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Phil Rosenthal is a well known author of a number of books, including the top-selling Chicken Soup For The Soul series.


I haven’t seen the show yet, but my first reaction was “oh, hell no!” It does seem like it had potential once and I hoped it could be salvaged once they found someone to play the President (the President of the United States of America) but that doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.

Rosenthal is the creator, writer, and executive producer of the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. In recent years, Rosenthal has presented food and travel documentaries on Netflix, ‘I’ll Have What Phil is Having on PBS,’ and ‘Somebody Feed phil’.

He is a businessman with an estimated net worth of $200 Million.

Early Life 

His first break in Hollywood came when a local producer hired him to be a writer on the TV soap opera, “Guiding Light”. Rosenthal was a frequent writer for the show for almost six years, until his own production company, called “Aristar Pictures” was launched in 1997. It was during the late nineties that Rosenthal was introduced to Steven Spielberg.

He graduated from Hofstra University in 1981 and then enrolled in the film program at NYU. In the early 1980s, he was an actor based out of New York City before shifting his focus to production work.


‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, was a show that debuted in 1999, with the show’s final episode airing in 2012. It was an American sitcom which ran for seven seasons from 1999 to 2006. The sitcom was co-created by Matt and Melissa McCarthy, and produced by Mike Royce, Kevin Hench, and Rob Long. The show’s executive producers were Michael Gelman and Carl Gottlieb. It was broadcast on CBS, and was distributed by KingWorld.

He directed and wrote the critically-acclaimed short movie ‘Dys-En-Groat: A comedy for the dying’ (2006) which has been shown all over the world and has had an amazing number of people who are dying laugh. It won the top prize at the San Francisco International Film Festival and the top prize at the Big Muddy Film Festival. He co-founded the charity group ‘The Improvised Film Company,’ which has been credited with bringing movies into retirement homes and nursing homes.

Rosenthal’s documentary is currently playing on HBO Go in the United States, but a DVD version is slated for release in February 2015.

The goal of the film was to show people that they don’t have to choose between good food and good health. What’s interesting about this documentary is that it is based on facts. The documentary features over 100 recipes from different cultures around the world.

The new series was called ‘Phil’s Diner’ and it was created by the same people who created the original series.

Rosenthal used to be a part of the “Late Show with David Letterman” and had a very high-profile career. Rosentha’s net worth is estimated to be about $200 Million.

When you count everything, he is worth about $200 million dollars.

How Does Phil Rosenthal Spend His Money? 

Phil Rosenthal is now using his new-found freedom to be a philanthropist.

Phil Rosenthal’s Home 

Rosenthal owns an outstanding home in Los Angeles, California. He purchased the home in 2005 for approximately $4.685 million. The house has 11 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

Phil Rosenthal’s Charity Work

The Rosenthal family has made philanthropic investments to help combat food insecurity around the world. In the United States they’ve supported Feeding America, who works with food banks to improve food distribution, and the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service, which provides nutrition assistance to low- income Americans.


Rosenthal has been a TV and radio host, producer, writer, and editor for almost 40 years now, but the one thing he’s never written, produced, or edited about is his daughter.

Favorite Quotes from Phil Rosenthal

“If you don’t travel, how do you know where you fit?” – Anthony Bourdain
[Translation]: “What a great idea!” – my friend Raul who had to translate all of the above to understand what I was saying

Now, I have to say, I have some reservations about using quotes in your sentence.

“Takeout is a way to explore the world just by sitting in your home and ordering. I mean, there couldn’t be a more easy way to see what’s around you.” – Philip Rosenthal

You see, the paraphrase does an amazing job of summarising the original. It explains the original quote completely, and does so in a comprehensible manner. All the while, it also avoids the pitfall of having the paraphrase appear to be the original author’s speech.

In this case, the paraphrase avoids repeating the original author’s mistake by using the passive voice.

This also works nicely with the last example, too.

I believe that laughing together is the most important thing about life, and for that reason I believe that it is in some ways the most important thing about marriage. And I think it’s important to remember that there is an aspect of marriage in which you are not laughing together, and that’s in raising kids.

3 Awesome Lessons from Phil Rosenthal

1. Be your own person
2. Always have a goal
3. Be realistic
4. Be persistent
5. Have confidence in yourself and your capability
6. Be yourself
7. Be prepared
8. Don’t give up
9. Believe in yourself
10. Have principles
11. Get to know yourself.

1. Great Connections 

There’s no food that tastes better than another person’s food, and there’s no laugh that’s worse than another person’s laugh.

2. Make Connections 

For me, saying ‘hello’ and ‘good morning’ is something we do everyday in Japan. It’s a part of our communication.

And so, when I was asked to comment on the fact that I live in France, I decided to quote some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Words spoken by people who do not consider themselves to be ‘French’.

3. Laugh 

I think there has been a lack of understanding between us, of our differences and our similarities.


Philip Rosenthal is an American television writer, producer and director. He is best known for creating, writing and executive producing the hit sitcom ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’.

After the death of Phil Rosenthal, the media and public was interested in everything about him. He was never one to stay silent, and people wanted to know everything about him.

Rosenthal used to be a part of the “Late Show with David Letterman” and had a very high-profile career. Rosentha’s net worth is estimated to be about $200 Million.

When you count everything, he is worth about $200 million dollars.

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