The Mindset That Distinguishes The Successful From The Average

The best is a result of hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

Successful people know that when everything is ready for the world you are going to get a lot of hits, but those hits, have to be worth the trouble you have to get them.

Your life is just a combination of a series of small moves that make a big difference and an average of things that make average things better. You can’t avoid the tough times. But you can control your actions.

The key to be successful is not the difference in money and time or that of their environment. The difference in their mindset and the beliefs held by them will give rise to their success or failure. Their success or failure depends on the way of thinking they adopt and which ones are the beliefs they hold.

The Mindset that Distinguishes the Successful from the Average

The mindset is that they cannot see beyond the end of their nose.

Mindset 1:
The successful are determined by the decisions they make.

Mindset 2:
The rich are determined by the decisions they make.

Mindset 3:
The best, however, are determined by the decisions they make.

1. They Never Give Up

A recent fight between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko is an example of how successful people don’t give up.

I think that Klitschko was able to gain the upper hand in that round thanks to his quick jab. Still, I think that Joshua showed that he can stay in a bout, despite getting hit a lot.

In the 7th round, Joshua began to show his skill and strength, with a barrage of punches that he kept on raining on Klitschko. In the 9th round, he landed a left hook that knocked Klitschko out.

A boxing match which has been on for 16 years, finally comes to an end with the Ukrainian beating his opponent by a unanimous decision.

The bout wasn’t won because he was more experienced than Vitali. It was won because he had the mindset of not giving up and it carried him to the victory.

2. They Are Self-Motivated

You should be motivated to do something so well that you do it without any help.
We are the same, but at different times. To be able to choose one’s self and motivate oneself is the key to success.

The best people in any field don’t need inspiration from others to succeed.

They are motivated to succeed because they feel that their plan and their purpose in life will be fulfilled if they really succeed. If they don’t make it, it doesn’t matter because they have already made their contribution in this world.

The probability that somebody will be successful is much higher if they have a good and strong work ethic than if they need help from others.

3. They Love Doing One Thing Until It Is Successful

Wealth is a result of a person’s level of productivity. In other words, the higher the productivity, the more productive will be the person. If a man can accomplish two things at the same time, he is certainly more productive than someone who is good at one.
If a man can accomplish two things at the same time, he is certainly more productive than someone who is good at one.

The key feature of successful people is that they are always doing one thing at a time until they succeed. This is a strategy that enables them to maximize their efforts and find solutions to their problems. They don’t spread their energy in too many things but focus on one thing that they believe in. For instance, the founder of Microsoft (Bill Gates) became successful because he knew exactly what he was doing and he focused on that field.

They understand what they want to achieve, and they are not afraid to make sacrifices to get there. A lot of times you will see this skill on top performing teams as they are the team that will stick with their guns even when the odds are stacked against them.

4. They Are Highly Economical

Most successful people are very frugal with how they spend their energy, time, money, and resources. They like cutting their coats according to size, in contrast to the average people. They also follow the saying “If you want to be happy, be successful”.

To manage their time and resources wisely they need to know what is most important and the most efficient thing to do in a given situation.

When it comes to finances and money, people who have made millions are very particular about what they do and how they spend their money. They also know how to hold on to their money so that it doesn’t slip away.

5. They Are Very Confident & Incurably Optimistic

When you are optimistic and confident, you not only have a clear vision of your goals and dreams, but you are also able to make real, solid and measurable progress towards achieving your goals.

The first goal for Japan is to show that this generation can beat the Chinese.

And people like people who they think will think better about their situation than them. Thus, they will be a constant reminder to them.

On the other hand, people who are successful in life are less likely to be criticized by other people. They have learned to believe what they know to be true. And they know that it’s harder for people to feel sorry for them because they’ve faced challenges and succeeded in life.

6. They Are Very Passionate About What They Do

Successful people are very passionate about their profession. You can’t tell somebody that they’re successful and that they don’t care about what they do. They care about it a lot.

Success is a habit, and you should strive to create it within yourself. It is the easiest way to get rid of self-doubt and to break through the noise of the world.

Successful people have a natural drive to do what they are passionate about. They do not waste time going to places they have no interest. The people who pretend to be successful are not passionate about it. They just go to places that are popular. But they don’t spend their time living life in the real world. They are too busy making up stories about themselves.

Average individuals work to produce a wage that is consistent with what the society wants them to produce, they don’t try to have the best things in life, they don’t have lots of ideas, and they set low goals for themselves.

7. They Think A Lot About the Future

Successful people see beyond their immediate situation. They plan to make their present state better than their past. They take in all the information around them, learn from both success and failures and make decisions based on what is best for them in the long term.

8. They Are Risk-Takers

When you hear these things, you feel so happy about it.

Successful people are able to judge the situation well and choose a right strategy. They make their choices based on a careful assessment of the current situation. They focus on what they will get from taking risks.

They are prepared to do anything as long as it will help them in achieving their goals. The key is to look at things as objectively as possible, as they believe they need to break the rules. They are not emotional when it comes to making decisions.

9. They Give Their Very Best

“The perfect is the enemy of the good”, is the quote that best describes the mentality of these ambitious people.

But their success is not derived from perfectionism alone. There is something more.

They believe that they can accomplish anything because there’s no “impossible”. They have a very open-minded way of solving problems, and they have a very clear vision of everything around. To them, winning and losing are both part of life.

Bottom Line

Successful people focus more on their goals and forget about the things that stop them.

There is not one mindset that applies in all areas of life and in all situations. It is a matter of finding the right mindset for each situation and for each new situation that arises.

The most highly successful people, or the most successful people in whatever they do, are those who make decisions based on the successful philosophies of those who already are successful.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It’s easy to figure out yourself and you’ll see the results for yourself.

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