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It would be in the billions if he hadn’t sold all those things and put the money in the bank.

The Star Wars franchise started because of George Lucas. He is the one who created the first movie in 1977. He also created the Indiana Jones franchise. The success of Star wars has made him the highest paid director in the world and has created a great impact on the film industry.

However, it’s the kind of perfectionism that is too much to follow. Lucas has done enough of this kind of thing already. He’s done it on a grand scale with Star Wars, and on a smaller scale with American Graffiti. All of his efforts have yielded brilliant results.

Early life

The creator of Star Wars was born in Modesto, California.

The young Lucas had a passion for car racing.

George, Lucas, was very passionate about cars and motor racing and it had been a passion that he had started back when he was in high school. By the early seventies, the passion had grown and he developed the skills to make his own films.

Lucas has stated that when he was 18, he was racing a car, and he slammed into the wall, which could’ve potentially killed himself. Another racing incident could’ve potentially killed himself.

One day, Lucas, being a fan of Star Wars, took his father’s old movie camera and started learning how to take some pictures.

George wanted to know what classic film was like; and what it meant to be from an old European country.

George Lucas found his way to the movie industry. Steven Spielberg became his collaborator. Together they produced ‘Indiana Jones, and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ which remains one of the biggest hits of all time. George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford and Karen Allen continue to produce films as the most popular and commercially rewarding movie franchise of all time.

He was also able to recognize and understand the emotional connections that were created through the use of colors.
It is likely that he witnessed several operas in his lifetime.
He may have been present at a performance of the composer’s opera, “Ascanio in Alba”, when the opera premiered in Rome in 1704.

George Lucas who was working in the US Navy in the 1960s, eventually went on to become the filmmaker he is now.


In 1967, George Lucas was so obsessed and determined that he would succeed in making movies, that he took time to study and understand how filmmaking works.

He made his directorial debut by making a short film called Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB, for which he won the First Prize at the National Film Festival.

After doing THX 1138, De Palma continued his studies in the United States.

In 1973 George Lucas released his first feature film American Graffiti. It was a huge success. It was his first foray on to the Hollywood scene and went on to make $200 million from the box office.

The movie was about the intergalactic war between the two Empires of Rebels and Imperials and was in fact very similar to the earlier Indiana Jones movie.

Steven Spielberg is one of the few directors who can easily and seamlessly blend live action and animation.

When George Lucas shifted to marketing merchandise, he used LucasArts to cover his losses, however he kept making the games that he really wanted to make.

While making The Empire Strikes Back, George Lucas decided to write a TV script for the upcoming TV series. He sent out letters to all sorts of TV producers in LA to gauge interest but received no response. Then he heard that NBC was looking for shows that could air on Saturday evenings. Thus, Lucas pitched his idea for Star Wars to the NBC executives.

If the movie ever takes off, Lucas will continue make movies, but right now he’s more interested in producing small budget movies. Lucas also plans on taking the set more often. Lucas also doesn’t believe that he will keep working into the future on the big screen. He only wants to continue working on other people’s stories.

I see you’re the same. I mean, I can’t do a net worth as you can’t figure out who you were until now.

George Lucas has the most expensive net worth in the world.


The George Lucas Educational Foundation was created to encourage young filmmakers to get better at their art.

In 2012, Lucasfilm was sold to Disney for $4 billion dollars. A major part of that money was donated to charity.

Favorite Quotes from George Lucas

If I were to have to live again, I would definitely choose to be more aware of the things I fear to lose.

A great movie has the ability to give us the illusion that we are in love, but we are actually in a plane crash.

There are two kinds of people in the world; those who will never become successful, and those who are not going to become successful. The ones who will never become successful are the ones who try and fail. The ones who are not going to become successful are the ones who try and succeed, but they don’t like it.

The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie. Music is an integral part of the film-making process. The music is important to establish, convey, and reinforce the mood or the atmosphere of the film. Music is also used in various other ways to enhance the film-making experience.

“I thought the general public wouldn’t enjoy Star Wars.”

We can see that the original sentence is still clearly better than the paraphrase. The paraphrase has lost some information, but it is still a valid sentence. It means the same thing, just expressed in a different way.
Let’s try something else.


George Lucas was a little bit of a nerd when he was young, and that affected the films he made. He was obsessed with Star Wars and wanted to make an epic space opera (or space opera).

George Lucas was an amazing filmmaker and made something of a name for himself in the New Hollywood Era, though he was later shunned by the industry.

I see you’re the same. I mean, I can’t do a net worth as you can’t figure out who you were until now.

George Lucas has the most expensive net worth in the world.

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