35 Famous Mila Kunis Quotes

Mila Kunis is a Ukrainian actress. She gained recognition for her performance in ‘Black Swan’, ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ and ‘Bad Moms’ among other movies.

Milan Ĉiupovna, the Hungarian model, actress and businesswoman, is well-known for her strong and beautiful personality.

35 Mila Kunis Quotes 

Mila Kunis said that she could only look sexy and knew what she was doing when she was wearing five inch heels.

Mila Kunis said that she thinks she has a good sense of humor, but she’s not, like, a joke-teller. She gets the jokes sometimes, which is half the battle. Believe me, she has no idea why anyone hires her.

3. Christian Louboutin shoes are uncomfortable. I screamed the first time I put one on.

Mila Kunis said that she was always really sarcastic when she didn’t like something and it comes out as sarcasm but when asked if she was sarcastic she said no.

Kunis says she doesn’t feel the need to speak her mind to her husband, Ashton Kutcher, because he’s the right man for her.

I make myself laugh and I have fun.

Mila Kunis said that if she was holding a gun, it didn’t matter what the status of your body was; people still didn’t have respect for women. She said that they would respect her because of the gun, but not her body.

It’s fun to play somebody who has no boundaries or rules. There’s no book you can read on how to play a witch, so you create a version. It’s really great.

The second set of questions is asking the guests a question and the audience a question.

It takes a great amount of trust to be married. It takes a great amount of trust to have a child. It takes a great amount of trust to be in a relationship. It takes a great amount of trust to be single. It’s all about the timing.

10th of 35 Mila Kunis Quotes

She is 21 years old, and she is in a relationship with Ashton Kutcher. She has two older brothers who are in college, and she lives in California.

I was incredibly poor and went to very average school, and I had a very average upbringing.

Mila Kunis and wine are the besties of hers.

Mila Kunis says that what she does and who she is are two different things and that they will always be.

Mila Kunis said that she came from Ukraine ’til she was 7 and then moved to Los Angeles.

Kunis has said that she doesn’t live lavishly – she doesn’t have lots of assistants or private travel or expensive shopping.

The biggest form of bullying is being photographed all the time. Being followed by paparazzi, and making negative assumptions about their character based on that.

When asked about how she manages her mental health, Mila Kunis said that she always has a backup plan in place.

I don’t think it’s true that blondes have more fun, and I definitely wouldn’t trust you if you thought so.

Dakota Johnson said she used to learn something from every new experience or person she met. That didn’t just happen in Hollywood either. It happened in college as she took a photography class from her art teacher, who just so happened to have worked at a professional photo lab. After that class, Dakota began to take her work more seriously, and it paid off. She got a job at a professional photo lab, where she learned so much about shooting photos.

20th of 35 Mila Kunis Quotes 

The last movie I did was The Other Woman, and it was my last movie in the industry, which is unfortunate. It was very difficult. It’s one of those things. Sometimes it’s the best thing for you and sometimes it’s the worst thing.

Mila Kunis said that she is a stubborn person, and it’s OK.

She also stood by her decision to publicly announce her breakup with Ashton Kutcher, saying that her relationship with Kutcher was a friendship, adding that she has nothing to be ashamed of.

Many people are so afraid of rejection that they try to build up their personality and their self-image with a false sense of confidence. That’s the difference between cockiness and confidence. When we know who we truly are, we don’t feel the need to pretend for anyone else.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kunis says her parents put a lot of pressure on her and her brother to have a better quality of life. She also reveals that her parents wanted her brother to have a better future so they put more effort in learning English to help him.

Milan was only 25 years old at the time when she was interviewed here.
Kunis was only 25 years old at the time.
The interviewer asked Mila Kunis a direct question about her personal dating life.

I love to play different characters and I love doing fun things and I love to entertain people. Whether that be in a comedy or a drama. I’m super stoked as morbid as that might sound. I love it, I love it!

The 22 year old actress is definitely going to UCLA. She also loves business and wants to get a degree in the business world.

Mila knew her parents were trying to help by telling her that her grandmother was giving her candy when she was a baby. However, she said that she was given a lot of stress daily as a baby and she didn’t remember the candy.

30th of 35 Mila Kunis Quotes

Mila Kunis’ life improved once she decided to not be a “yes” person and to instead say “No” to the various offers and requests.

Mila Kunis is a huge fan of swimming, tennis, and golf. As for golf, she doesn’t play the game, but she enjoys watching it on TV. She also enjoys the movies, hanging out with friends, and going shopping.

Life in the Kunis household is not as conventional as it seems. There are many “funny” times, but Mila also makes mistakes and is a normal teenager.

33-year-old Mila Kunis is known for her roles in _Slaughter_, _That Awkward Moment_, and _Bad Moms_. And she’s also a singer and a dancer who does gymnastics.

I don’t need to explain how I am a woman, and I don’t need to discuss the fact that some women show off their ass, but I do need to say that I am a woman and I enjoy getting dressed up in sexy clothing.

I know, it is a real challenge. I think that I can say that I have never felt so exhausted as during this semester.

After a rough start in spring where she missed an audition for a role in the film ‘The Social Network’ due to the flu.

She has been working with the director of the project, David O. Russell, and she is doing the best she can to adjust to the style of his work.


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