33 Motivational Jay-z Quotes On Business, Success & Life

There’s only one Jay-Z, an incredible entrepreneur. In fact, when I started this blog three years ago, I wrote an article on the 10 success tips from Jay-Z for entrepreneurs.

Jay-Z has a joint net worth of $930 million, which includes the money that he personally made. He may have earned $1 billion, but some of the money has to go back to the companies that he owns. This is how you know a rich person is really rich. He has to give away most of the money back if he wants to get even richer.

So far I’ve found this article which talks about how Jay-Z made his riches and how he created one of the largest music-business empires in the world.

Below is a collection of the best motivational and inspirational Jay-Z quotes on business, success and life.

33 Motivational Jay-Z Quotes

It is true that the bigger you are, the more people respect you.
People respect success. They respect big.
They don’t even have to like your music. If you’re big enough, people are drawn to you.

I’m learning to deal with defeat and rejection, so I can deal with success. I don’t think there are any valuable lessons to be learned from failure. I have no value to offer that would make you want me to be around. I’m doing this because it’s fun, not because I expect some sort of payoff.

I’ve tried so many times in my life to do something and got no where. The only way to learn is to try things and fail. The only way to truly learn anything in life is to fail.

If you don’t move towards your goal then you will always have fear to stop you. If you stop then you will always have regrets.

This is the same thing I used in my college application essay. It works.

Love is a choice that requires trust and vulnerability. Both partners will have to expose themselves to the challenges of a long-term relationship in spite of how difficult it may be to put yourself out there. No matter how much we try to protect ourselves from heartbreak or from getting hurt, we’re all going to lose someone we love at some point in our lives, and that’s part of loving someone.

Jay-Z is a lyrical genius, and even if you don’t understand what Jay-Z is talking about, it always sounds brilliant. And he’s only getting better with time.

In my opinion if you can learn something new everyday, you can always become stronger. You can also make people smarter. So I’m hungry for more knowledge.

A desire for success is a good thing, but a bad thing can befall you. You can’t sleep on your job, you can’t sleep on your life, and if you sleep on your job you can get fired. If you want to succeed for the sake of success, you have to work for it.

You can do anything you want to do if you try hard enough. You may not get there right away, but if you have the self-drive and self-discipline to keep trying, you’ll eventually find a way that works for you.

11th of 33 Jay-Z Quotes

It’s important to get out and live life, even though it’s filled with challenges, setbacks, and hardships. Sometimes life is hard, but you have to live, and live the way that you want to.

I heard some random person at the airport say that they hated me, but they were happy to say it to you.

Jay-Z has said that excellence is being able to perform at a high level over and over.

When people don’t believe that you have changed. [“People look at you strange, say you changed. Like you worked that hard to stay the same.”] I think we were always the same. We just grew.

You don’t really need to know that. It was part of a conversation.

I am not afraid of death. I am afraid of not trying.

17th of 33 Jay-Z Quotes

A wise man told me don’t argue with fools. Because even from a distance, people can’t tell who is who.

Jay-Z is known for his ability to make his own rules. In other words, he doesn’t have to follow rules like other rappers. He also isn’t afraid to do something unconventional. For this reason, he’s been able to get away with the following.

Jay-Z grew up poor and he was able to accomplish great things in his life thanks to hard work. He started off just like you did. You might be poor now, but if you work hard and smart, you’ll get out of that.

If you don’t like what you see in me, then you’ve done some things. If I’m standoffish, it’s because something has happened. I will not change my behavior or attitude to meet you.

He is true to himself and he is not afraid of being different. Jay-Z is one of those people who has done things outside the box for himself to gain success.

Jay-Z grew up listening to rap and movies. I like that he mentioned that rap is storytelling and movies. We have a movie coming out soon and we also have a song coming out on Netflix.

Jay-Z has been able to see further than most people in the music industry. Not only was he able to get himself into the music industry, he was able to go straight to the top of the industry. He is one of the few rap artists to have a direct relationship with the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. And with the help of “The Throne”, a rap group of which he is a member, he has been able to create and launch his own line of products known as “Throne Watches” which are currently the standard watches of the White House.

Jay-Z is saying that he has to be both an entrepreneur and a businessman in order to get a record deal on his own. This is true in the sense that as a businessman, he needs to be smart and make the right decisions in order to get the deal that he wants. As an entrepreneur, he needs to be creative in order to sell his product as a business.

25th of 33 Jay-Z Quotes

“It’s hilarious a lot of times. You have a conversation with someone, and he’s like, ‘You speak so well!’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean? Do you understand that’s an insult?” – Jay-Z


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‘When I was in London, I saw a man who was carrying a guitar. He was sitting down, on the floor, surrounded by other people, all of them sitting on the floor, playing their guitars.” -Hugh Laurie
“I’m the King of the Land of the Jews.” – The King of Rock and Roll.

School isn’t free. You also have to pay for tutoring and SAT or ACT prep classes but my parents always told me that you can’t buy class.

This is one of the most important pieces of advice I’ve ever received. It’s not that we shouldn’t care what others think of us, but more importantly what we think of ourselves. We’re only as good as we think we are.

It is very unlikely that Jay-Z would say that there is no importance to what other people say, and that they should not take into consideration what others say. I am interpreting the phrase to mean they are not interested in what others say about them.

We change people through conversation, through talking about their problems, not through censorship or other forms of control.

Jay-Z once said: I faced hell and I am expecting heaven.

The word “hustler” is not only used in the sense of a petty criminal. It also refers to someone who is really active and has a good attitude towards life.

The only thing that matters in life is that people are talking about you. If no one is talking about you, you’re doing the wrong things. If you’re not getting some kind of traction somewhere, you probably haven’t figured out what you want for yourself yet. You need to be doing something that people are talking about.


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