Dwight Howard Net Worth

Dwight Howard has a net worth of $20 million.


Dwight Howard’s net worth is estimated to be about $140 Million.

Dwight Howard is a professional NBA player. He is the best in the NBA.

He has also worked with numerous teams in the league and holds several records within the league. He has been honored with several awards for his dedication to the game.

Early Life

Dwight is the 6th of 7 siblings and was born on December 8, 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia. Dwight is the 6th of 7 siblings and was born on December 8, 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in a Christian family and his father is a businessman. Dwight started playing basketball at the age of 9.

His father played for a school team and his mother played for her college when she was in high school, so Dwight began training at the age of nine and got very dedicated to it.

Dwight was good at basketball immediately when he started playing, and he was noticed by the NBA teams before he even began playing for his team at the Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy High School.

After his high school career was done, Dwight went on to enjoy a very successful college career at the University of Illinois. He was the starting quarterback for three years, and was the first Illini quarterback to throw for over 4000 yards in a season. He was also the first Illini quarterback to have three straight 200+ yard passing games.

Dwight started to become a basketball player, but he had to go to college to improve his game.


Dwight joined the Orlando Magic team in 2004 and he was able to make them much better as soon as he arrived. By the end of his first season, he had scored 112 points and he was the youngest player to do this.

He did well in the 2006 Rookie Challenge, helping his team to 3rd place. He also improved on the area he was thought to have problems with, and helped his team to the 2006 NBA Draft Combine.

And after Dwight put up the best numbers in the second season he played on the Mavericks, he was still very popular around the league after showing everyone just what his talent was.

The 2009 Eastern Conference finals was the first time that Dwight led the Celtics to victory in the finals since the 2001 Eastern Conference finals when he posted a Finals-high 35 points, 10 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocks against Orlando.

Dwight joined the Lakers in 2012 and after the back injury, he couldn’t play for seven months with a stress because of the backlash he received for leaving the Orlando Magic team. During the 2012-2013 season, Dwight had to get surgery on his back.

He’s only a small fraction of the best and he’s probably the most overrated.

Dwight Howard was traded to the Houston Rockets with a few years left on his contract. It was hard for him to stay healthy.

During the 2016 NBA Finals, Dwight played his first game of the series and did significantly better than he had done during the playoffs in previous years.

Since then he has played for the Hornets and Wizards as well as playing for the Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat and most recently he’s now with the Indiana Pacers.


Dwight Howard was a superstar center of the Orlando Magic for a large portion of his career. He was named an All-Star six times, a First Team All-Star five times, and a Second Team All-Star twice. His best years came while he was paired with Gilbert Arenas. He played a big role in getting the Magic into the playoffs, including their first series win over the Heat.

Favorite Quotes from Dwight Howard

In this season Dwight Howard was injured and did not see many minutes, but in the playoffs the Lakers didn’t show him much respect and he was even benched for part of the fifth quarter. During the playoffs Dwight has played well, but it is too late to win the series and the Lakers are going home. In the playoffs Howard has been the team’s savior.

Howard has always been honest with his fans about not being the best big man in the league. The truth is, he’s not even the best at what he does. But he’s always willing to admit that he’s only “good.” Which is fine. If he was good, then he would be able to carry a team and be an All Star.

In this season of drama, Dwight Howard has experienced a rocky season, with the former All-Star forward sitting on the bench and taking in the occasional game. He also had to deal with the departure of James Harden and the uncertainty that surrounds the direction of the franchise. Despite all this, Howard is optimistic and says he’s ready to return to the court and help bring the Rockets to the playoffs.

Dwight Howard made some good basketball related quotes today while talking about the NBA playoffs.

3 Rules for Success from Dwight Howard

Look at Dwight Howard in both his positive and negative ways. Learn from his success and failures, and see if there is anything you can take away.

1. Every day is full of new opportunities

“Why be stuck on what you can’t do or the situation you cannot change? As long as you have a new day, you will have a chance to re-do and try again”.

If you have a new day of your life, you will have a new opportunity to do things you would not have tried or to go to places you have yet to see.

2. Have a clear view of what your goals are

Focus not on what you don’t want. A lot of people go around in life focusing on what they don’t want. Your mind will just take over and make up all sorts of reasons for why that is true. Focus instead on what you do want and how you can get that.

3. Everyone goes through rough times

You have a perfect life and you are a perfect person. You don’t have any problems and you have no struggles. That’s a lie. Everyone has been through struggles and rough times. You will never be a perfect person. You may be a lot happier than me, but you are not as happy as you think you are. You have much more in your life than a perfect life.


Dwight Howard has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. He has played for some of the best teams in the league and has won many awards for his talent.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dwight Howard has a net worth of approximately $140 Million.

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