Nle Choppa Net Worth

We don’t have that information. But we know that they do have a large amount of funding for their marketing.


His net worth is estimated to be about $3 million due to his income from his boxing matches.

NLE Choppa is one of the best rappers out there. He has the perfect flow and has been able to reach platinum status on the charts. He is really making a name for himself.

Early Life 

The “Bryson” boy was born on the 1st of November, 2002, and he’s a very smart boy.

He was a troublemaker during his childhood. At first he wanted to become a basketball player and play in the professional league. However, he could not concentrate on the sport because his father was very strict and he would get in trouble.

After being signed with DJ Mustard’s sub-label Top Dawg Entertainment, he had to change his image in order to not lose followers.


The song was released in the first quarter of 2019 and it was a smash hit online. It went viral within a month. The song was a sensation online and has not let go of it since.

Choppa got his fans to vote for what record label he wanted to sign with. His video blew up with a lot of fans on Instagram tagging it with their own labels. Choppa ended up signing to a label called GBE music and he’s released a couple of singles on SoundCloud and Apple Music.

In June 2019, he was featured in Belly’s song ‘Crazy’ from the album ‘The Best Night of My Life’ and in September 2019, he was featured in Smokepurpp’s single ‘Be Alright’ from the album ‘Kush & Kush,’ released on September 19.

In that same month, he made his music festival debut with ‘Beale Street Music Festival’ as he performed. A critic said of his performance ‘more memorable Memphis moments’ in his life.

The best thing about Choppa is that he is a rapper and a street artist.


In the movie Choppa, we will see a lot of action, fights, but the most powerful thing in Choppa is that we will be able to see the life of the people who make a living from fighting, in the best light possible.

Favorite Quotes From NLE Choppa 

He was the opposite of that. He was the man in the back. No matter what the stakes were, he had your back. He was the leader. As I look back on it now, he’s the guy I wish I could have been more like.

3 Powerful Lessons From NLE Choppa 

NLE Choppa’s net worth has grown to a sum of 7 million dollars as of 2019:
Learn these tips if you ever aspire to be a great entrepreneur like NLE Choppa.

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1. Responsibility 

Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is not your environment in which has put you where you are. It is your attitude that is responsible for your feelings and your actions.

2. Prove People They’re Wrong 

I have done many things people say I cannot do.
And finally…

3. Hold Your Feet On The Ground 

– Be your best self.
– Be smart.
– Always be kind.
– Don’t take it personally.
– Keep on trying
– Keep moving forward.
– Look up.
– Look for hope.


NLE Choppa, AKA Bryson Potts, is a rapper, songwriter, and social media influencer from Atlanta, Georgia.

The music video of the song ‘Shotta Flow’ was released on the same day it was uploaded to YouTube with all the other songs of Choppa for his new single called ‘Kolom’. People loved the video so much and it also went viral in just a few days.

NLE Choppa Net Worth in 2019 is around $2 Million, he makes money by selling music downloads, and he also has a record label.

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