Diplo Net Worth

In 2016, he earned about $4 million from his music.


Diplo started as a DJ but later became a producer.

He taught at an international school in Japan and worked in the public school system in Philadelphia.

In 2019, Diplo’s net worth was estimated to be around $50 Million.

Diplo made a net gain of roughly $100,000 by selling $100,000 worth of Bitcoin from 2017 to 2022.

Early Life 

Thomas Wesley Pentz grew up in the town of Greenwood, Mississippi, and attended the University of Mississippi.

His mother was from the United States and his father was of German and Irish heritage.

He eventually relocates to New York City in order to pursue a music career. There he meets DJ Low Budget, a legendary DJ who helped him with his career. From there, he found success, and eventually landed a slot on Power 106.


Diplo is most known for his unique style of hard funk music. However, a new release with M.I.A., titled ‘M.I.A. (Music for Airports),’ came out in 2009. The album is a collaboration between DJ/producer Diplo and the Grammy Award winning M.I.A.

‘Paper Planes’ was a song from one of the most successful albums of the past decade. It has been nominated for the Grammy Award for Record of the Year and received three nominations for Grammy Awards for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance.

He worked with the likes of Bassnectar, Skrillex, and the Glitch Mob. He also worked with artists like David Guetta, The Killers, and OneRepublic.
He worked on the soundtrack with producers like Skrillex, The Killers, and DJ Snake.
He also established the record label Mad Decent and worked with artists like Steve Aoki, Bassnectar, and the Glitch Mob.
He has worked with artists like David Guetta, The Killers, and One Republic.
He worked on the soundtrack with producers like Skrillex, The Killers, and DJ Snake.

His first single “I Need A Girl” was a big club hit, while his song “Light It Up” peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and number three on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs.

Major Lazer are a four-piece electronic music group consisting of DJ and producer Diplo, rapper Switch, singer-songwriter A-Trak and American producer and DJ Walshy Fire. They are best known for the song Got Me Good.

He is worth $50 Million! Who’s ready to party?!

How Does Diplo Spend His Money? 

Diplo has more money than you can imagine. With money, he enjoys buying expensive things. He is a proud owner of two beautiful houses.

Diplo’s Home 

Diplo purchased Kid Rock’s former house in Malibu in November 2020. Diplo paid $13.2 million. He is also a proud owner of a 2,500-square-foot Hollywood Hills home he bought in 2016.

Diplo and MØ have a daughter born in 2017.

Diplo’s Other Purchases 

Diplo has bought a soccer team in the American Soccer League.


He started a movement called “Riddim Box” –
which is a collection of riddims and songs from all different genres.
He has worked with a lot of famous artists including Jay Z, Beyonce and Rick Ross.
He is working on his new album “The Great Leap” that will drop in the Fall.

Favorite Quotes from Diplo

It was Taylor Swift fanatics who are angry because their favorite songwriter has been replaced by a bunch of rappers. Apparently, they think that Diplo has not written anything great. Apparently, they also want to murder him. Diplo himself thinks that these fanatics should have a better taste about music.

What he’s saying is that music is different from other art, so the selling of music is different from the selling of other products. In fact, selling music is less of a business because you don’t need to use too much labor to make a CD. Therefore, if you’re trying to make a deal with people that are not in the music industry, they might not understand the business side.

While working on “Lift Me Up”, Diplo said he was looking for something that felt a little different than what he’s used to. His production on M.I.A.’s album caused a lot of controversy, so Diplo was looking for something to make people think differently about him.

3 Brilliant Lessons from Diplo

Forbes says that he was the youngest billionaire in the world at the time of his latest net worth record and that is not all. He has also earned millions from his investments, concerts, clubs, restaurants, and merchandise. I am sure there are other lessons we can learn and he is just the right person for it!

1.  The Future

You can’t imagine the future. As soon as you create it, it’s the past.

2. Push Forward 

Diplo knows he’s talented, and believes each person is a little different. If you can find something you really like doing, and show that you’re passionate to do it, you might just become a superstar.

3. Do New Stuff 

If you want to stay where it’s comfortable and you don’t want to have to change, you are just going to keep repeating the past.


He started his career in the music industry in 2007 as a part of the duo, Major Lazer, with DJ Diplo and Jillionaire. They released their first song, ‘Bubble Butt’, in 2009 and then, with the help of Steve-O, they produced ‘Pon De Floor’, which was a huge hit and helped their brand to rise to fame.

He grew up fascinated by the ancient reptiles and named his record label after one of the world’s longest-extinct creatures.

In 2019, Diplo’s net worth was estimated to be around $50 Million.

Diplo made a net gain of roughly $100,000 by selling $100,000 worth of Bitcoin from 2017 to 2022.

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