33 Best Yogi Berra Quotes About Success & Baseball

Yogi Berra was an American professional baseball catcher, who played for 19 seasons in the American League and won the most all-star championships in the league, he was a catcher and he played the positions of first base, left field, right field, second base, third base, and center field and he also played shortstop, second base, third base and first base.

I remember his play in the World Series in 1962 when he threw out Willie Stargell at second base. The Giants won the World Series and Berra went on to win a World Series MVP award.

33 Yogi Berra Quotes

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, “money doesn’t grow on trees”.

Pitcher Noah Syndergaard is a “hitter from both sides of the plate.” He can attack you from both sides, and that includes the high and low points of the strike zone.

In the movie, there are two different types of relationships. Those that are not exclusive relationships and those that are exclusive relationships. In a non-exclusive relationship, one partner is available to be with the other person in the relationship, but they are not committed to each other. In an exclusive relationship, one partner is committed to and exclusive to the other person in the relationship.

Setting goals is a good way to measure your growth and progress. Without objectives, you’ll just wander around aimlessly.

It was impossible to get a conversation started, so everyone was talking too much.

I don’t think the future of blockchain is what it used to be.

I have to agree with Yogi here, it’s so true. You can learn a lot just by watching someone.

Even if a person is an atheist, it’s still important to be there at other people’s funerals.

There are several ways to hit a curveball like this. You can be too relaxed (i.e you’re thinking too much).

He wanted his children to be comfortable with the idea of not relying on him for everything they needed to know.

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There’s a difference between theory and practice – especially if you have to practice it.

I have no idea how accurate my advice will be, but it sounded like a good idea so I’m keeping it on the list.

If we can use words, we still have depth.

Even though you’re not at your best, if you can give 100 percent in the first half, you will have a better chance to show your best in the second half.

I agree that there’s a lot more to baseball than just hitting a ball
and running, but this quote is great because it shows that there’s a lot of thought being put into a single game.
It’s nice when you make a mistake and try to correct it, as long as you never
“give up” on your idea.

After being out in the field for more than half a century, Yogi Berra says that no one really blames themselves for not hitting once they realize its not their fault.

As long as people are coming out to a baseball game, no one is going to stop them from enjoying the game.

You shouldn’t quit a challenge till you’ve tried everything to make it work.

I think that there is more to life than just baseball. But maybe it’s just me.

I was not prepared. There are many things we have to be prepared for.

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Yogi Berra was right; the previous record of 20.8 million was surpassed.

Most people are just looking for attention. But I’m not just looking for attention, I’m looking for good attention.

An interesting perspective on this problem was made by the philosopher, Charles Sanders Pierce (1836 – 1915).
His book The Value of Life is an exploration of the implications of the fact that human beings could never know for certain whether they were living or dead.
The arguments of the book are summarized here.

Yogi Berra said that there was no such thing as a stupid question, but you wouldn’t ask any foolish question to a wise man.

A lot people don’t go there because it’s crowded.

When you come to a fork in the road, choose a direction.

Half the lies people tell about me aren’t true.

Little League is awesome. It keeps kids out of the house until they turn 18.

If you don’t know where you want to end up, you might end up somewhere else.

I think it’s a pretty typical thing to say. There are certain seasons that it seems to get really late, and others when it gets really early.

After a close loss in World War II, the Americans and the Japanese had to make peace, and they did so in a most unusual fashion: The two nations held meetings in New York City. At the end of the first meeting, a Japanese delegation thanked the American delegation for making the day necessary: It was a wonderful day (the sun was shining, etc.).

Yogi Berra said when eating pizza that it’s better to serve it in 4 large slices rather than 6 small slices.

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