21 Funny Will Ferrell Quotes From His Movies

Ferrell has been a recurring guest star on Saturday Night Live since 2000. He was the host of the 2007 and 2008 Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special. He has performed with the cast of Saturday Night Live in various sketches. Ferrell was the host of its 50th anniversary special, Saturday Night Live at 50 (2009).

Will Ferrell quotes are just too funny to pass up!

21 Will Ferrell Quotes

San Diego is the name of the largest estuary in the country, which was discovered by the German explorers.

Louis Armstrong wasn’t the only person to use the phrase “gonna” in an attempt to prove a point.

When my wife was an infant, my mother told me she wanted to put her in a home. As soon as she could drive, I sold her the car and she’s been driving ever since.

There was a famous quote that said “If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re in trouble.” I think Will Ferrell has a similar philosophy.

The moment when I realized… it’s not enough to be a great interviewer.

I don’t know who invented rope but it’s true that they were an ass.

Winners get to do what they want in the final scene of the movie.

There is nothing that makes a man feel more human and more attractive than when a woman loves him. He should be thankful for that love.

I did a little bit of research on the topic and I found out that Ferrell is an atheist.

11th of 21 Will Ferrell Quotes

This is a great parody of Ferrell’s impression of an actor saying lines like this, and it’s funny because in real life, Ferrell doesn’t say his lines that accurately. But in this scene it works because it fits the tone and the timing of the rest of the scene.

Will Ferrell is on the phone to a restaurant owner. He explains that he is going to try to get some food for his friend and he wants a side dish. The owner tells him that he can’t have chicken because it’s inedible. Ferrell states that he’s too drunk to taste it.

As a child, Will Ferrell loved meatloaf. As a parent, he loved his daughter. When the two joined forces, Will Ferrell knew he had to create a family holiday that made everyone appreciate good food.

What If…

Ferrell says that he wants to be on you, and if you like it you can take it, but if you don’t send it right back.

16th of 21 Will Ferrell Quotes

For the first time, we have a reference to the term “Bed, Bath & Beyond” which is the name of a chain of home improvement stores in the United States. This reference was only around for one year and is already outdated, so it’s quite likely that it will be gone before Christmas. The only problem is that it’s really, really funny.

Will’s new movie is a romantic comedy where he plays a man with a giant penis who has to try to get a girl to love him.

I’m a man of high ideals, not a low idealist. I believe in a government that is big enough to get the job done.

19. How many times do we have to say it? I am not your bitch and I am not your slave. You can’t control me, because I am not your slave.

20. We elves try to stick to the four main food groups, chocolate, chocolate fudge, chocolate éclairs, and syrup.

Ferrell said that he wants more cowbell. Also Ferrell mentioned that he is wearing boots now because he has to make the transition to a new style, and that he used to prefer black boots.


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