Lauren Conrad Net Worth

The Lauren Conrad net worth is around $15 million.


Lauren Katherine Tell is also a fashion designer and author from Laguna Beach.

The show gave her the confidence to go back to college and complete her degree. She started off at University of California and then transferred to California State University. She graduated with a degree in communications.

Before “The Hills” she was earning $30000 per episode.

Early Life

I’m originally from Laguna Beach, California, where I attended Corona del Mar High School. I started modeling at the age of 13, when I began competing on various high-profile national and international modeling competitions. I was discovered for television when I walked for an Elite Model Look competition in London.

Conrad began working in her family’s haberdashery in the late 1980’s and quickly became a regular customer of the shop, spending hours browsing the rows of high-end apparel alongside her cousins.


Conrad started her acting career when she starred in the reality TV series, ‘Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County’. She left the series after its second season. However, she made a guest appearance in its third season.

For the rest of the 90’s The Hills proved to be a success and the next decade proved to be just as great. Lauren and Heidi became successful actresses and Whitney became a regular on an upcoming fashion and beauty show.

In February 2011, she launched her first ever fashion collection and it was a success. The year after, in March, she sold her shares in her fashion line to Liz Lee, the creative director at Liz Claiborne. She then launched her own clothing line called The Lucky Brand Collection.

In 2009, she lent her voice to a cartoon character in an episode of the animated series ‘Family Guy’. That year, she also released her first novel titled ‘L.A. Candy’ that went to appear in the New York Times’ best-seller list.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, The Hills star’s net worth is $40 million.


1. She was on MTV’s Laguna Beach.
2. She went to modeling school in NYC.

Favorite Quotes from Lauren Conrad 

Being a normal girl isn’t something that Lauren wants to be, but she can’t be one with her boyfriend.

In order to win a woman’s heart, you need to know what makes her tick. If you know “the radar” of who’s in her mind, you can do a better job of wooing her.

For people who are in an open relationship, they should be very careful, because it’s a lot easier for your partner to cheat on you if you’re not being exclusive.

Blogging is a great way to show your talents and interest as well as give your career an edge. If you blog consistently, it shows your dedication, passion and creativity – all of which are key attributes to employers.

3 Inspirational Lessons from Lauren Conrad 

The three key take-aways are:

1. Choose your friends wisely
2. Choose your parents carefully
3. Work on your looks

Lauren Conrad was an incredibly smart and talented woman, with a lot of determination.

[Source]: There’s no doubt that she was smart, and we’ve seen her do some pretty remarkable things.

1. Settling For Second Best is Not an Option

I had no idea you thought this way. I can’t be truly happy if you’re not, and I don’t know how to be happy without you.

2. Priorities, People!

The people you meet while in your teens are the ones you’ll stay in contact with in the future. Never be indifferent.

3. Be the Better Person

I’ve heard of people who kill an ant, and then get down and start apologizing to it. I’ve never been a fan of this practice; even if it happens to be effective, it still means you’re not being kind and moving on.


The fashionista was spotted in an intimate dinner with boyfriend Jason Sudeikis at the Four Seasons hotel. The pair shared a romantic evening with their friends.

The former star has also been seen in a series of events that are said to be coming to the end of their tenure. They include a dinner with the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. , and a concert in the US with Justin Bieber.

Lauren Conrad also has $40 million. She has sold all her belongings and even lost some of her possessions.

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