44 Exhilarating The Weeknd Quotes To Remember

The Weeknd started his career in 2011 when he signed with XO Records. He later signed with Republic and Republic Distribution.

The Weeknd is an artist who is a force to be reckon with in the music industry. His track ‘Starboy’ which he released earlier this year reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and is in the process of making his own stamp in the music industry.

We’ve compiled a collection of the best quotes from The Weeknd
and we think you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

44 The Weeknd Quotes

I’m not sure whether to think this a dig at the songwriter or the singer, or both, but The Weeknd has been on a roll lately scoring some impressive singles with his deep soulful voice. The latest, “Letting Go” is the perfect example.

We think of the week as the time between weekends.

3. I chose the life, then I realized she might have been the one, I stopped having sex with her for a little fun.

I found him. You don’t even have to look hard. I was really very camera shy. Everybody has a favorite “hot girl” in their life. But what I did have was a certain style of being that would put me in the spotlight. No one knew who I was at that time. But when my music got popular, everyone wanted to know what I looked like.

I’m your drug, but you can survive without me.

Lucky 7

The title “Lucky 7” refers to the fact that Lucky 7, the most recent album by American rapper Rick Ross, has sold 7 million copies as of 2006.

 I’ve always felt uncomfortable in my skin, but it was so hard to accept it when I was younger. There wasn’t really anyone in my life to talk to about it, so I had to keep it inside. I didn’t realize how much that affected me until I was older.

When you’re in pain, push through it. It’ll hurt, but it’s worth it. Sometimes nothing’s better than suffering.

The Weeknd has said numerous times that his album has been on a long gestation period and the songs are a result of a lot of time he’s spent reflecting on his life and who he is as an artist.

9th of 44 The Weeknd Quotes

You’re not loyal to the things you love, you aren’t loyal to yourself, and you certainly aren’t loyal to me.

Even if you’re not a fan of The Weeknd, it’s too bad you can’t hear this song the same way you might hear a Mariah Carey track. The Weeknd’s new album is very good, but there’s a lot of great music out this year.

You say you don’t care about me, but you do. You ask me why I worried about you, but you don’t care if I am worried about you. You just didn’t want to break my heart, that’s all.

It felt better than I expected. But it was still awful. I am very excited for all the things that are going to happen now.

In the first verse of “Can’t Feel My Face”, the singer has expressed that he is a prisoner to the addiction of drugs, alcohol, and smoking. The entire song reflects the theme of addiction to something or someone.

Kanye West and The Weeknd have had a rocky relationship to say the least (no pun intended). So when they came together for the track he mentioned, people weren’t sure if it would be a hit or not.

The Weeknd is the first rapper to have a number 1 song on the Billboard Charts that wasn’t written or produced by Drake.

We’re not counting the ones produced by Dr. Luke or featuring a Dr. Luke production (like Katy Perry songs).

We can all admit that we have heard this quote before. Its the last line of the epic Eminem classic, The Slim Shady LP, which has been quoted so many times that you probably think you have heard it, until you hear the original.

18th of 44 The Weeknd Quotes

It’s been a while since I’ve heard this song. I remember my brother playing it on the radio. Back in 2014. I just don’t know if I like it anymore.

This is my favourite track on last year’s album. It’s really good.

I like this track too.

While Justin may have said he “owes it to himself to show the world” how versatile he can be as an artist, he has been doing this since 2012, and no one has been impressed with his work yet. The closest he’s come to a public acceptance as an artist is when he released “The Hills” in 2016, which was a single from his album Starboy. The Weeknd’s career has been anything but prolific.

It is the moment when you don’t know, when you have no idea or any information about a thing but you can’t help but to be happy.

The Weeknd has a tendency to go down many rabbit holes, but he likes to play devil’s advocate and give a different take on things. This quote shows his versatility.

In order to make himself feel good, the Weeknd smokes cannabis or does drugs, or something to feel better about himself.

The world’s the place to be if you live in your pain.

I don’t know if anyone cares, but I really love this song. The song is a little bit slower than Abel’s other songs, and I wonder if it’s because The Weeknd is on some kind of drugs or something. I don’t know.

Aww, he’s just saying he’s somebody now that he’s in an in between town. The Weeknd doesn’t like nobody towns.

26th of 44 The Weeknd Quotes

The first line says it all. What we have here is an artist who will do anything for his fans, even die for them. While the second line is not as deep, it’s just as powerful.

The Weeknd does a great job of putting himself in the mind of others, his lyrics tell stories about his own experiences and the lives of others. He has a great ear for writing. He knows what the listener wants and he delivers. I love how The Weeknd is able to describe the characters and women he meets so well through his music and lyrics.

 I’m not sure if he’s talking about falling in love or breaking up. Either way I am not that person. And I don’t need someone else to force me into that person. Especially since I’m already in love with her.

I’m what you need. When you need someone, I’ll be there for you. I am what you want. I am not what you need.

He’s not the only one who knows you shouldn’t speak like that and you probably shouldn’t either, but he was able to break the rules for this song.

What exactly was I to expect? After all, I’ve got ’em singing about themselves, having fun with each other, and even getting into some pretty heavy stuff!

The weeknd speaks about how he’s so good at gambling so he’s sure someone’s gonna come catch him when he loses.

I’ve had my share of haters over the years. It’s not about ignoring them, it’s about pushing through the hate and the pain.

While in an unhappy and hopeless situation may not improve your mood, it doesn’t make you a bad person.

35th of 44 The Weeknd Quotes

The Weeknd is right, spending money you haven’t earned to buy things you don’t want to impress people you don’t like isn’t a great idea.

I will hate you, I will miss you and I will want you, now that you’re gone.

The Weeknd said that he followed through on his promises. He did everything that he said he was going to do.

You ain’t scared of the fall? You’re not afraid of flying? You’re not afraid of dying? You’re not even afraid of the sky falling in?
You can’t be afraid of death, because you’ve already died and gone to Heaven.
It’s time to open your eyes and start looking around.

The Weeknd used to be a storyteller, an artist who could tell stories using symbolism. And he says this while also using symbolism in his music.

I think this quote is actually quite profound. It’s a perfect summation of his entire life. I guess I just hadn’t read it previously.

_____. _____ is not going to fall out of love with me.

Being who you want to be and who other people want you to be is a really hard thing to do when you’re in your late 20s. You have to make sure that you don’t lose who you are in the process. Sometimes, you can get lost along the way.

43. Tell me you love me even though you don’t love me.

I don’t understand how there’s still a need for a dating app. I feel like this should have been built years ago.


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