Gerard Butler Net Worth

Gerard Butler is the actor who has an approximate net worth of $60 million dollars. His net worth has increased to $60 million dollars due to his involvement in the successful films such as “The Usual Suspects”, “300”, “A History of Violence”, and “Gods and Monsters”.


When it comes to the net worth of Gerard Butler, it is estimated to be approximately $40 Million.

Gerard James Butler is an actor, producer, singer, and musician from Paisley, Scotland. Butler is best known for the films Tomorrow Never Dies, Dracula 2000, Hunter Killer, and 300.

Early Life 

While he was studying at St. Andrews University, he created a series of art pieces which were influenced by the popular television programme “The X-files”.

He was the captain of the law team at the university and participated in the Moot Court competition. During that year he won the first prize. He passed the Bar exam and started his career as lawyer at Glasgow.

He enrolled in the Scottish Youth Theatre, a school in Glasgow, to become a professional actor.


Butler appeared in the British comedy film ‘Mrs. Brown.’ In 1997, he starred in the Academy-nominated Golden Globe-winning British drama film ‘Mrs. Brown.’ His most recent projects include the lead role in the 2010 British film ‘The Last Station,’ which he also directed, and the role of President Abraham Lincoln in the historical drama film ‘Lincoln,’ which will be released in 2012.

During this time, he also starred in a successful TV show ’24’. The show lasted for 2 years and the actor continued to act in several other films such as ‘Wild Wild West’ in 1999.

Butler made his film debut in 2004 when he portrayed the role of ‘The Phantom’ in the Academy Award-nominated film ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ where he acted alongside Oprah Winfrey and Daniel Day-Lewis.

During his acting career, I was able to notice his passion and drive to achieve his goals. I also noticed he became even more passionate and aggressive for his work. This is because he had achieved something he had always dreamed of.

On the set he met Jennifer Aniston and they became good friends but the movie was not well received.

In late 2010, he starred as a police officer in the British crime comedy film, ‘Tick Tock’, which was directed by Simon West. The film, which was released in November 2010, was well received by critics.

With over $100 Million in earnings from his acting career, Gerard Butler continues to create a strong net worth.


Gerard Butler has had some of the best roles of his career.

Favorite Quotes from Gerard Butler 

Butler explained that he was a professional musician before he became a professional actor. When he was studying Law at the University of Edinburgh he often went to student parties and performed with his friends. He mentioned that he performed all over the city of Edinburgh.

Gerard Butler seems to be saying here that he’s very fun, friendly, outgoing, and gregarious. It seems like it’s a good trait to have and I don’t disagree because I definitely am. But most importantly, he seems to be saying that he’s fun, friendly, outgoing, and gregarious in his public life (as in, he’s the actor). And I guess it’s a good trait to be able to portray yourself as being a fun, friendly, outgoing, gregarious person on the television show, movies, other works of literature, etc.

3 Lessons from Gerard Butler About Fear and Relationship

Fear and relationships go together like bread and butter. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, you owe it to yourself to become familiar with the lessons you can learn from your past and the stories of others.

1. Fear is an Illusion 

Fear is the worst thing that will happen most of us. But the truth is that it isn’t as painful as we fear it will be. Reality is much better than the worst thing that will happen.

2. Your Life is Now

And there is a point where I think the people on this earth, the people on the planet, who can be together and who can make a difference, will do when they realize that there is no way to just do without them.

3. Relationships Rule

Don’t let the little things in life get you down. They don’t have a power over you that the bigger things in life do. So just take a step back and focus on what you can control, the people that are around you.



Gerard Butler is an amazing actor who has appeared in movies such as ‘Coriolanus’, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, ‘300’, ‘P.S I Love You’, ‘The Ugly Truth’, and ‘Hunter Killer’.

Gerard Butler’s net worth was $2.8 Billion dollars as of March 2018.

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