How to Use Discord for Work?

Are you aware that Discord can be used as a powerful tool to boost your productivity and streamline your workflow? Whether you are looking to track your goals, listen to music, gamify your work, play wheel of fortune win real money games, or schedule meetings, Discord is here to help.

Discord underwent a significant rebranding and mission transformation in 2020. Initially, the platform mostly accommodated or focused on gamers. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it became a place where people could meet to chat with their online pals and “hang out.” Slowly, the platform transformed to include language learning, study groups, and people bonding over hobbies. With millions of people onboard, it was only natural that the platform would creep into our day-to-day professional lives.

Today, people are using Discord for work. This is mostly done through productivity bots. These are third-party tools that have been integrated with Discord to automate tasks and improve workflows. This not only saves time but also reduces errors and significantly streamlines communication channels within an organization. Whether you are only managing a small team or you are head of a big organization, discord productivity bots can help you work more efficiently.

Types of Discord Bots That Can Improve Productivity

There are hundreds of Discord bots anyone can integrate into their Discord account to help improve productivity and efficiency. However, they are not created the same. If you are looking to get the most out of Discord, especially if you are looking to streamline work, install the following bots.

Task Management Bots

These are bots that can help you and your team keep track of due dates, tasks, and other important aspects of tasks involved in your organization. For instance, you can create and assign tasks, specify the due days for these tasks, and monitor the progress by using the Taskmaster bot.

Customizable Bots

As the name suggests, you can customize these bots to meet specific requirements and needs. There are bots that you can use to automatically trigger tasks to automate virtually. There are some you can use to automate customer support services. There are virtually all types of customizable discord bots that perform day-to-day tasks within an organization, especially when it comes to repetitive work.

Scheduling Bots

With this type of bot, you can save a lot of time, money, and manpower, which you would otherwise waste on scheduling meetings. A good example of such a bot is the Calendly bot that many organizations are using to plan meetings with other organizations. This discord bot lets you check your calendar and recommend a convenient time to have the meeting, depending on the parameters fed into it.

Polling Bots

Suppose you want to gather information within the team regarding an issue you are trying to resolve. Do you contact each member separately, or do you simply need to come up with a poll? The smart answer is certainly the second one. Using polling bots, you can design polls, share them among your community, gather information, and share the results back to the community without communicating with individual members.

Automation Bots

Automation bots and scheduling bots are almost similar. As the name implies, these are bots that can help automate repetitive processes and tasks in the process, saving you and your team effort and time.

Top 3 Popular Discord Bots Everyone Should Have

Having looked at some of the functions Discord bots can help you achieve, here are bots you need to install in your server to streamline workflow. Serious organizations tend to have at least one, if not all, of these bots.


This bot is quite important when it comes to scheduling meetings with co-workers or demonstrations with potential customers. Most of the features in this bot are free, although you can spend $5/month to access premium services.


This is the most suitable bot to keep track of your server’s stats. This bot can track stats such as the number of members you have on your server, the number of messages, how many people are online, and more!


This is a popular bot used to manage your Discord community. You can configure it to automatically send replies to conversations, moderate chats, mute and unmute users, plus much more.

Start Using Discord – It Is Free and Easy To Setup

Having looked at some of the Discord bots you can use to work, it’s time to start using this program to streamline your work. The application is easy to set up, and it will only take a few minutes of your time. If you own a Facebook account, which you opened it yourself, signing up with Discord is pretty much the same. However, to get the full potential of the platform, you can always switch to Nitro mode, which requires you to spend $10/month.

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