Lil Tjay Net Worth

Lil Tjay is a young internet celebrity who has over 3.2 million followers on Instagram. He is still quite new to the market, so his net worth is a bit unknown.


With his net worth reaching $600 thousand, he’s now in the top 3% of rappers in the world.

After his debut song ‘Pop Out’ with French rapper and singer Polo G, Lil Tjay has released another song which is a single titled ‘Resume’. He is one of the first rappers from the Bronx to drop from the genre of hip-hop to trap music.

Early Life 

Tione has had a very interesting life with his mother, grandmother and siblings living in New York City. He attended Bronx Dance Academy in the Bronx where he learned hip hop dance, his favorite style.

While in a middle school Lil Tjay started to get into fights. He was sentenced to one year in a youth detention center.


Tjay became internationally famous after a music video of him riding a skateboard on the roof of apartment building while wearing a cape and a hoodie went viral in 2015. The video was called “The Roof” and it was posted on Instagram and YouTube, and soon began to take over various media outlets.

Tjay competed and won the final Round of the International Battle at the Coast 2 Coast event in New York City, in September 2014. The competition was a 3-round, last man standing style event with a cash prize.

In July 2018, Lil Tjay worked with producer Cash Money AP to release “None Of Your Love”. It amassed 18.2 million plays in eight months.

The song “Leaked” was downloaded over 600,000 times on SoundCloud alone, which gave them a lot of visibility. In 2019, they released a song with Polo G called “Pop Out”, which has 140 million views on YouTube.

His latest earnings were estimated to be about $600 Thousand.


If you are a rapper who tries to be sexy and a rapper who tries to be cool, Lil Tjay is your best friend.

Favorite Quotes From Lil Tjay 

The first verse of the song “F.N” is talking about how the person that did the shooting should die, because they’re a snitch and the shooting happened during a birthday party. Then, the song says that if Tjay is locked up, then all of his friends are going to get locked up too. The video is me with my friends, chilling outside, and then it shows that the shooting happened, and everybody got locked up. The last verse talks about how Tjay’s mom passed away, and how everybody is locked up too.

3 Strong Lessons From Lil Tjay

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1. Our Lives Begin When

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2. Make An Impact 

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3. Our Time Is Limited 

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Lil Tjay said his first release was called No Comparison, he has a unique voice with a deep, soulful sound and his music is honest.

He released a couple of mixtapes including the one called “Trap Muzik” and a mixtape called “Crazy.” He released an album called “Life of Roy” in 2012. It’s considered a classic in the trap genre.

He is considered to be one of the rapper’s richest artist right up there with Kanye West and Drake.

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