11 Life Lessons Learned To Motivate & Inspire You

When we’re young we often think about the consequences of our actions in terms of their impact on our lives, we think about them in terms of the effects of our decisions.

This is a difficult question; we try to learn in small pieces, and build on what we know.

11 Life Lessons Learned to Motivate You!

Here goes: I learnt many lessons in my life. Some were good and some were bad. I’m not here to judge. The important thing was that I learnt them all.

There is no life without death,
there is no death without life,
there is no end without a beginning,
there is no beginning without an end,
there is no life without death,
there is no death without life,
there is no end without a beginning,
there is no beginning without an end,
there is no heaven without hell,
there is no hell without heaven.

1. You Can Either be Safe or Successful

If you’re not willing to love yourself then don’t think others feel the same.
Take a minute and think about the people in your life who love you.

In life, those who don’t take risks will probably not be able to achieve much. Taking risks makes you more successful. Sometimes the risks can be negative, but when you look back at your life, the risks made you even more successful than before.

The people who don’t risk anything at all are only likely to have steady small gains in their bank accounts while the risks have the potential for big gains and putting you on higher levels of success.

2. You Never Know Which Day Will be Your Last

Although there is no evidence of damage after a fall, it’s still a possibility for you to have to take a trip to the doctor and get it checked out. It’s important to be aware of the warning signs, especially when it comes to kids and falls.

And that’s how people can keep talking about not knowing, or not being able to know, if they will meet again.
Whether they will have a chance to see their children grow, and to live through the years, and to leave a tangible legacy behind.

There are people who feel the things you think about things like this.
If you feel that way, you must be very lonely.

So why are you spending your time constantly worrying, or just sitting on the sofa doing nothing? Would you do this if you had a lot less time left? I don’t think you would.

The lesson here is to live each day like it’s your last, don’t wish your time away!

So here’s a few quick shots of our new house. It has a lot of potential. We still have to put in some finishing touches, but I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turning out so far. I’m looking forward to getting it livable and all.

3. The Easy Life is Not Necessarily the Best

Celebrities are the most obvious people to idolize.

The couple were able to create their dream house for only 9 million dollars because they saved up money for eight years.

So before you start thinking that you want to make your life as easy as possible, realize that successful people have relatively easy lives because they love what they do and they now have financial stability. They also have the tools and the skills to deal with life’s circumstances in a way that is conducive to their success.

The older you get, the harder the road becomes.
For people who don’t have the money to hire a babysitter, or can’t take time off work, it can be tough to make sure you’re taking care of your health.

4. The Journey is More Important than the End

I’ve been reading a book called “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and it’s really interesting. The main character lives a life where he doesn’t really have much of a life except for his job but eventually decides that he’d rather sell his Ferrari than be unhappy and live in fear. I think it’s a great book.

Focus on being the best man/woman you can be on your journey, and remember to not get stuck on others, as you learn from them and grow.

I do not think this would be on the list if I had not experienced it.

We have to face a lot of pressure from our bosses to work hard, but we should not forget that it’s not about our hard work but about our feelings about it that matters.

5. It Doesn’t Matter where You Start, as Long as You Start

If you are not prepared to work hard, then don’t expect to get rich. If you expect a reward without having put in the work that the successful person has done, you are kidding yourself.

You don’t have to be great to start it’s just the beginning. It’s a very important phase in a person’s life, it’s a step to something greater.

6. Discipline is the Key to Achieving Your Goals

Disciplines are a way of working together, and they’re the ones who need to be developed first.

People who are successful have their own brand of determination, they’re successful, they’re disciplined, they know where their goals are and have the self-discipline to keep pushing towards those goals.

It’s not an easy thing to teach yourself. And it requires a lot of mental strength to play and not make mistakes. However, once you learn it you’ll be unstoppable.

7. Failure is Good

Yet that fear of failure is also the driving force behind what makes us all so ambitious. If we knew what we were really good at, we would probably pursue it even if it didn’t pay off.

The result? Most will think their recent failure to even go after the gold was too big of a shock to ever try again.

In contrast, the unsuccessful are consumed by their failures. When they think about the mistakes they make in their business, it can be devastating.
After a failed sale, you may feel so deflated that you walk away from the business and put it behind you. This is how the unsuccessful treat success. They are consumed by it.
It is okay to fail, but to be consumed by failure.

I know your name.

It took quite a while for us to get there, but there were many small victories along the way.

8. Don’t Give Yourself Excuses

What I am saying is that excuses are easy to make up for not doing things. It is very difficult to make up excuses for things you want to do.

9. Surround Yourself With People You Want to be Like

People grow up around their parents and family and they can be very influential on their behaviors. However, we’re responsible for ourselves and how we act in our lives and those close to us.

Surround yourself with people that enjoy the same things, people that have the same goals and people who have the same mindset as you, and you will find yourself enjoying what you do.

As you will begin to act like them, you will slowly begin to become like them, and you will become more like them, and you will slowly begin to become like them, and you will become more like them.

10. Life is Like a Video Game, You Just Can’t Re-spawn

Not all life lessons are meant to be taken to heart. I’m a big believer in the freedom of choice.

You just sit in front of a screen and play forever. You are so accustomed to that, you don’t have to worry about risks.

It’s a good thing for those who work on a career path, but it’s extremely difficult for those who are more experimental, or who have goals that are too vague.

When we stop taking risks, we end up not living the life we wished to live, we don’t move forward, and we end up as ordinary people in the end, stuck in the routine of living our lives, where we are too scared to say what we really want.

11. Do Not Wait For Anything, You Will be Wasting Time

The ones who are prepared to go out and earn the right to enjoy the “good things”, are people who are prepared to go out and earn the right to have a nice car or have the right furniture, all the things in life that makes you happy as well as making sure that you have the money to pay all your bills. It’s a lot more difficult to achieve if you are constantly on your back foot.

One of the most powerful lessons you can learn is to start investing early. The earlier you start to invest, the sooner you’ll see the benefits.


If you want to make the most of your life, then you have to put an end to the need to look back, and look forward, and enjoy the journey with a smile on your face.

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