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What was Juice Wrld’s net worth? He was the youngest rapper to ever sign to major label, and he only started making music last year.


He is also known for his contributions in American hip hop. Juice Wrld is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. He is also a part of the Juice Wrld Project.

When he was younger,
Higgins enjoyed sports.
But, now that he’s older,
he prefers to play video games.

Higgins was a mostly known for his breakout hits “Lucid Dreams”, “Legends” and “All Girls Are The Same”. His music has been described as “genre-bending”.

Juice Wrld, unfortunately, passed away a day after a birthday on December 8. He was 21 years old and died at Chicago’s airport
The sad turn of events came days after the producer was hit by a truck on the street by accident. He had undergone surgery but it failed.

Early Life

Higgins is a rapper and producer from the city of Chicago.

His parents were very religious and very conservative. His father was a doctor and his mother a nurse. His father was a Catholic and his mother a Jew. His parents didn’t allow him to listen to rappers and hip-hop music.

The defendant had a drinking and using problem since childhood. He first drank in his mid teens and was a heavy user of hard drugs.


His first song was written while he was in high school and released on SoundCloud before he even knew who he as a person. He released the original version in 2015.

Juice Wrld’s full name is Isaiah Rashad. He dropped the “the” after he realized he had a fanbase and fans were calling him Juice Wrld. He’s a 23 year old R&B artist from Chicago.

In his early life, Juice Wrld was working odd jobs but it was not until he came in contact with SoundCloud that he began to experience his best success.

Juice Wrld became popular when he released his first debut single ‘Lucid dreams’.

DJ Drama released the remix of ‘Nothings Different’ called ‘Nothings Different (DJ Drama Remix)’ which included many rappers.

The music video was directed by Cole Bennett. The video features a lot of scenes by a woman.

Juice Wrld was later signed to Interscope Records for $3 million and it was an awesome record deal.

Juice Wrld did a guest appearance on Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld’ featuring on the song ‘No Bystanders’ which peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100.

He later appeared later that year on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on December 23, 2018, where he performed ‘Lucid Dreams’ along with the track ‘The Man’.

Juice WRLD, a rapper from Houston, Texas, whose real name is Jarad Higgins, was reportedly murdered in his own home last year.


As we wait for the release of this new song and video, let’s take a look at Juice Wrld’s background and personal life.
[Auditor]: Juice Wrld was introduced to the world after he dropped his first mixtape, a project called Juice WRLD.

Favorite Quotes from Juice Wrld

Juice WRLD stated an experience he had in his own sleep paralysis. It is said that he saw a face of an old woman. This type of experience is very common among all people who have had sleep paralysis. It is also said that he also saw a man in the image that he saw in his sleep paralysis.

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Juice WRLD’s death is a reminder that while progress may be slow at times it’s happening. We must stop giving up on our future and make the choices we need to move forward.


Justin was one of the most critically acclaimed rap stars when he was alive. His music was some of the best of the 2000’s. At the time he was also one of the youngest successful rappers. No doubt he’ll be remembered, and his music will live on.

Juice Wrld was a very important and popular rapper that died in 2019 from an overdose.

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