30 Powerful Katy Perry Quotes Inspiring People To Succeed

Katy Perry is a great music artist, who was born in a conservative family and grew up under several restrictions.

While she was studying, she was also a musical actress and started singing in her campus’s theater. She went to the school of performing arts and has also performed in different kinds of music festivals. She started her first performance in 2013 and went to the United Nation’s “Culture Youth” festival in 2015, and she was also the first runner-up of “Melanie’s Voice” in 2016.

She could not be more thrilled to have this breakthrough moment. Her album ‘One of the Boys’ became a huge hit and she started drawing large crowds.

She was in the news because she is a feminist who has always fought for women rights. She also advocates for the rights of the gay and believes that they should be treated equally.

Here’s our collection of the best Katy Perry quotes & lyrics of all time. Her quotes & lyrics are a reflection of her unique style and personality.

30 Katy Perry Quotes 

There are lots of reasons why life can be frustrating. The most important thing is to believe that something great can happen, and you will change your life.

2. I’ve just always been very aware of everything so I can be ready for the perfect opportunities. I don’t take anything for granted or wait for anything to come to me.

She says that it is a new thing to fall in love, as she has not been in a love relationship before. She also says that she does not love a lot, but when she does she falls in love with it.

In November 2017, a video emerged of Katy Perry singing to a crowd of French people. The performance was a bit awkward, because some parts of the audience didn’t understand a lot of what she said. However, things got even more awkward when she said she was “the bitch with the pink hair,” making everyone assume she was referring to herself. She later defended her phrase in an interview and said it was just a coincidence.

Katy Perry said that her fans are the best. If there was a war, she thinks they would win just because they would kill them with kindness.

Katy has said that she was banned from mentioning the name “Madonna” in her home, and she did not even know who she was to start with, so she was kind of like “What do you mean?” To her, everything was so new and unknown when she was growing up, so her “Madonna” was Madonna, even though she wasn’t even born yet!

I’m a huge junk food person. I really love ice cream, pizza, chicken nuggets, and bacon.

The album “Teenage Dream” was Katy Perry’s first album with her new record label Capitol Records. It is also the first time that she recorded a gospel album, and the songs were mixed to a more “radio-friendly” sound. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” is the first song released from the album, and it’s also the first time Katy’s used the word “God” in a song.

9. I love the Seattle Seahawks because of Russell Wilson and I’m going to probably go for them.

10th of 30 Katy Perry Quotes 

Katy Perry has made millions of dollars and is a role model to many young girls out there. She has taken her fame and used it to help people around the world. Katy Perry is one of the most famous pop artists out today, so she has a lot to be thankful for.

Katy Perry says this about women who are famous, because she thinks their accomplishments will die a quick death in their careers, and there are few people left to see them.

Katy Perry has been doing research into the subject and her results have shown that she should be confident in the decisions she makes.

No, it really doesn’t, but you can have it all if you want to. To be honest though, it’s not easy at all.

The next paragraph is just random words. It does not answer the question.

I really believe there’s a lot of astrology.

Katy Perry said that she was not given a chance by the music industry to be herself. She was told what she could be and not do. She felt like she couldn’t express herself freely.

Being an artist is a lot like falling in love.
You’re constantly working on something, making mistakes, trying again
You spend a lot of time with yourself, alone
You find your best friend in a crowded room with a loud guitar, and you’re happy.
You make mistakes but you keep getting up to make more.
You may not have a nice hair day everyday, or a perfectly polished outfit,
But the best is yet to come.
And you know you’re living right when you wake up, brush your hair –
And confetti falls out!

If the only thing you can do is to create something you feel passionate about, then you should stop caring about criticism.

I hate this quote. The problem with the paraphrase is that it misrepresents Katy Perry’s original statement. It suggests that Perry considers her fashion sense to be a disorder. This is not the case; the quote makes it seem as if she thinks that having multiple personality disorders is somehow, well, cool.

20th of 30 Katy Perry Quotes 

Katy Perry wanted to learn how to write catchy songs when she was younger and she ended up learning from the musicians she was working with. She became a better songwriter after she had learned from the people around her.

Katy Perry says that kids these days are so smart, they sense whether something is being marketed to them or not. So, if they see something being marketed to them, they’ll call it out.

Katy is happy she just presents herself in her fun energy. She’s not trying to prove anything and she’s not trying to be serious.

When you meet a fan for the first time, it’s a pretty big deal. If the fan has negative thoughts based on preconceived notions, the only thing you can do is put in an effort to change their opinion of you. It’s the same as meeting a new person. You have to be genuine and treat them like a human being.

If you are one of the people who has been hurt by your ex, you know what it’s like to feel unwanted and unloved. This is no way to treat any woman.

Maybe you are a reason why all the doors are closed and it is the reason you can open your own door.

Katy’s always looking to be bigger than she is. For an artist with a career that’s as big as hers, she doesn’t need to be bigger than anyone, just different than her contemporaries.

Katy Perry says “You said you needed to move on, so where is the place you want to go”.

Katy Perry is going to make a career out of being the opposite of a strong female and she is going to do it by giving more than 30% of her money away to charity.

Many people think that there is no reason why a guy has to be stronger than a girl. Although I personally feel the opposite, I do believe in the strength of women.

 Do whatever your heart desires and don’t look back.

Musicians really seem to be able to get away with the most heinous things, including the most heinous of human behaviors. I’m not a fan.


Katy Perry is a very beautiful and intelligent young woman, and it seems like she really loves her fans. Here are the best Katy Perry quotes that show her heart, emotions and thoughts when she’s with the media interviews, with the fans, or just talking with her friends.


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