The 10 Most Expensive Woods In The World

In the USA, the most expensive woods are mahogany and ebony but these woods cost a very high price compared to the other woods. Also, the most expensive woods in Asia in general are the tropical woods, such as teak and bamboo.

You’ll find the most expensive woods in the world, throughout Africa, South and Central Asia, and Southeast Asia.

The uses range from early European medical instruments to furniture and aromatic perfumes. Different woods affect everyday life in various ways.

We’ve discovered the most expensive wood in the world, from the cocobolo to the African blackwood. This is a list of the world’s most expensive hardwood trees.

The 10 Most Expensive Woods in the World

Our lists have been produced through our own research so that you can find the best games on the web.

According to our research, these are the most expensive woods in the world.

10. Cocobolo – $55 Per Board Foot

The tropical hardwoods most commonly used for making furniture are the dalbergia trees and mahogany. Dalbergia is the Latin name for the cocobolo tree, which is found in Central America. The average tree is about 24 meters (80 ft) tall and about 1 meter (3.3 ft) in diameter at the chest.

Much of what we see in Panama is the result of the tree being cut down. Many trees are discarded, with only the heartwood used. They are used for furniture, musical instruments, knife handles, gun grips, and other items.

This type of wood comes from the heartwood section of the tree and is stained to give it a reddish-brown hue, and darker brown traces weave through it, adding texture to the surface.

Cocobolo is a very expensive wood, a lot of people like it, it smells good and is black and dark brown or sometimes black and purple, it contains an oily interior and darkens with age.

The most popular types of wood guitar wood are made from cocobolo and koa. Cocobolo is great for basses, while the lighter, resonant sound of koa is the wood of choice for high-pitched instruments such as guitars. Both woods are great for guitarists interested in bright tones and deep resonance.

Cocobolo wood not only makes an appearance in Breaking Bad; it makes an appearance in numerous other shows as well, including: The Sopranos, Oz, The Good Wife, Numb3rs, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Mentalist, Castle, Psych, Hawaii Five-0, and The Blacklist.

As a musical instrument, the vibraphone is the only instrument that is not a member of the piano family, and is considered less in common than other instruments in the percussion family.

9. Ziricote – $60 Per Board Foot

another type of wood that is from a cactus is ziricote which grows from South America and it’s the heaviest wood that grows from the Cordia variety.

Ziricote, previously considered to be an extremely rare wood, is now more commonly used. It is not yet valued at over $60 per board foot.

It’s used in construction, furniture, and home crafts since wood that is left untreated can become dark, dry and difficult to work with.

This is one of the best woods for inlay work, because of its uniformity, strength, and the fact that it’s naturally resistant to warping. It can be stained to enhance its look and improve its overall appearance.

Ziricote is also a flowering plant. The flowers are eaten by the locals as sweets for their yellow colored pulp which emerges during maturity, giving off a pleasing smell when eaten both fresh or in their sweetened form.

8. Koa – $62 Per Board Foot

Koa wood is a very durable hardwood that has a beautiful golden color and a beautiful smell. It is used for a wide variety of woodwork, including guitars and ukuleles, furniture, and cabinets. The wood is a beautiful, dense hardwood with a very tight grain.

While there are plenty of old koa wood instruments, the tree itself is so rare and in demand that only dead or dying trees are harvested. This is a valuable wood because of its high quality and scarcity.

Perhaps the most famous guitars made from koa are the Fenders (also known as Fenders) guitars that are made by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. They are produced by Fender Custom Shop and are available in standard Fender models and in special edition guitars.

The beautiful colors of koa make it the ideal wood for fine furniture and small crafts. It’s incredibly strong, making it perfect for things like furniture and musical instruments. Because of its light, bright color, koa is a great wood to use for decorative veneer, which is also known as parquetry, since it can be used to create intricate patterns similar to some of the most expensive coins available.

Koa is a very strong, heavy and hardwood. It offers a more vibrant red and gold tone than some other woods. It is also tough and has a good hardness, making it an excellent wood to build and protect furniture.

7. Macassar Ebony – $65 Per Board Foot

Macassar ebony wood can be found in Indonesia. Indonesian ebony is dark mahogany-brown heartwood with red-brown streaks.

Wood costs $65 per board foot. It comes exclusively from Southeast Asia, where the government sets the annual quota for how much is allowed to be cut, ensuring demand is consistently high.

Macassar ebony has a high wood density with a striking wood grain, which is very popular to use for musical instruments and for billiard cues.

The wood is named for Macassar in Indonesia, it is considered the most sustainable kind of wood ever used in construction and it also has a high percentage of carbon that will break down when used for building.

Macassar ebony has a close connection to Japan, which at one point was the biggest importer of this material. And used it for traditional Japanese houses and even some of the most expensive guitars in the world.

Its name has been used to describe a type of wood used to make walking sticks and other items that are held in the hand such as jewelry boxes, tool handles, etc.

6. Brazilian Rosewood – $70 Per Board Foot

The wood is much more valued in its natural state, but the price for our favorite wood, Brazilian rosewood, has increased by nearly 150% since 2011 (when we visited) so we’ve expanded our search to include other tropical hardwoods.

Brazilian rosewood is a species of hardwood tree native to Brazil. It is noted for its varied appearance, ranging from dark browns, deep purple and reddish browns with dark, contrasting spider-webbing.

It has the advantage of being easy to produce, and that it’s also very easy to work and turn with. On the other hand, it tends to leave the surface difficult to glue, and it is hard to dry and finish well.

The hardness and strength of Brazilian rosewood make it an excellent wood for furniture, and it’s considered to be one of the world’s best woods for guitars and other woodwind instruments.

If you can hear the difference, then so can your audience at a live gig. But you need a great amplifier to really understand how well that sounds.

The trees from which this wood is gathered grow up to 40 meters high, but excessive illegal logging has led to its inclusion in the CITES list of endangered species.

5. Pink Ivory – $80 Per Board Foot

There is a difference in the value between ivory that is pink, and ivory that is red. The pink ivory is more expensive.

This wood is a very nice wood for many different purposes. There is a wide colour range from pale brown pink to a deep red, with an excellent texture and fiddleback grain pattern making the wood a very useful choice for a variety of uses.

People use ivory to make objects, like billiard cues or knife handles. You can also carve ivory so that you can decorate your house. It is also good-quality wood.

The Zulu tree, also called the Zulu oak, is a tree with a unique timber species known as “pink ivory wood.” It is so named because the wood is actually ivory white, and not brown at all. The wood was traditionally used by royalty and is also the same material used to manufacture the chairs that the President uses at the White House. This wood is also used to make the chairs in the House of Representatives.

There are a number of fruits in which the seeds are edible. They include the almond, the coconut, the custard apple, the date and the kola nut, among others. In the case of the kola nut, the fruit itself is a useful product for human consumption.

Pink ivory is not expensive, but some people are saying that it is more rare and valuable than diamonds.

When to use?

In a long discourse, when the writer wants the reader to understand a particular idea.

Although it’s legal, the fact that it is also very common in comparison to the most expensive wood in the world also points to it being relatively commonplace.

4. Agar Wood – $10,000 Per Kilogram

While most of the wood is used for fine furniture, musical instruments or art pieces, others are used for their properties as folk medicine. These contain many natural oils that are healing.

The first step of making this dish is to use wood from the Agarwood tree; also known as the ‘King of Perfumes’ as mentioned in a Japanese legend.

The resin is produced by the tree’s defense to protect itself from insects and other animals, but when the mold becomes part of the tree’s roots, it produces a resin that embeds itself in the tree’s heartwood.

There are currently over 2,000 companies in the world specializing in perfume making and distilling, and a large number of those are located in Indonesia, largely due to the large amounts of Agar wood necessary to produce this expensive oil.

Agathis is the name given to the tree which grows primarily in the Indo-Australian tropics, with other more widespread areas of occurrence. The timber is used to make cabinets and veneers, especially in the export trade.

Agarwood is known for its health benefits, including anti-aging skin, weight loss and increased energy, and it also provides relief from a range of illnesses and diseases.

3. Ebony – $10,000 Per Kilogram

ebony has a soft and pleasing feel to the touch. It has a naturally creamy tone which is a very beautiful wood. Ebony wood is very dense and therefore is very heavy.

This material is most associated with luxury items. It’s very popular in Europe and the Americas for everything but furniture. It can be used for piano keys, statues, and ornate chess sets with a glossy finish.

It was a popular material for the cabinets of the most affluent home. It could be carved to add a decorative touch to furniture, especially the rich furniture in the sixteenth century. The most popular wood for this is the ebony.

Ebony forests are an endangered species of forests, made up of ebonies trees that can be found all over the world.

It is highly durable, and can be difficult to work because of the hard, fine grains.
It is one of the harder woods, with a dense wood.
Ebony is a hard wood, difficult to cut, and difficult to glue.

The difficulty of working with ebony makes it a very expensive wood, with a price of $10,000 per kilogram.

2. Sandalwood – $20,000 Per Kilogram

Sandalwood is another of the most expensive woods in the world and also one of the most beautiful.

While the plant has numerous health benefits, its medicinal properties are believed to work as an anti-inflammatory while protecting against damage to the skin and bacteria.

The Santaium genus has about 100 different species and can be found in Southeast Asia, specifically in Indonesia. Its wood is predominantly yellow.

When sandalwood is used in the making of sandalwood incense, it is said to have a long-lasting fragrance. It is the most expensive wood for its fragrance.

It isn’t just a good source of natural fragrance; it can be used for religious ceremonies, with some religious schools of thought using the wood in their rituals.


It’s pretty subtle, but it’s certainly there.

As per Neopaganism, its history stretches back millennia, it is still widely used by today’s Neopagan Wiccans and Pagans.

In addition to the following, a good number of Neopagans include sandalwood as a component of their practices.

1. African Blackwood – $100 Per Board Foot

The blackwood species was named after the color of the wood. The best quality pieces of the blackwood species were used as musical instruments. It is an extremely hard wood that can be shaped easily.

African blackwood is among the favorites for woodwind instruments. It is resistant to decay, making it a popular choice for woodwind instruments.

While often referred to as “blackwood”, the most common variety of the wood tree is actually the “rosewood” variety. The blackwood variety is more sought by the furniture and hardwood markets in the United States, and is typically sold in higher priced segments of the market.

Its name derives from the fact that the wood of the African blackwood tree is quite difficult to obtain and is used mainly for the making of high quality musical instruments.

The first people to use blackwood as a valuable wood were the Egyptians. The wood was used to carve decorations for tombs. Today, using blackwood for carving is considered a luxury.

It is expected of the most expensive wood in the world that it will be threatened by fires used to clear agricultural land. It is predicted that it could become commercially extinct in a matter of decades.


As precious woods go from the tropical jungles of South America to the wilds of Africa there are unique properties that make these woods priceless.

The most valuable trees are the ones that are most used. Most of the trees on Borneo are not that valuable because they are used for firewood. However, the trees that are not used for this purpose are very valuable.

This list has shown you some of the most expensive woods in the world, their properties, uses, and the history which makes them a prized possession.

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