21 Unstoppable Dwight Howard Quotes

While on the way to Washington, I got lost and then I walked into a Walmart.

He’s a three-time All-NBA Team member, two-time All-Defensive Team member, and he’s been a part of eight All-Star Game teams and four All-Defensive teams.

Howard has won NBA Finals MVP awards and is the only player to make the NBA All-Star Game in every season he’s been in the league.

Check out this list of motivational Dwight Howard quotes to motivate you to be your best, and to be a better person.

21 Dwight Howard Quotes

Trusting people is a huge challenge, and it can be extremely difficult to do.

The biggest problem for Howard in the first round is that he was rushing his shots way too much, as if he was trying to prove something to himself.

Howard is a great player, but his era is the present one, meaning he is not focused on the next era, which is the future.

Dwight Howard said that he has decided not to sign a long term deal with the Lakers, and he is planning to leave the team after the 2013-2014 season.
Howard said that his decision was not a revenge towards the Lakers’ fans, because he is still a fan of the Lakers and is a fan of Kobe Bryant. Howard also said that he does not want to play for the Lakers as much as he wanted to be a Laker.

This is a great idea. It is a good idea to put your “best foot forward” when you have the chance to do the same.

It’s all about hard work. I’m trying to earn everything given to me. I play hard, and I want guys to remember that when they play the Magic they have to face Dwight Howard. And when you face him, you have to get after it.

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Howard said that he is just going to work out, and if he wins he will be happy, and if it does not happen then he will just have to live with that.

Dwight Howard said that the league is already tough and that he’s gonna be tough this season.

After being drafted in 2008, Dwight Howard said he learned the hardest lesson in the NBA from not winning the title.

Dwight Howard was a huge leader on the 2012-13 Orlando Magic. He was the best power-forward in the Eastern Conference and one of the top centers in the NBA. He is a big man and he can play on the offensive end but his biggest strength, as well as a lot of the Magic team’s strengths, was their defense. The biggest thing that helped Dwight Howard win games was his strong leadership.

I would never ever abandon my children. A lot of my friends didn’t have fathers growing up, and they were very upset that their fathers weren’t around. I was lucky to have mine around.

Dwight Howard didn’t think that the public was saying that he cried his way out of Orlando, or that he cried for the first time since he was a child. What he did think was that people were talking about the fact that he cried when he left the court on the night that the Orlando Magic won the NBA championship.

Dwight Howard said that the league is not for everybody and that he knew it when he signed a max contract to play with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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College is not the right place for me. My college level is very good, but in the NBA, the best is the best. I am not competing against those kids to show them I can run 100 meters or compete in a game of soccer, basketball, and tennis. But, I am competing against the best players in the world, so if I want to achieve the highest level, I will need to work hard and stay in shape to compete against the best players in the world.

Dwight Howard talks about the struggle he’s had to be the face of the franchise, and about how he was going to be the best he could be in every aspect of his life.

Dwight Howard is one of the best big men in the league. He’s very talented and has the ability to carry a basketball team by himself. He’s one of the best centers in the league and one of the only centers that can stop a team in its tracks. He has the ability to go left, right, up and down the court. He has improved his game since coming to the Orlando Magic this past season.

Dwight Howard has been saying that he’s not a father for the past three years, but he’s always been a big proponent of fatherhood. For the most part he was always being respectful to his mother during that time, but eventually things got to the point where she was fed up with what he was doing and eventually divorced him.

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Dwight Howard told the Orlando Sentinel he handled things the wrong way during his time as an Orlando Magic player. It’s understandable that the Orlando Sentinel would write this given Dwight has had some problems with the media over the past few years, which includes comments about the media, Orlando City, the Orlando Police Department, and even his own wife.

I’ve always played NBA Live since I was a kid, so to be on the cover is a blessing. Being on the cover of a game that I love is a blessing. It’s all about winning and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to do it and I can’t wait to hit the court. I have a great time playing the game and I love the fans.

This will be the first time I have a magazine cover as an athlete and it’s truly one of my dreams come true. I’m really excited and thankful about it.

21. “I work extremely hard in the weight room, and also on the court to make sure I keep my body in shape.” Howard says he has not seen anything of a concern since the surgery.


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