Travis Scott Net Worth

Travis Scott’s net worth is $10 million.

When the Forbes’ estimated net worth and money comes to an end, it can only be compared to the sum of the previous years.

Travis Scott is an American rapper with a birth name of Kiyan Scott. His parents are Karen and Michael Scott. Scott is a son of Michael and the youngest of four children. In 2009, Scott announced his marriage to Camila Cabello.

Early Life

He has been making music since the age of 10, and is the frontman of the American rapper group Travis Scott, which he joined in 2012.

He attended the New School University and the New School for Public Engagement and served as the host and head writer for their nationally broadcast radio program, Public Radio International. In 2001, he went on to study at the New School University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. Afterwards, he moved to the city of New York and began his career as a freelance writer while writing a column for the magazine The New York Press. He then went on to write for The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, and various other magazines and periodicals.

After hearing the news that his parents were not going to support him anymore, Scott was in a really bad way.


In 2012, Travis Scott and his friend formed the hip-hop duo, The Graduate. Scott would eventually go on to have an incredibly successful career in hip-hop.

In 2013, Travis was touring heavily and was on his way to becoming a massive artist. He released his debut studio album called, Owl Pharaoh. It spawned some singles like, ‘Sicko Mode’ and ‘Antidote’, both of which were huge hits. That was just the beginning of a lot of buzz around Travis Scott.

He is currently in the studio with the likes of Khalid, Logic and other big name producers. Most recently he released a single with his younger sister, titled “Family Time”. After hearing the song, John Legend praised Travis and said that he was going to be huge for the holidays!

Travis Scott has also collaborated with artists such as Post Malone, Wiz Khalifa, and Gucci Mane etc.

The rapper’s net worth is estimated at six million dollars.

According to Forbes, Travis Scott’s net worth is estimated to be $60 million.

How Does Travis Scott Spend His Money?

As a recording artist, Travis Scott is making a ton of money. His latest tracks are being played almost everywhere by the radio stations.

If you’re going to shop for sneakers, you have to figure out what to look for. You need to know your size. If you wear a size 10, you’ll fit into any shoe, but if you wear a size 15, then you need to check out the sizing charts and see what size would be good for you.

The rapper gives people a lot of expensive gifts. He has gifted himself a new Bugatti Chiron for a cost of $3.1 million on April 30, 2020. Scott has gifted Kylie Jenner a sports car for $1.4 million. He has also gifted Kylie a white vintage 1950’s Rolls-Royce for her 21st birthday.

Scott decided to spend $23.5 million in cash to buy a huge mansion in Los Angeles.


Travis Scott has some of the best highlights in his career.

Favorite Quotes from Travis Scott

Travis Scott just told a story about his trip to Jamaica, where he was able to get in touch with nature, relax, and just enjoy himself.

Travis Scott says that Houston is a very important thing in music culture. He says that it needs its own moment in the spotlight. He says that Houston artists are very important to the culture. He wants its own monument.

You can use money to keep you alive, but it’s not always the best way to stay alive. You need to have money and not a lot of money but a little bit. A lot of people have a lot of money and don’t use it wisely.

“Some people just start their careers at a young age and make the best out of it, and there’s a lot of people that when they’re in school they’d want to be a doctor but they don’t really go to class, so there’s a lot of people that just end up on the streets with nothing but their hustle. And then there’s another category of people that get a college degree and still end up on the streets with nothing but their hustle. There’s so many different paths you can take to get to where you want to be, you just have to figure out what’s yours.

One of the most important things that Travis Scott brought to the stage during the show was the ability to perform on stage (to perform an actual show rather than just to perform a pre-game show), he was able to actually perform at this show. This is probably one of the reasons why Travis wasn’t booed as much as he was previously on week one in Miami.

10 Rules to Success from Travis Scott

1. Stop trying to compete with each other

Scott says that if an artist just gives up trying to compete with other artists, then they can all have the power, because in the end they all collaborate anyway. In fact, that’s where the real power comes into play.

2. Quitting is never an option

Travis Scott has made an impact on the music scene and the industry. His work is the talk of the industry. He’s known as the “Hype man” and the “Swagger Man”.

3. Find your own lane

I think when you create music, you get inspired by everything, everything influences the way you create music. For me, in the beginning I was inspired by other people’s music, like the sounds of a guitar, some of the sounds of an organ, and other instrumental instruments and the noises of making music. I wanted to create my own sounds so that’s what led me to create my own sound.

4. Break the barriers

Get a vision of your ideal life, to be able to go from one day to the next with the confidence that you are on the right path.

5. Create an experience

Travis has always been about creating his own experience, bringing multiple elements together to make an amazing show.

6. Do stuff yourself

If you have the ability to do certain things on your own and achieve various goals by yourself, then do it! Many times, collaborating with others is required for you to achieve your goals. But don’t wait for everyone to help you with everything. Do what you can do.

To get a high score, please fill in the following.

1. You must fill in the red box.

7. Create what you like

Scott said that if he is collaborating with others, they too will share their ideas, and he is able to pick the ideas they share and tweak them as he likes. If he likes something, his energy towards the work will be much more productive.

8. Connect with the right people

It is important to connect with others that can help you. People who have been where you are today, and those who have succeeded in similar situations, are invaluable to you in this journey.

9. Be the drug

When I wrote and released the first album I wasn’t using drugs and still didn’t have the work ethic I have now. I was a bit lazy and it was very hard to work with no motivation to get up. But after a while I decided to stop taking the drugs and worked on myself and I still haven’t changed my work ethic.

10. Rage

I agree. I mean, there’s obviously a lot of pressure to be successful, but I think when you’re happy about what you’re doing, working on it, and enjoying it, you’re going to be much better at it.

6 Surprising Facts About Travis Scott

1. The Houston artist started off playing the drum set at age three. Then he moved into the piano.

I didn’t understand why this guy got it. He was always talking smack to me. So I changed my name to Travi$ Scott. It was a homage to him – I admired him.

He typically records in the dark, but that there is light on the floor when he records.

In an MTV podcast that aired on Tuesday, rapper Scott Vener revealed that he was in the car with another artist when he was a teenager and listened to Cudi’s first album. He said that after listening to the album, he was crying in the car.

It’s very hard to get your family to comprehend your goals as a musician, especially if you want to pursue your dreams in the music industry. You’ll need to communicate to your family about your goals and how you will accomplish them.

After living in a neighborhood with a lot of racial diversity, Mark decided he wanted to create his own diverse setting in art, but knew that he couldn’t just throw people together randomly. As a result, Mark’s characters all have their own backgrounds and cultural beliefs that reflect who they are.


Travis Scott is a successful American rapper, and he’s only 28 years old. He’s still got a lot of potential to be reached.

The rapper’s net worth is estimated at six million dollars.

According to Forbes, Travis Scott’s net worth is estimated to be $60 million.

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