Lil Scrappy Net Worth

Lil Scrappy has a net worth of $3 million.


Lil Scrappy’s net worth could be closer to $4 million if you take into account his endorsements and his appearance fees.

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Scrappy came to the attention of Jon after he performed at a bar, and Jon was impressed with him. So he brought him to the attention of Interscope Records, who released his eponymous debut album Lil Scrappy on April 29, 2005.

Early Life 

Scrappy was born in a military hospital in California. He was left there with his mother and never met his father, who had joined the marines but deserted the army before meeting Scrappy’s mother.

He met Erica Dixon when she was working on the set of the movie “The Best Man”, and they eventually began a relationship. When Emani was born, they broke up and eventually resumed their relationship.


He released his debut album in 2006 which got good reviews. It was named ‘Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live’. His first release was ‘Money In The Bank’, which was released in 2006. It features Young Buck.

It’s a very important song because it was one of the first hit songs of the mid-1980s, it became the first song to surpass the one million mark in the US.

‘Prince of the South’ was one of his best selling albums and it came out when he went from the single success to a more serious direction.

‘No Love’, the lead single from his album, was the first song to be viewed more than 100,000 times on YouTube since its release. This is attributed largely to its official video. The track has also proved popular on social networking sites with its lyrics and overall delivery.

He was known for being one of the bad boys on the show but I never really saw him as an antagonist but sometimes he would play it so we would have to give him a couple of reasons to take him off of his game.

Lil Scrappy’s net worth could be closer to $4 million if you take into account his endorsements and his appearance fees.

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He got into the rap game early, rapping for a local artist at the tender age of 14. He soon caught the eye of DJ Drama and DJ Akademiks, at the time one of the most successful producers in the industry. Drama would subsequently hand Scrappy his first major writing credit for the song “Fuck Dat Bitch” featuring Lloyd Banks on his album, Beats By Mr. Davis.

Favorite Quotes From Lil Scrappy 

Lil Scrappy and 50 Cent have been best friends since the beginning of 50’s career. 50 would always say “he helped me get rid of G-Unit and he was the man to put on some dope shit.” Scrappy was the man who helped 50 get G-Unit off the ground. After they both signed to G-Unit, 50 used to call Scrappy and tell him about his new projects and his life. Scrappy would get him a place to stay when he had no money.

“I just see the music as being the same. When we say crunk, it’s like we’re saying, ‘this is what I’m gonna do for the next year.’ The whole sound of a New York club is different than the whole sound of a Miami club. New York City music is like the whole world. It’s not just one thing.” – T.I.

If you’re saying that you’re a real-life version of the “poker face” then you’re not going to be able to take the heat and the pressure. If you’re that good at poker and you’re good at keeping your emotions in check, you’re eventually going to have everything coming at you at once. It’s going to stress you out and you’re going to have a hard time controlling your emotions.

3 Life Lessons From Lil Scrappy 

1. You have to love what you do.

2. It is important to work smarter not harder.

3. You have to stick to your strategy.

4. You have to be prepared to fail.

1. You Learn More From Failure 

When you are not sure where to start, take the first step. Failure is inevitable.

2. Creating Yourself 

Life doesn’t just happen to you. You are the creator of your life.

3. We Make Life Complicated 

life is actually really simple, but we like to think about it.


Scrappy was responsible for a lot of hits including ‘I Wish’, ‘I Got a Thing 4 Ya’, ‘Tha GruStle’ and ‘Thug Tears’. His last album was titled ‘Unbreakable’.

He has a massive social media following and enjoys incredible popularity even though he’s only been actively sharing his music for 5 years.

He has a net worth of $900 Thousand as of July 2022.

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