50 Legendary Star Wars Quotes

My favorite one, is the one they have on the movie.

Star Wars are American media franchise centered on a series of space opera created by George Lucas and produced by Lucasfilm, the first film of the franchise was released in 1977 entitled ‘Episode IV: A new hope’.

The “Harry Potter” franchise is a worldwide pop culture phenomenon that has been expanded to various films and other media, such as television series, video games, novels, comic books, and theme park attractions.

I’m excited for the new films, but a lot of the older ones are still my favorites.

50 Legendary Star Wars Quotes

There’s no way that the moon looks like that. I’m sure that’s a space station.

If you look at the dark side, there are two possible outcomes:
Either you look back and realize that everything is always going to be ok,
or that everything is always going to be bad.
So you have to be careful to avoid the dark side.

The movie then jumps to Ewoks, who are preparing to leave the city. They have built a beautiful tree house which looks like something out of a storybook. It is in anticipation of the fact that the Wookiees might leave soon, and they want to have something to remember their home.

He is a very small character. I think of him as a short man.

An object can not make a person good or bad. The temptation of power, forbidden knowledge, even the desire to do good can lead some down that path. However, only you can change yourself.

I am the Chosen One and I have brought balance back to the universe. I will do it again for the galaxies. But I should be warned that when I die, there will be chaos.

You can use the force to get what you need.

We know you’re more powerful than the Emperor. But you still haven’t given us any good reason to trust you.

10th of 50 Star Wars Quotes

I don’t believe you could find a better choice of words to describe the values of the people of Japan than with what Riyo Chuchi believes are the guiding principles of her people.

The guy we’re looking for, you don’t need to see his identification… These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

She may not be quite the pretty thing that you’re used to, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.

This phrase got me thinking about the Jedi and Sith. I had thought of these guys as beings with strong will and desire for independence. I figured if someone put a collar around their necks, they would try to tear it off.

But now you’re telling me that I can’t have a collar unless I’m a Sith. Well, I’ll be a Sith then, thank you.

There are too many people, Bane says, and they have nothing in common. The best of them, like Anakin Skywalker, will die if they continue on their present course. They’d better think about their legacy, then, and how they want it to be remembered.

I am not a Jedi. This is the end of the story.

If you attack me, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

I love the way that Han Solo thinks. He believes the person who makes the plan should be the person who executes the plan.

A child’s mind is truly wonderful, there are no words to describe its depths.

20th of 50 Star Wars Quotes

When you were a kid, you were in my group of friends. You were so much fun to hang out with. I even made you a painting for your room. I wish the last time I saw you was when you were my age. I miss my brother.

Jango Fett said that he is just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe.

A new strategy is needed, it says Luke Skywalker. Let the Wookiee win.

You are so smart, that you are still alive.

This line is great and it’s pretty obvious what she is saying.

This guy is probably the most dangerous smuggler we’ve come across so far.
And we’re not supposed to be on this planet!

What if I told you that Darth Maul has become a Sith Lord?

The rest of the dialogue was changed in accordance to the new canon established with the film, The Phantom Menace.

The dark side is like a doorway to many abilities. The Sith are believed to be natural, just like the Jedi.

In the movie, it is explained that as a child, Leia hated watching her mother leave for work.

The Millennium Falcon is the only ship that can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

30th of 50 Star Wars Quotes

I can’t believe how ignorant some people are! It’s really ridiculous how they think that a hokey religion like Christianity or Islam would give them an edge over a blaster pistol!

It’s not just about the dialogue here. The use of “hold” conveys a great amount of meaning. We know that Leia is a rebel, and that she is disgusted with Ben Solo. She can’t just leave his side. We also know that Leia is a powerful person, and that people like her usually get what they want.

The Sith Empire, also called the Empire – ruled by Jedi-hunters – is full of fear. They fear their weakness, fear losing their power, fear the Sith Emperor, and fear you.

I don’t know. I’m not a mathematician.

Luke was a Jedi, like his father before him, but Luke was never sure he wanted to be a Jedi.

If I defined myself by my power to take life, my desire to dominate, to possess, then I have nothing.

If you’re having a relationship with another person and they break the law, you’re not in a position to point the finger at them and say, You!” – Obi-Wan Kenobi.

I am afraid for Yoda. The Emperor does not see that his life is in danger in the slightest.

Maul was raised by his brother, who taught him how to manipulate others. He became powerful by manipulating people, he was strong and was in charge. It was his brother’s death that changed Maul, who is now completely and utterly alone and has no one to guide his emotions.

I will be very surprised if the author says this. And he didn’t.

40th of 50 Star Wars Quotes

In Star Wars, there are no real droids that can think
[Comment]: The question is how advanced technology is “droids”. In fact, a “robot” could be easily considered as a “droid”. On the other hand, a “droid” could have no real intelligence.

I am very sorry about the mess.


Including that first sentence seems to be a bit awkward, but the others are quite logical and follow the pattern of a single example using the prepositions in + adjective phrase.

The best in business is better than good. The best in life is better than great.

It’s the ultimate political strategy to have nothing at all.
There’s no real strategy, no real victory, just lots of sound and fury.

The Rogue Agent said “For a cause that’s worth it”. He went on to explain why he is a double agent and that he must leave and become someone else. This quote was in the movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

The Emperor is pleased with the success of his plans.

You are a terrible leader, you must not lead these people to their inevitable death.

“Home” is the closest you get to a living room in space.

You can’t stop change, any more than you can stop the sun from setting.

Chirrut says that the strongest stars have hearts of kyber.

Yoda was saying I hope you will continue to help people and to be happy and that you will not give up on your dreams and that your friends will be there for you when you need them.


I’ve been wanting to make this article about Star Wars for a while now. I even wrote an article about the force. This is the part where I’m supposed to list a bunch of cool quotes and stuff.

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