beautiful and Comfortable at the Same Time

Section one: casual
Section two: work-to-the-most-look
Section three: weekend
Section four: party
If you are familiar with this system, then you can easily understand why I need to create a look for work and everyday, work to the most look, weekend and party.

I began to have a strong feeling of “I was born with this staff”. Since I’ve been on air (in KBS), there was no way of knowing how I would feel until I actually started.

I don’t want some random dude coming into my home and think that he has permission to be wearing my clothes. I am going to take my time and shop for the perfect ones for myself.

I felt a lot of pressure to be perfect which was something new for me, I didn’t have any problems in the past, I had a lot of attention from my family but I felt pretty comfortable with myself and had some friends but this was new and different.

4. You Can Keep on Going Even if People Confront You

Gisele Bündchen, the supermodel was a little afraid of the placards but she did not even flinch. She looked like the cat who swallowed the canary.

After she realized she had been targeted by a protest movement, a model did not allow herself to be stopped by the crowd.

So I started to learn to focus on the important things in my life and how to develop a balance between big and small plans.

It is difficult to move ahead having a heart full of tears and resentment. But don’t allow your tears fall on the surface and humiliate you even more.

There are few days when I feel like an emotional wreck, I do my best to try and pull through them by getting dressed up, spending extra 20 minutes on putting my make up, and getting up a little bit earlier to be a little more cheerful by the time I wake up.


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