For your inspiration: 7 amazing animation podcasts you want to listen

Your passion and creativity are the main motors of doing things well in all spheres of life. When you feel anxious and frustrated, you can do anything but staring at the wall the whole day. Let’s avoid all the negative issues and improve your motivation in several hours!

How to develop your professional creativity

You can do whatever inspires you – listen to music, go to the sport, read books, watch TV series, etc. Today we’ll recommend the best podcasts for animators. These inspiring and unique stories are real magic. Plus, the format is perfect for active people. You may just listen to several stories or use audio transcription online to store precious information.

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So let’s enjoy the greatest podcasts for animators. We are sure you’ll fire up your creative soul and perform any project like the best version of yourself!

1. Bancroft Brothers Animation podcast

Can a podcast be education and entertainment at the same time? Don’t be surprised but the answer is yes. If you want to combine self-educating and inspiring yourself then the Bancroft Brothers Animation podcast is the perfect selection. It is fun, serious, inspiring, and a useful tool for both professional animators and newbies. 

Let’s get acquainted with Tony and Tom Bancroft. They are former Disney animators with tons of experience in this field. There is no doubt we can accept all their tips and recommendations in this sphere. That’s why you will enjoy the following podcast. Bancroft brothers discuss animation as business and art and help listeners to open new opportunities in this industry. 

2. The Visual storytelling podcast

Let’s improve your skills in animation without extra classes and tasks. It is easy to do if you listen to “The Visual storytelling podcast” by Chris Oatley. He is an expert in visual storytelling and can teach you great tips no one else can. Chris is a current Disney Visual Development Artist with a successful career in making games, films, comics, and illustrations. 

Besides educational content, you’ll get access to unique and effective tips for your personal development. For instance, you may find out how to deal with the lack of inspiration and anxiety. 

3. Black ‘N Animated

Black artists have an opportunity for getting honesty and comprehensive support. The following podcast is made to help new and current animators, educate them, share unique information, inspire in their darkest days. It is unique and sincere – that’s why it is so popular among experienced and new artists. 

The podcast “Black ‘N Animated” is made by Waymond Singleton and Breana. Episodes have been airing since 2018 and there are already more than 30 audios. Customers support the show a lot with their comments and downloads (there are already more than 6,700 unique downloads!). And there are real reasons for it: the podcast includes interviews with experts in the animation industry, tips from successful artists, discussions about films. Besides, several human-generated transcripts are already available. 

4. Animation Addicts Podcast

The world of animation is so huge that new artists are afraid to open it for themselves. But professional animators Chelsea Robson, Morgan Stradling, and Mason Smith are ready to open the whole world for you in their inspiring discussions. 

Since 2012, the holders of Animation Addicts Podcast have aired plenty of episodes. You’ll have a great selection on various topics. The particularity of this podcast is an in-depth analysis of every film. The experts share their professional and personal opinions to help artists reveal new ideas for their projects. 

5. Directing Animation Livecast

This is a new show that was started in January 2020 by Scott Wise. A new episode aires once per month and contains tons of professional content. It’s no surprise that customers create subtitles in different languages to help colleges consume precious content. 

The Directing Animation Livecast is dedicated to the most important topics in animation. You’ll find out how Scott Wise directs his films and keeps developing in this industry as a professional artist. 

6. The animation podcast

This podcast has such a simple title but its value is amazing. If you want to learn from a real expert you should pay attention to this series of stories. It is made by Clay Kaytis who had worked for Frozen, Wreck-it Ralph, and Tangled. His experience will be precious for all animators no matter the years of working in this industry. 

The animation podcast by Clay Kaytis is huge. There are many available podcasts plus new episodes are airing regularly. The author shares useful information about animation and often invites real legends in the industry. For instance, you can already find interviews with Ray Harryhausen and Glen Keane who were Clay’s co-workers in previous projects. 

7. DRAWN: The story of animation

Don’t know which podcast to start listening to? Then pick up this one! The podcast “DRAWN: The story of animation” is created by Holly Frey and is well-known as a must for all fans of animation. Be sure you wouldn’t regret spending several hours on this inspiring content. 

It contains several audios for different topics. You can find out new information about particularities of cartoons, proper music for animation, the villains of this art, etc. Also, the podcast includes interesting interviews with experts in the industry you don’t want to miss. 

Well, it seems like you have plenty of options now. Whether you are looking for inspiration, new ideas, or having fun, these podcasts will lend you a hand of support. We hope you’ll find your piece of inspiration in these podcasts. Remember about the transcription services if you need to convert speech to text online without issues. 

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