37 Of The Greatest Mos Def Quotes Of All Time

Mos Def is an American hip hop artist, actor, and activist, best known for his contributions to hip hop culture, particularly the Afrofuturist movement. He was also one of the founders of the political organization Black Star.

Mos Def is a rapper, actor and producer with a wide fan base.

37 Greatest Mos Def Quotes

1. African art serves a purpose. It’s not a means to gather the largest cheering section. It should be healing. A source of joy. Spreading positive vibrations.

I found something that made me feel good about this world and made me want to live in it. I am going to live in this world in harmony with myself and my neighbors and my fellow humans and my environment.

* Mos Def says that he’s not writing for a specific audience and wants to be free to explore what he wants. His attitude towards making beats is “machine-like.”
* He is saying he has ambitions and that he doesn’t want to write for a specific audience.

Some people are born into a certain condition, and they have to accept that condition – and they’re helpless with it.

If you want to give people some truth and heart lift and make them feel good about their lives, then you need to make a documentary. And I’ll be your producer.

It is important to keep it regular and keep it the same. This is called keeping a balance and it is good advice for many people.

Mos Def basically said that we are all created equal and that nobody should be put on a shelf, it’s not dignified.

Mos Def was talking about why he’s a dynamic personality and how he doesn’t focus on himself. He’s not like most people, he’s more like the blank background that the stage lights are shining on. The focus is always on him so he can keep himself in the center and the stage is always clear. It’s something he said about every single character he’s played in movies and on stage.

What I think is true is that we can’t all agree on all the points. There has to be some sort of a ground rule before we can move forward. And sometimes, people get a little out of line.

10th of 37 Mos Def Quotes

One of the reasons that I’m writing this series of columns is to dispel this myth that we are some sort of untouchable race. To show that you are accepted as you are, and there is nothing to gain from trying to be anyone special than who you are and to be your authentic self.

It might be nationalistic or denominational, but that idea of peace and love toward humanity should not be limited to one country, or one race. It should be a chief concern toward all mankind, and that is my idea of peace and love.

For me to speak is to engage with the world, and therefore I am not just a person who speaks, but a person who engages with the world. I do this through my works of art, my ideas, my music, and my life. To me, if I am doing any of these things with any skill, it is due to my passion for them.

Some people say that rhyming only happens when you add. They say that rhyming is about mathematics. I want to learn the mathematics of rhyming.

The things that we will value most in ourselves, will take time to develop.

The artist is focused. He loves what he does and he always wants to be better than the last time he did it.

Mos Def has said that he doesn’t mind being black. He said that he’s black out loud. He also said that it’s more than the people that they are, it’s the condition that they represent.

Being into the beat of your own drum is something that people are doing. For Mos Def I think it does matter a little bit when you are in the culture but Mos Def is saying that it is too widespread and he doesn’t think its good. I think that is just his personal opinion.

Maybe you have to take a break from playing in a band you love. You have to give it a little space, come back and be fresh to it.

20th of 37 Mos Def Quotes

I’m glad he said that. If he’d told his mother when he was a little kid that he wanted to be in the music industry, I think she would have killed him.

I’m not saying that you’re not growing as an individual. You are definitely growing as an individual, and your whole life experience is definitely contributing to your music and art. I’m simply saying that I think the albums that you make are going to be snapshots of where you are artistically. The same way that every person’s art is going to be a snapshot of where he or she is artistically.

A big part of Mos Def’s work is putting his personality in front of his work. While he is known as a rapper, he is also a poet, activist, and actor. This quote shows one of his methods of putting himself in front of his work.

1. “I’ve been trying to open up a new dimension.”
2. “That’s what I’ve been striving for — to draw clear pictures to open up a new dimension.”

So it seems that “I” or “I’ve been trying” is the correct interpretation.
You can learn more about the subject of tense and aspect here.



This sentence is asking a question.

I’d expect to find it more common if the sentence was a question.

I love this quote from Mos Def because it’s so true. The economy of language is something that is so important to me. As a musician, words can paint such a vivid picture for a listener. But, this quote also works for anyone trying to create something on a page or canvas.

The key to success in any field is to do the things that have been done before but do them better.

26. Try not to high post (post from the sky) or post all alone on the internet.

27. Art shouldn’t be just what people can articulate. It’s what they can’t articulate.

As a young man, he had a desire to become just a “Mos Def”. No separation of self from person.

Mos Def said that he doesn’t want to get into the space where a lot of people want to get into today. He said he doesn’t want to get into that space where you only write for other people. He wants to get a chance to show off his own music that he can do on his own.

30th of 37 Mos Def Quotes

Mos Def claims that he is the only person who raps like he did, so people shouldn’t try to copy him. He also claims that he doesn’t rap like anybody else, so there is no need to try to sound like him.

Mos Def, along with being an important figure in political hiphop, has always been an important force in the music industry. When he says no one has done what he has, he is definitely not lying. It is not because of the quality of the music, I don’t think he does that. I think he means that no one has taken it as far as he has. That’s a big statement. He’s been around since the 80’s.

The same applies to your car, it’s your choice if you want to improve it. But it’s better to keep it in its original form until it breaks or becomes obsolete.

An artist is not just a person who is making art; a person is also an artist. Mos Def is an artist.

The people that started this whole “culture movement” are racist. They are the ones that are supposed to be held accountable for their actions.

If you are an artist, you can say whatever you want.

I think you are right about that statement. Many people call themselves leaders but they are really propagandist. They are false leaders. We need true leaders.

If you have to experience life you can make better observations.


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