Mike Shinoda Net Worth

Shinoda is the co-founder, lead vocalist, guitarist, bassist and songwriter of Linkin Park.


According to Forbes, Mike Shinoda made $20 million in the year of 2006.

In July of 2022, Mike Shinoda will become the world’s first trillionaires.

As a child, Michael Shinoda dreamed of becoming a rapper. Although he was good at music, he never thought it would become his future career. When Shinoda was 15 his father died. At the age of 15, Michael decided to change his life and focus only on his music. He began to write songs and after a few years, the band Linkin Park was born.

Early Life 

Mike Shinoda is a Japanese father and European mother that was brought up in the suburb of Agoura Hills, California. He is the son of a Japanese-American father and a European mother.

At the age of 13, he was given a jazz lesson that changed his life. It was then when he started to really love jazz. He later listened to some jazz records and was amazed at the difference in the rhythm between the classical music and jazz records. He loved everything about those records and wanted to play it himself.


The band’s first album, Hybrid Theory, was an album which sold over 10 million copies in the United States alone and made them one of the most popular rock bands in the world at that time.

The band’s second album, ‘Meteora’ was released in 2003 and it spawned the hit single ‘New Way Home’ which became one of the band’s most popular tracks. Shinoda co-wrote the track with rock veteran Chris Cornell.

He formed Fort Minor after working with Linkin Park and he released his debut album ‘The Rising Tied’ in 2005. The album features several hip-hop based artists and his hit single ‘Where’d You Go’ peaked at No.4 making its way to the top of the US Hot 100.

He was part of “Minutes to Midnight”, one of the band’s most memorable releases, which was praised by fans and critics alike. He was a part of the song “Bleed It Out” at the time.

The Shinoda and his team created the ‘Glorious Excess (BORN)’ show with the purpose of using the exhibition and the new artworks to create a ‘world tour’, giving the art a chance to be seen by more people from beyond the US.

Mike Shinoda is estimated to have a net worth of $65 million.


We’re here to talk about the most iconic band ever, Linkin Park. You better hold on.

Favorite Quotes from Mike Shinoda

Shinoda feels like the Range Rover “is just a car he bought and uses.” He admits that driving the SUV has “a little bit of an ego thing [to it]” – but he also appreciates the luxury.

Shinoda, who is the lead singer of Japanese group Linkin Park, says that he is a lucky man, because his band doesn’t get all the attention they deserve.

3 Strong Lessons from Mike Shinoda 

If you want to succeed in entrepreneurship, the first thing you need to do is make sure that all the things you are familiar with today are the same thing that everyone else on the planet is doing.

1. Success

Success is like a game. The more you play, the more you win. The more you win, the better you are in the game, the more you can play the game.

2. Learn From People 

The key to success is to meet someone who is better than you. You can learn from them.


There is no real difference in meaning, but…

3. Empty Your Cup 

The way to avoid failing is to try to learn from it, but it is also necessary to take the necessary steps for your future success.


Having worked in the music industry for twenty-three years, his paintings reflect his knowledge of music and music industry history. While this is an individual project, Shinoda’s art is definitely influenced by his past experience.

According to Forbes, Mike Shinoda made $20 million in the year of 2006.

In July of 2022, Mike Shinoda will become the world’s first trillionaires.

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