How to Manage a Small Law Firm Productively?

A small business doesn’t always equal insignificant challenges, especially when running a small law firm. Since the law agency has a limited number of workers, it’s no wonder that too many tasks fall on employees’ shoulders. Compared to large corporations, small law firms need to approach their resources with extreme care to complete all the tasks by the end of the day.

With that said, you may ask if it’s possible to manage a small law firm effectively, or is it an achievable goal at all? Managing a small law firm is difficult, but it is doable! Take a look at the following tips to accomplish this goal.


Enhance your business media presence

It’s hard to run a successful company without being present on social media. Social platforms allow you to communicate with followers and potential clients and improve your firm. Besides, creating and leading a social media account is easy and can bring about excellent results, spreading the word about your products or services.

Of course, not every social media will suit your occupation. For example, TikTok won’t be your go-to if you have a law firm. Conversely, a business platform like LinkedIn can come in handy. LinkedIn is the leading professional network, incorporating millions of entrepreneurs, job-seekers, companies, and corporations all over the globe. 

You can set up a law firm’s profile, collaborate with others, find partners, roll out informative posts, etc. Using a linkedin banner template will help you make your page visually appealing and professional. 


Aim at boosting the client experience

Customer experience, productivity, and overall success go hand in hand, and it’s vitally important to work on those three elements. The client experience includes anything connected with the client – a high-quality web page, services, communication, etc. Also, people prefer to communicate online via chat, email, or even Zoom calls. 

A good rule of thumb is to have as many means of available communication as possible – Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, or email.

Recruit the right staff

Hiring many people for different tasks may not always be possible, considering your law firm’s size and financial capabilities. But you can’t run a good law company without recruiting competent people. To ensure smooth operation, try to hire multifaceted workers that can tackle different assignments. No, it doesn’t mean you should recruit receptionists that will deal with calls and financials at once. Your job is to search for those that can complete various tasks related to their expertise. 


Let clients pay with the most suitable method

Gone are the days when people used to pay either cash or credit card. Nowadays, numerous other payment methods are way more convenient and fast. However prevalent such methods are now, many law firms still haven’t adopted them. But you should. Not only will it make your firm progressive, technology-speaking, but it will also bolster the client experience.

Whatever the payment method you decide to make available, ensure to handle all the legal matters first. Thankfully, doing that is elementary, and once you handle it, your clients will be able to pay for provided services in a blink of an eye.

Streamline the billing process

Even if you improve payment methods, you will still have to work on your billing process. However big or small, running a law firm must meet plenty of legal regulations, including the billing process. You need to make sure your billing process is spelled out accurately. What’s more, you must remember to provide easily comprehended invoices at specific intervals. 

Sometimes, firms ignore sending invoices until they handle the problem because they are afraid the client will refuse to pay for the services. If the sum is significant, you should communicate with the customer along the way, explaining every step and its cost. 

Start using cloud-based technologies

Cloud-based technologies have proved helpful in many industries, including law. Law firms have been adopting cloud-based solutions successfully since the pandemic. And although many attorneys decided to continue to work from home, while others returned to their offices, this combination of formats hasn’t affected firms’ productivity. In contrast, people have efficient communication thanks to cloud-based legal technology. For instance, the last enables them to:

  • Create payments, documents, agreements
  • Automate demanding assignments, such as billing
  • Manage contacts
  • Cooperate with other attorneys or firms
  • Expand the area of operation

Reevaluate your pricing policy and get aware of the firm’s financials

Although people care about the price and look at it first, simply dropping the price for your law firm’s services won’t work. You don’t necessarily need to review your prices and decrease them if you want to remain profitable and in demand. It’s the value that matters the most. 

In other words, your services might be more costly than your competitor’s, but people would still opt for your agency because it provides extra value. Treat your clients accordingly, counseling them and giving them advice for free. Experiencing that will make them willing to pay more for such services. 

Besides, try to learn your company’s financials, even if you’re fully confident in your accountant. Getting familiar with work in progress, collectibles, and trust accounts will help you address problems and handle them as soon as possible.



Managing a small law firm isn’t a walk in the park. It requires a thoughtful approach toward several elements. Hopefully, the mentioned list will allow you to grow your company, become more productive, and seal killer deals shortly. 

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