Solo Lucci Net Worth

Solo Lucci’s Net worth is estimated to be approximately -$25.8 million.


While working on this book, Solo Lucci’s net worth rose to $2 million.

Solo Lucci started singing in 2002, when he was in the third grade. He always wanted to be a rapper; he started playing the drums and then he picked up the guitar and he continued in the same way. Later on, he found out about the rap game. He started to write and he didn’t care about the results because he loved it.

Early Life

Lucci was born on the 14th of April, 1995, in Fort Worth Texas. He was raised in Atlanta, GA where he is from. He moved to Atlanta to pursue his dream of pursuing a career in the music business…
[Audio]:…and that dream has come true.
[Paraphrase]:… His lyrics are not complex at all, they are simple and even simplistic.

Lucci also worked hard to make it into the industry, and he was influenced by artists like Tupac, UGK, and Swisha House.

When he speaks, it should be all about improving relationships. And, he can’t do that unless he can first improve his relationship with his mother.


I know there was a time when I was really in love with hip hop because I grew up in the ’90s. I really love a lot of rappers, but that was an off time. The ‘F**k Your Favourite Rap Artist’ album, that was a really fun piece of work. It was a great time to be a hip-hop head.

In his early years, Lucci developed a passion for the rap game and started to build himself a fan base on social media by posting videos that gained him massive attention, and a new wave of fans.

T.I. has worked on a track with Chris Brown and a few others, most recently featuring Young Thug on a track called “Money in the Bank”. I’ve also heard it’s about a woman.

Lucci was previously linked with singer Sara Scott who is currently dating him on reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The couple are expecting their first child and have son named Elijah.

He was ranked by InGenuity in 2016 as the top entrepreneur in the world.


Lucci was a very successful football coach, whose teams were led by his son, and nephew. He coached the Dallas Cowboys for almost twenty years.

Favorite Quotes from Solo Lucci 

I’m not worried about how my wrist looks because it doesn’t affect how I rap. And if I’m sitting at a stop light and a woman is swerving in and out of traffic, I’m not going to drink from her cup. I’m more likely to drink from the passenger side of the vehicle. I don’t dip my Ferraguos in gold because I know that most women who wear those shoes are only interested in the price tag. I’m most likely to dip in the gold if the woman is wearing an outfit that makes my other shoe feel inadequate.

He [Lucci] is [a] street punk and a hustler. He lives by his word and he is always the same. He never lies but he is never straight with you. He is very smart and cunning, but he has his weaknesses. He will stop at nothing to make money. He loves the high life. He enjoys getting girls attention and he is the type who will try anything to make a buck. He is very greedy and has no morals. He does not give two shits about people. He will do anything to save his own skin. He is so self centered and selfish, he thinks the world revolves around him. His only redeeming feature is his money and he is very generous. He is a greedy little bitch.

“The most important thing is to have respect for your elders, for the woman and for yourself. The reason people are jealous of you is because the whole world is out there. If you didn’t have respect for your elders, if you didn’t have respect for your woman and yourself, people wouldn’t be jealous.

3 Great Lessons from Solo Lucci 

The first lesson we can learn from Solo Lucci’s success is that when you are in a position of authority, you should be humble. Solo Lucci achieved success by being humble and understanding of his limits.
When he joined the show, his main goal was to become a part of the show and learn from the best.
He never got above himself; he always had his head down and he did what was necessary to win, even if that meant being sneaky.
He would often try to make the fans and the other cast members like him;
even though he was a huge fan favourite, he never tried to be the favourite.
He was always good at what he did. He never pretended to be someone that he was not,
he always treated everyone equally, and that made him a great actor.

1. Walk Your Own Path

There are many people in this world who are trying to stop you from achieving your goal of success. They want you to feel worthless. Why do they want you to feel this way? Because they don’t want to feel worthless.

2. Experience What You Have Learned

The more that we think that we know about something, the less likely we are to actually fully understand it. This is why we are never truly satisfied.

That’s right, practice makes perfect. It is the same with anything that is not instinctual. Our mind is a powerful instrument and only through practice, training and repetition can we truly master something. Whether it be a musical instrument or a skill like painting, it takes time, effort, consistency, dedication and persistence to truly master.

3. Never Fail to Try More

As a professional I need to be aware of what is happening around me and not let the distractions throw me. I also need to know that no matter what happens I can finish it.


Lucci also has a successful indie project called Solo Lucci with the song “Piss On That”. He already made a name for himself after “Piss On That”.

It’s hard to know how much he makes, but a quick look at his career history indicates that he has a net worth somewhere near $2 Million.

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