Rick Ross Net Worth

 Rick Ross’ net worth is a whopping $50 million.

He’s in the top 5 rappers for his age and has a net worth of $45 Million, that’s a pretty good place to be right now.

He has a son named Robert Leonard Roberts III (born February 25, 2001) that he calls Berto.

Ross is not only an activist and entrepreneur but also manages and serves as the creator of the record label ‘Maybach Music Group’.

Early Life

The Miami Herald: Ross, who wore a black leather jacket and plaid shirt at Miami’s Carol City High School, began rapping while attending Carol City Junior High and in 1992 went to Miami Carol City Senior High School.

In the same year, he formed an alliance with rapper Lil’ Kim. Their group, known as the Cee-Lo Green Project, performed at high schools and hosted recording sessions in the classroom.

While studying for his master’s degree, he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He taught for a number of years before being hired as a research engineer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He then took his doctorate at the State University of New York, Buffalo.


A correctional officer, Mr. Roberts had worked for 18 months. While on his way to the gym one day, he was approached by a friend who told him he had an extra shift. Roberts agreed, and, in July 2000, he was a part-time correctional officer.

Given the stigma that hip hop has and the lyrics that are spoken, knowing Rick Ross was a former correctional officer would have been a huge blow to his reputation.

Eventually, photos were leaked in 2008 and initially denied by Robert’s to have been him. Although more evidence came forward, and he was forced to admit that he formerly worked in corrections, his involvement in the murders had nothing to do with this incident, but with the ones of the other victims.

The album included the single, “The Way My Love Is,” which was co-written by Sean Garrett. Ross recorded his second album, Ross The Boss, with producer, DJ Green Lantern, who previously worked with Usher. Other notable guests on the album included Jazze Pha, Fabolous, and Fabolous’s sister, T-Pain.

Since then, Ross has released multiple albums and started the Maybach Music Group. All of his studio albums since 2009 have been released under the Maybach Music Group’s name.
[Both]: Ross has released a total of seven studio albums since 2009. All of his studio albums since 2009 have been released under the Maybach Music Group’s name.

As of January 2017, Rick Ross net worth is estimated to be $4.5 Million.


This is the best part of the show. The rapper can always make the audience sing along with his lyrics just by the way he moves his body. He’s not only a rapper, he’s a good dancer too.

Favorite Rick Ross Quotes

I’m not sure what he means by this verse, but I think he’s referencing the idea that the number of people that you bring to heaven is the same as the number of people that you save from hell.

Rick Ross said that to be great, you have to have ambition… You have to be ambitious and have a vision for yourself that goes above what others think you can do.

Every day is a new opportunity to become a millionaire.

“Being a role model is not the same as being a role model. There are people who follow people like myself. I do not feel responsible for what other people do. But I feel responsible to my people,” he said.

The father of Rachael Ross, the 22-year-old woman killed in a May 2010 car crash in West Hollywood that killed her and three others, was on the scene after the crash to comfort her daughter, according to the L.A. County Coroner.

People who have been brainwashed are not aware of it. They do not understand how they have been transformed into another person with an entirely different character and personality.

I love when all the cool cats try to be all gangsta.

5 Success Lessons from Rick Ross

1. Put in the Time

Ross says that he’s taken 10 years of hard work to even make a living from his passion. 10 years. No one said the money was going to come quickly after you decide to follow your passion.

It’s not as simple as saying, “Oh, I’m a big name, so I’m going to write a check, and now I’m going to get my book published.” That’s not where it begins. That’s not how it happens. It takes a lot of persistence, it takes a lot of energy, and a lot of commitment.

2. Our Ideas Will Make us Rich

Ross said that ideas are what make us rich. The greatest ideas will be followed by an execution where the execution is only as good as the idea. Focus on generating new ideas that will transform your game.

3. Make up Your Mind & Don’t Look Back

And don’t look back at the path you took. Don’t look back at the people you worked with, or the people who didn’t like you.

4. Keep Changing

The ability to stay the same or to change constantly in order to grow is the most important trait a person can master. You need to keep changing to keep growing. You need to adapt to the new environment, but you need to control your environment.

5. Don’t Be Content

Contentment is never content. It is only temporary. If your life is going smoothly, you need another challenge, you need to feel stressed. Otherwise, you might get complacent and start thinking that your life is just fine.
The more content you are with what you have, the easier it is to go after the good things in life. The more you worry about the things you don’t have, instead of the things you do have, the less you’ll have.

Rick Ross’ 10 Rules for Success


The rapper made a huge amount of money in the course of his career and he has so far made over $60 million.

As of July 2020, Rick Ross’ net worth is estimated to be $45 Million. No doubt will this increase in the years to come.

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