23 Incredibly Inspiring John Wood Quotes

He has written about the importance of literacy in the classroom and how technology can be used to help the under-privileged children.

How would you feel if you were born in a poor village without a library, and then the person responsible for building it all was fired or died? That’s what happened to Wood – he was the person responsible for building the first library and school in the village where he was raised, and he was fired when he refused to resign.

I’m really glad that I can say that I’m a part of this community.

The 23 Most Inspiring John Wood Quotes

If you’ve been following my postings on here for a while now you’ll know that this blog is about living life and being a realist while making the most of the time spent on this earth.
I believe that the most important thing you can do in life is be the person that you are, and be that for the rest of time. For me, that includes living life as an artist, and not the one the world expects you to be.

To dive into what you think is great without bothering others with your ideas, and to learn from the people who have great ideas.

Although you can certainly succeed even without an education, you can also fail without one as well. You need the skills, skills, and skills to do things in this world. You need both the ability and the motivation to do what it takes to succeed.

You don’t have to be a great writer to be a great writer.

You are a great writer.

If your goal is to work hard, to be frugal, and to work for the long term, then Room to Read is the best organization for your money. If your goal is to get a handout, then you should look elsewhere.

John Wood would be interested in getting involved with the charity world. He feels that the charity world has too many experts (in his estimation) and not enough action.

Sometimes, you have to move with all deliberate speed. And if you have something you want to do to make the world a better place, you don’t let all the obstacles get in your way.

Don’t think too much.
And remember that the people who think
the most don’t always have the most going for them.

We used to only have one or two books per person in elementary school, and I didn’t want my books to get damaged, so I’d hide them in my desk.

The following questions were inspired by a question I received in a group text conversation on the Medium app about the most important lesson someone learned from college. It’s not in the order the questions were posted, but it’s definitely in the order in which they were answered.

10th of 23 John Wood Quotes

The idea of working with an existing product, and not starting from scratch is something that comes up over and over again.

I think of education in the same way as dropping a pebble into the pond that is our world and getting a ripple effect that has the power to change lives.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to experience a good life, you should recognize that and help others who are struggling to experience the same.

It’s as important as food, security, controlling population growth, and limiting the environment.

Parents everywhere want a better life for their children. It’s a near constant.

I’m often impressed by the number of talented people that I meet when doing presentations or speaking to groups of people, who are really interested to learn more about UX.

The first method is the slow and painful way, but it would be more effective. The second way is the quick and painful way. It would be easier to do that.

It was a great year for the business. Everything was going to be great. But, the business still wasn’t making money. It needed more capital.

I just want my kids to know how lucky they are to have a free education and to be able to go to college.

19th of 23 John Wood Quotes

The only constraints in John Wood’s life, at the age of 19, were: to be a successful lawyer; to marry someone who would support him; and to raise a family.

If you are thinking about making some adjustments in your life to allow you to help change the world, my heartfelt recommendation is not to spend too much time thinking about it. Just dive in.

People want to know why it’s broken. It makes them feel better. It works the same way on their life. It’s a little like a band-aid. People say it’s okay because they want to be able to walk around without looking. It’s like a Band-Aid. They will keep trying to fix it.

John Wood says “right now what I need to think about is what would be possible, not all the reasons I can’t make a change.”

This quote from John Wood also appeared in the original article.

You should always give your all to your chosen career path and not waste your time doing something that will make you unhappy. You should also realize that not everybody out there will support you and give you positive feedback when you work hard for something.


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