54 Motivational Serena Williams Quotes

Serena Williams is an American tennis player who won her sixteenth Wimbles final and became the first female player in the Open Era to win the event a record-tying nineteen times.

Serena is still showing that she is the best female tennis player in the world. She has won the most grand slam titles of all time, and even with newer talent coming through, she still leads the pack.

Serena Williams believes in living life with positive energy and in the present.

54 Motivational Serena Williams Quotes

You may wish it came for free, but you pay for it by the damage to your health and mental well-being.

I think the most powerful thing I’ve ever said was when I first became a mother. I was like, “Do not take your eyes off this baby until I tell you to.” I will never forget what I said: “Do not take your eyes off the baby. I will die and you will have to bury me…. I promise you, I will not sit up. I promise you, I will not be a danger to you. I will lie down and I will not move until I tell you to. I will not harm this baby.” I’m still really good on that. I can’t do it now, but I will say something like that.

Serena Williams is not a loser. She’s a winner. Sure, losing her matches is painful, but it happens to everyone. Losing is part of life; it just doesn’t hurt as much if you’re going to win.

The champion is definitely defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall.

Serena said that when you are playing a game with any player in the world you have to play your best and you have to do your best. That is the way to win the game.

While I may not be able to relate to Serena’s spirit of never-say-die, I do find her spirit of fighting to the end to be interesting. However, I think it is important to make sure that the spirit does not become a burden. To do that, you should know your strengths and weaknesses. If your strength is to fight, but your weakness is to surrender, then you will not become a great fighter. And if your strength is to surrender, but your weakness is to fight, you will never rise above mediocrity.

Serena Williams said that she has never not tried her hardest during a match. It is always her desire to win that is stronger than any fear.

We love people for who they are. We can understand that we’re not the only ones who have family and friends. We can enjoy each other. When we’re together, it’s all about having fun.

There are few things that Williams is really good at. But it’s hard to say that hitting the ball over a net in a box is one of those things.

Serena Williams stands in front of her 2019 championship trophy with her family. This is her 19th Grand Slam title. She has 19 Grand Slam titles because in 2010, during the US Open finals, she suffered an injury and had to withdraw from the tournament.

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It seems like these days, when a guy looks at a woman, he sees a challenge. He looks at women like they’re puzzles to solve, like anagrams to decipher, like math problems to be manipulated. But we’re no puzzle; we’re women. And we’re certainly no anagram. We’re just girls. All we are is girls.

You don’t have to like to lose, but you should accept it as God’s discipline. He is trying to teach you, but you may misunderstand his lessons and not make the progress.

If a person sleeps all night, they will dream of a bright star.

Williams said that Venus told her that champions don’t get nervous in tight situations, which really helped her mentally. So, she decided she shouldn’t get nervous and just play the best she could.

When Serena is down, she argues with herself for a long time. She looks crazy because she’s always talking to herself.

While the world was surprised by the announcement of the birth of Williams’ third child, the news of Serena Williams’ return to the top of the tennis world after a five-month pregnancy break was not shocking at all. In fact, it was something that has been seen as inevitable since the moment she took to court in January.

She’s been playing some tennis lately, and she’s won more Grand Slam singles titles than any other female player.

When someone is trying to make you feel bad or is trying to push you away from them, you have to keep going and believe in yourself. It’s not that hard to do. It’s just that when you do it, the people who are trying to hurt you will stop what they’re doing because they don’t want to let you do it.

As you get older you should always work on yourself. That includes your diet, your fitness, and also your mental health. You should not lose sight of doing the things you need to do in order to be the best you physically and mentally you can be.

Serena Williams said that she doesn’t care if luck was on her side or not, because she spent her time on the court working and playing perfectly.

You have to fight all your life to get to where you are. If you smile things will work out.

It will take a while for you to be okay with being different. Your life will be much more satisfying – and fun – if you embrace differences.

Serena is a famous pro tennis player, who’s been playing tennis since she was four (and she’s still playing). She is known for being very athletic, being very powerful, and having very powerful shots when she hits the ball. Serena Williams is famous for her sports achievements and her family.

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Sticking to your principles and striving for success is the best way for you to achieve your personal goals.

I always view myself as the best at what I do. I never considered that I was out of it.

“Fighting through things” is a pretty strong way to describe Serena’s tennis career. She has won ten grand slams, is the number one ranked women’s tennis player in the world, and she has won more tournaments than any other woman in the Open era.

In other examples, the paraphrase is more concise and direct, and the original is not used because it is taken for granted that we do not generally need to explicitly state that a person loves themselves.

Williams is the first American to win two Olympic gold medals and the first to win five in any discipline. Her loss to Naomi Osaka at the 2016 Rio Games gave her only one Olympic medal – her first coming in tennis with a gold at the 2008 Beijing Games.

Serena said she chose to move on because she couldn’t afford the money to rewind someone’s time so she may as well get over it.

Serena Williams is always full of charm. She loves to go to parties, to play tennis, and to go out. She loves to show the whole world how talented she is. Her personal life is very interesting and dramatic, but she’s always been in control of the situation.

Serena Williams said that luck has nothing to do with it. She is number one despite facing a lot of challenges.

At the end of every year, Serena Williams has to go in and get her arms lasered off. She didn’t mention her arms much, but she thinks she may love them again.

The tennis star won the French Open earlier this month, and she said that people sometimes don’t see her as an actual person.

“If your weight is on the scale, then you will always be fat. I’ve learned to accept my size and not let it define who I am and what I can be.

As you know, Serena Williams was diagnosed with Sjogren’s in 2015. And she had an early onset of the condition. And she says that her fans’ support has helped her get through tough times.

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Serena never says anything she doesn’t mean about being the best tennis player in the world. The reason why we know this is because she has been doing it for twenty years now and can still do it. In fact, the only thing better than her is her coach, Chris Evert.

Williams is known for her charitable works, with numerous trips and donations to people in need.

Serena Williams said that she never really slept all of her life. She just woke up and spent all of her time thinking about tennis.

Serena Williams said she would do rituals in her sport a lot. She stopped doing so after she had a successful career.

Serena Williams said that she always believes that she can beat the best, achieve the best and sees herself in the top position.

The world number one was happy to admit that she was crying. The fact that she had to fight shows that she has no problem with the fighting. She doesn’t see the fight as a negative part of tennis.

Serena has had a busy tennis calendar in the past 12 months. She played on the 2017 US Open ‘s second week, a tournament that is one of the highest-paying of the year. Then there was the 2017 WTA tour, which Serena played in. Then came the 2017 Fed Cup, which Serena participated in. Then came the 2017 Olympic Games (for which Serena won a gold medal), and then 2017 WTA Finals. And if that doesn’t take up too much of Serena’s time, she also played at the 2017 French Open.

I have always loved Serena Williams, but until recently I didn’t know how to articulate my admiration for her. It was her humility as much as her tennis that first attracted me to her. Her mother, a remarkable woman in her own right, often said her daughter was her greatest achievement, and it is true.

Serena will need to go through these improvements if she is to win this match, which she does!

In the second set she started a bit slow and was very defensive and then after that, she completely changed her game plan. She started to run around the court, attack the ball, use her backhand, just completely attacking the ball and it worked out great for her. She came back with the victory and that’s when she really started to play her best tennis.

This was a very interesting statement by Serena Williams.

Serena said that she always wanted to be known as the most successful black athlete of all time, and part of that meant never signing anything for her endorsements. There’s more to her story than just that though.

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Tennis used to be a sport dominated by the men, but Serena is pushing it in a man’s world, and is breaking new ground with her style and fashion.

I think we have to love ourselves first before we can love others. I’m still learning how to love myself.

 Serena is always the center of attention. With all that fame, there is always someone who wants to push her buttons. Sometimes she will try and provoke someone in a match. She is the type to play mind games, but can also be unpredictable. She is not one to back down from a challenge.

The number of goals that other players could achieve seemed to be endless for Serena. She was number one for a long time and has been number one again for a long time. To this day, “I can’t beat the top players, but I can beat the other players.” Serena’s game is just very balanced. She’s so good at everything that she is still number one.

I’m a tennis player and I’ve found that a smile is very important to me. I think a smile can make your whole body. Models, they look fabulous, but they don’t smile, and they look so mad.

Williams said that she hopes that she can build a rivalry with Serena and she can retire as a champion.

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