Trey Songz Net Worth

Trey is a R&B singer and producer. He started his career with the Soul Boyz back in 2000. He has been signed with Atlantic Records since 2002.


The estimated net worth of Trey Songz is around $12 Million dollars.

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[English]: as of July 2022, Trey Songz’s net worth is about $12 Million.

Trey Songz has achieved a great deal for his career and has worked hard to make his place within the music industry.

He worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, creating music for films and TV shows.

Early Life

Trey was born in Petersburg (Virginia) to a 17 year old and a military man. They only married about a year later. I think his mother was more mature than his father but I don’t know for sure.

Trey attended Petersburg High School and first debut his musical talent in the 1998 talent show at his school. After this, he went on to take part in various talent shows. One of these led to him being discovered by Troy Taylor, a record producer with Atlantic Records.

I was about to give my life into making pop hits. I was going through a lot of problems with my parents, who were not against it in fact. But I wasn’t in a good position to give everything up to study and dedicate myself to music, so I had to do what I could.


It started off as a band with a few friends of his from school. It was his summer break and the band would play in the weekends and at open mics, just getting better and better with every song they played.

Trey lived in New Jersey after graduating high school in 2002 and continued on with his career.

He also received $100,000 in advance in 2003 and began recording his music in 2004, and later released numerous mixtapes using the name ‘Prince of Virginia.’ It was not until his 2007 album titled “The Underdog” that he began to be referred to by his real name, Prince.

He released his debut album ‘I Gotta Make It’ in 2005 and it debuted at number 20 on the Billboard top 200.

In 2007, he released the Trey Day album. The album was number 11 on the US top 200 chart and contained collaborations with artists like Terry Lewis and Danja.

He released two mixtapes, “Anticipation” & “Genesis”, which contained vocal recordings from him at 15.

The album was a huge success in the world of dance and club music and it showed that he was not an ordinary jazz composer. He has been a mainstay in the club world and has been producing music since the early 1990s.

The top 10 hit from his debut album ‘Boom Boom Pow’ (2006) also reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100.

I had a hard time getting my first record to do as well as I wanted to do, so I was very excited that it took off in a way that I would have never expected.

In 2020, Trey Songz’s net worth is $17M according to Forbes. As of the moment, there isn’t a more accurate net worth for Trey Songz.


The former schoolteacher and civil rights activist, who came from a middle-class family, rose to stardom as one of the biggest R&B/Soul artists in the world with the 2004 release of his album “Pray”.


Favorite Quotes from Trey Songz

If you want to make money at what you’re doing to be successful, you have to be selfish, you have to focus on yourself and what you want to have, and then other things will come.

The change process is a natural part of human growth and development.

A lot of times, I see people trying to be something that they’re not. You gotta remember who you are and what really matters in life.

“Always lose count” means that even when things are going bad, keep count of the good things that are happening to you.

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3 Rules for Success from Trey Songz

So, in order to be successful you need to be smart and organized. You need to find the most successful people and copy them. It doesn’t matter who they are, you can just learn what they do and try to do it yourself.

1. You have to believe in yourself

 This lesson seems obvious in hindsight, but it’s amazing how many people, especially those with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, never get to this place of personal confidence.  It’s not that they don’t have it, it’s just that they don’t know how to access it.

2. You can’t be your own biggest cheerleader.

2. Change is good

When changes are made, they are usually for the better, and in most instances they are for the best. The changes we make in life are not usually temporary; they are permanent and the new way of life is much more satisfying and rewarding than the one we have left behind.

3. Stay true to your morals

Even if you might disagree with someone, or think they are ‘wrong’ in some part of their beliefs, it’s important to show them respect and dignity. You have to be aware of how this might impact them or your relationship with them, and always try to treat people kindly.


Trey has gained a lot of attention by playing with musicians like Eddie Van Halen, and other high-end talent.

His first big success was with the song “Dynamite”, which he performed at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2000.

The singer is worth almost $10 Million. He has been married to the same woman for years and she has given him 5 kids.

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