10 Personal Slogans To Help You Perform Your Best

The world of business has a slogan or an affirmation. Think of a company like Apple; Think Different. Adidas is a classic example of a slogan; something you can say in one sentence. Nike is an example of a company with an affirmation; you might repeat it over and over.

I don’t think the two of you are very good friends. I know that you think that you are but you’re not.

Becoming a celebrity or being famous is not the same as doing something worthwhile.

I feel like I am so much stronger than when I was 15. I have a lot of things that I’m proud of and I am not going to stop believing in myself because of my age.

What are some negative phrases you tell yourself?

Negative phrases are very dangerous, because they hypnotise us in a very bad way.

We start to say negative phrases so much, so convincingly, that we start to believe them. Over time, we unconsciously completely accept the negative self talk and we have officially created our own limits. We become a slave to our own thoughts. Our minds are being controlled by the negativity.

10 Personal Slogans to Help You Perform Your Best

I spend most of my time on the road. This year alone, I will travel to the USA, Europe and Asia multiple times. In fact, one of my most memorable trips was the visit to the USA by President Obama in 2015, where we discussed entrepreneurship and how to develop a strong economy in the Philippines.

The culture is based on the philosophy that we want to empower every single member of our team to be the best version of themselves, and do their best work.

If you want to become the best version of yourself,
here are 10 Personal Slogans that can help you.

1. “Take another step!”

“If you want to go far, you must first go near.”

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if everyone could do what anyone wanted to do, there would be no point in any government.

One thing you can do at any time is to take a step forwards. If you’re feeling exhausted, take a step towards resting. If you’re feeling stuck, take a step towards re-inspiration and letting your creativity flow again.

If you’re feeling hurt from criticisms from others, then seek to take another step forward. When you refuse to take another step, you will refuse your own progress.

2. “I can actually do this!”

The next time you get anxious or panic, remember that you can do this. You have a lot of things that can and have hurt you in your past. Remember that you can survive it.

The truth is that they can’t handle it and they’re getting tired of it.
You can handle it.

3. “Failure teaches me.”

Success can be dangerous because you think you don’t have to evolve or change. The truth is, whatever endeavor we are involved in we are going to have to change, evolve and learn; constantly. Learn from your mistakes.

People who fail often learn what they don’t already know. Don’t be so sure of what you think you know.

4. “My work matters.”

The point is, there will be days where you will feel good about your work and other days where you will question if your work is even worth it.

I think we’re just at a point in our life where it’s time to give a little back. My husband and I are in no way in the financial position to be able to take on a full-time teaching position. I’ve been teaching for years. I know that my life has been privileged and it’s time to give back, even if it’s just a few hours a week.

5. “Other people’s success inspires me”

If someone tells me a good news and seems kind of indifferent, it isn’t always because they don’t really care. They might feel a little embarrassed about being so happy. Or maybe they might not want to be seen as an eager beaver.

~~Yeah~~, we won’t do that to you.

I don’t really care about celebrity or success so I’m not as affected as I think most people are who I see on my Instagram feed. If my life improved, I would be happier, and if it was terrible, I would also be happier.

People like Bill Gates who started from nothing were able to do great things, if you’re willing to try.

6. “I’ve come too far to quit.”

You have come far and put work in to stop. If you were going to quit, you should have quit a year ago, or 6 months ago. You have been planting seeds too long to walk away now.

7. “Every day I grind!”

This one’s inspired by Eric Thomas. For me, every day is a day to progress. Nothing comes easy and you have to think about your own improvement every single day. I usually don’t take days off and I don’t see why anyone else would.

8. “I forgive myself.”

I regret having spent so much time in the classroom and not enough time socializing.
I regret not using time to better myself in the arts.
I regret having been a bad steward of opportunities.
I regret not having more meaningful relationships with people.

Let it go. Move on. Forget the past. Forgive yourself.

If you are not willing to admit that you’re wrong then you are leaving a trail of destruction behind you.

Regret and happiness are both feelings that happen to us, but the difference between regret and happiness is that the latter is what we make of it.

You will feel good if you forgive yourself, you will feel bad otherwise.

9. “This is my moment!”

Nothing is over; Success is not over the mountain, even if you have failed in one attempt.

The thing is that success is not around the corner! In fact, there is a lot of trouble that you will have to face. You will have to confront people and they will not like it. You will have to learn patience and this is the most important thing to succeed in life.

Success is right here. Today. If you are working towards it, if you believe in the work you are doing, then you already have it. Every moment is your moment. Do your best right now and you position yourself to receive the best in the future.

10. “I’m here to win.”

There are two different types of people in this world, those who win and those who prepare to win. Your attitude shows that you are the winner.

You are a real winner when you give your best even when it seems like things are not going your way. You will try to make sure things go your way.

I found out that I had a pretty bad case of depression, and I found out that it was caused by a bad relationship.

Tedx Talks – Innovation & Resilience by Jeff Moore


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