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Freya Allan’s net worth is unknown at the moment.


She is best known for her roles in the Disney Channel television show Zoey 101 and her role as Marnie on the Netflix original series, “Ozark.” She is also known for having an incredible voice, and some might say it’s a little annoying.

Allan played the role of Princess Cirilla of Cintra in the Netflix series The Witcher. She was born in Oxford, England. She attended Headington School in Oxford. Allan continued her artistic education at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield.

Tanya Roberts attended St. Mary’s Hall in Houston, Texas.

She is a successful actress, born on July 12, 1991 and she is also a famous member of the band DNCE.

Freya Allan is estimated to be worth $2 Million and her net worth is now $2 Million.

Early Life

Âme’s first official release, ‘Freya’s Song’, was released by Freya’s father, Stephen Allan, under the label All Around The World on the 29th of January, 2002.

While studying at the University of Oxford Allan began to write for the Oxford Mail. She then moved to London, taking her television career into the public service with the BBC, where she worked as a reporter.

Her final film role was in 2006, where she appeared in the independent film Captain Fierce, a short film based on the life of the Captain, a local London businessman, who became a national hero in the aftermath of the London bombings.


She then went to art school and eventually got a job at The National Theatre in London, where she spent 16 years.

It’s another sci-fi show starring Eleanor Tomlinson and it’s based on the H.G. Wells novel of the same name.

She was also featured in the 2018 film

Mira Sorvino appeared in two episodes of the Netflix series, making her the first actress to portray two different characters on the show, where an actress previously portraying two characters is often credited by her name in the opening credits.

Allan will be playing the role of the young sorceress, who will be going by the name of Ciri. She will be the most important character of The Witcher in the second season.

The photos show Allan with a beautiful smile that makes her look older than her years. The pictures taken in a magazine are not photos of a young and slender body. Allan is of an age that is considered mature.

She is a successful actress, born on July 12, 1991 and she is also a famous member of the band DNCE.

Freya Allan is estimated to be worth $2 Million and her net worth is now $2 Million.


Ariel Winter’s former best friend Freya Allan is back to dish on her friendship with the 14-year-old, and their wild times together when Ariel was only 14-years-old. This is when Freya first appeared on The Hills as Ariel’s friend. Freya is best known for co-starring on The Hills as a friend to then cast member Heidi Montag.

Favorite Quotes from Freya Allan

This is actually really funny because Freya had to do an entire scene where she has to chop the head off of a dummy. And in one take, the head flies away and she said: yes! I can’t wait to tell Paul. And it was so funny because he was in a car driving away, and she was sitting in a chair and she kept screaming: what are you doing? You’ve just hit the dummy, Paul.

3 Life Lessons from Freya Allan

Freya Allan’s net worth and success is a result of her hard work, perseverance, and dedication to achieving success in her career.

1. Two Rules 

You MUST know that you will fail your first few times. Try something else. This rule is good for all startups. You must know you will fail.

2. Positive Action 

You have to take action with positive thinking to be successful.

3. Hard Work

I’ve been doing this since I was old enough to reach the keyboard. I’ve studied it at the university level and at the graduate level. I’ve applied it at the classroom level.


Freya got her start as an actress, making her debut as the young heroine in ‘The Boyfriend’, an American comedy film in 2003.

Allan played a hunter in the TV-show ‘The Witcher’.

In July of 2019, she was able to reach $2 Million and will continue to slowly rise. She is currently on a music tour called ‘The Hype’ tour.

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