Katt Williams Net Worth

As of 2019, his net worth is estimated to be $80 million.


He has been known to sell off property, and recently invested in a new property in which he owns a majority of.

A person from Ohio who also plays rap music and does stand-up comedy, and does voice acting.

He worked with Robert Redford and Jennifer Jason Leigh on ‘The Milagro Beanfield War’, and also co-starred with Will Ferrell and Steve Carell in ‘Mr. Pig’.

Early Life 

In high school Williams was always considered “the smart guy”. He was a class officer, and was president of the National Honor Society. After high school, Williams attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he was offered a full scholarship.

By the age of 12, he was able to perform basic physics experiments and research that helped gain him a full scholarship to the National Science Academy in Dayton.


Katt Williams was a young man when he started playing music and performing live comedy and he quickly became a celebrity.

Williams was a force to be reckoned with, with the crowd loving his antics and quick wit. In 1999, he took to the national stage at the Comedy Central Roasts, appearing alongside legends like Dave Chappelle and Richard Lewis.

The film, which earned Williams a nomination for the Golden Globe for the Best Performance in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, was a box-office success as well.

This stand-up special of his featured the likes of comedians like Chris Rock, Larry David, and Jim Norton. This also served as a launchpad for the album as well.

He did a few movies and then had some shows. He has acted as a host in several programs and was also in some documentaries.

Williams raps but has also tried singing. He has sung for a couple of artists including Baby Bash, The Game.

Game (rapper) (born William Joshua Jones; born December 9, 1959) is an American rapper and DJ from Atlanta, Georgia.

The stand up comedian is worth $2 Million.


This is Katt Williams. He was arrested and charged with armed robbery. He was also charged with assaulting a police officer. He is expected to appear in court on September 10.

Favorite Quotes from Katt Williams 

My first instinct was to immediately ask for a different kind of gas to fit my budget, but then I noticed the cashier was really having a hard time taking that amount of money.

Katt Williams was talking to y’all in the crowd tonight. Some of you ladies are looking for a 100% good n***a. And I had a meeting with all these n****s in attendance tonight. And established that there is no such a n****. So stop looking for him. Some of yall had a 98% n**** and yall got rid of him for 2% now you sitting next to a 71% n****.

Lying is a terrible thing and it should be avoided at all costs. If a person tells a lie, then they have to live with the consequences for the rest of their life. It can ruin a person’s life. So, for the most part, lying is not a great idea. However, sometimes lying is a necessary evil, like when playing a prank on an enemy or when you are in a dangerous situation.

3 Life Lessons from Katt Williams

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1. Life Is Never That Bad

This comedian is obviously referring to the shooting in the Las Vegas area and the recent high profile death of rapper XXXTentacion. This comedian is obviously not happy that the shootings could have been avoided. He even took a shot at the shooter in the process.

2. Laugh Even When It Hurts With

Katt Williams was not feeling well during his performance in Los Angeles last night, but he was still able to work through the pain and deliver a solid set of jokes. “I think if you don’t like the jokes, you’re a big baby”. – The LA Times.

3. It’s Okay To Admit You Were Wrong

When it comes to the apology, it is the biggest apology that everyone else gives. So, if you are a guy and you have done something wrong apologize to a girl and if you are a girl you have done something wrong apologize to a guy. It’s all about being the bigger person.


Katt Williams might be a comedian but he is also a successful actor and a popular rapper as well. His career has progressed tremendously in the past few years and now he is poised to make a comeback.

Katt Williams has been in the business for a long time and he has also worked with some of the biggest names in the business like Chris Rock. Williams has also worked with names like Martin Lawrence, Bernie Mac, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and he has also worked with some other big names that most of us have never heard of.

I’m pretty sure that Katt is rolling in dough though.
Katt is also known for being one of the few public figures to have worked in both the entertainment and legal fields without any trouble or controversy.

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