Ray J Net Worth

Ray J has an estimated net worth of $11 million.


As of July 22, 2020, Ray J’s net worth is $2 Million.

I made 14 million dollars in the last 7 years.

Ray J has a net worth of $14 million.

Ray J is a very famous singer. He was born on November 4, 1971. He has worked with some of the most popular musicians in the world.

Born into a family and into a music, Ray has been able to live his musical career and enjoy, and have fun with it.

Early Life

Ray J (William Ray Norwood Jr.) was born on January 17, 1981, in McComb, Mississippi to William Ray Norwood Sr. and Sonja Bates-Norwood. Ray’s sister Brandy is also a very successful singer, songwriter, and actress.

At a very young age Ray got vocal lessons from his father and since being the youngest was always up for watching his sister sing. Soon he also began to sing at church.


His first appearance was as a background in the movie ‘Mars Attacks!’ in 1996. He then appeared in the same movie in 1997. Later he began his acting career on the sitcom ‘Moesha’ in 1999.

Michael Jordan signed up with Nike in 1986 and his basketball career was immediately placed on the fast track. He became the first athlete to endorse the shoes ‘Air Flight’ which was the signature ‘Jordan’ shoe. His subsequent shoe endorsements soon followed, including ‘Bag’ and ‘Jordan’.

Ray J’s third album `Raydiation` came out in 2005, and was produced by the very same producer that produced Janet Jackson’s album `Rhythm Nation` in ’92.

In 2008 after his album ‘All I Feel’, Ray J released another album. It was made independently and it was not a huge success as he had anticipated it to be.

On September 23, 2012 at midnight the BET Late Show airs its final episode. The final episode airs on the network is the final episode which aired.

He was featured on the song ‘The First Time’ ft. Cee-C, which included the song ‘My Baby’ which was released on the ‘Smoke Cloud TMG & OHB’ Album.

As of July 22, 2020, Ray J’s net worth is $2 Million.

I made 14 million dollars in the last 7 years.

Ray J has a net worth of $14 million.


In 2007, he tried to sue former wife Robyn Fenty for $100 million. There was a restraining order placed on her and in 2013, Robyn dropped the lawsuit but it is still on the record. Even though she didn’t end up winning the lawsuit, it was still a big win in his eyes. In 2011, Ray even tried to put Robyn in jail.

Favorite Quotes from Ray J

You are what you do now. Don’t define yourself by how you have been. Let your true self shine through.

3 Rules for Success from Ray J

The most important lesson we can learn from Ray J is that one’s work ethic and hard work will never go unrewarded.

1. Positivity is key

Not only does positivity help you appreciate all of the good things in your life, but it also helps you appreciate your strengths. You’re able to overcome your weaknesses because you have strengths to fall back on.

That said, positivity will allow you to succeed and be happy.

2. Your past doesn’t define you

When the past is in the past, the past can’t control your future. If you choose to be free of the past and to embrace your own vision for the future, then the past will not control your future.

3. Other people’s words don’t matter

If you spend your life waiting for someone to approve, you’ll never get anywhere. If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself. There are no right or wrong answers, just your own thoughts and beliefs, and the answer will come from that.


Ray J is famous for his role as a singer, actor, and songwriter. His songs have been played in movies and on television shows. He has gained approximately $6 MILLION for his albums and several appearances on television and movies.

He is releasing new music in the future, and so his net worth will increase in the future.

As of July 22, 2020, Ray J’s net worth is $2 Million.

I made 14 million dollars in the last 7 years.

Ray J has a net worth of $14 million.

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