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Chris de Burgh’s net worth is currently unknown.


Chris de Burgh is a singer-songwriter who has written and recorded a variety of music, including rock, pop and folk.

He started out as an art rocker, but later became a more pop oriented music.

Burgh’s popularity is not so much due to the music itself, but more his unique stage presence. Burgh’s show is packed with energetic guitar and piano solos, along with a few vocal lines and a few other instrumentals.

He is the most successful of all Muslim singer.

As of July 2020, Chris de Burgh’s net worth is estimated to be $48 Million.

Early Life 

Christopher John Davison was born in the year of the Ox and Tiger, in the month of the Ram and the Year of the Horse.

Chris De Burgh grew up in Malta, Nigeria, and, later, Zaire. He took his mother’s maiden name, “de Burgh,” as a stage name, and his legal surname remains “Davison.” His father had substantial farming interests, and Chris spent much of his early years in Malta, Nigeria, and Zaire.


De Burgh was born in Ireland, where his parents had originally come from. His mother was from a well-known theatre family in Dublin, and his father was from an Irish music family in Glasgow. They met at a concert in Glasgow when his father, a trumpet player, was performing and his mother, a soprano, was in the audience.

He has a huge musical knowledge of the whole thing, so I’ve been listening to everything he’s produced as a DJ.

His albums were not very successful in the U.S. nor in the UK but received strong success in Germany. In 1982, he released his album ‘The Getaway,’ which made it on the 30th spot in the UK and the 42nd spot in the U.S.

‘The Lady in Red’ became his biggest hit. It was a big success in many parts of the world. And then Burgh released his eighth album ‘Into the Light’ and it reached the second spot in the UK charts.

He has released 20 albums, including a few with music by other artists, and several as guest singers in other people’s albums or tours.

As of July 2022, Chris de Bugh’s net worth is estimated to be $50 Million.


If you know Chris de Burgh then you will listen to this. He has been in the world of music for four decades and is still going strong. He has had over 30 gold singles and his hit single “The Lady in Black” won him both Grammy and BRIT awards for best Song of the Year.

Favorite Quotes from Chris de Burgh 

Although I spent my first few years of university working in London as a trainee solicitor, I’ve always felt that a sense of nostalgia for the county of Wiltshire has crept into my music. The village green and cricket pitches are probably what give the most inspiration.

Q: Your vocal style is very much one of an angelic crooner. It reminds me of some of the voice of the early 1960s which I find more exciting as a listener rather than something that sounds too dated.

“We’re talking about Chris de Burgh, right?” Yes, this is the man who wrote songs like ‘Lady in Red’ and ‘Young Love’. And yes, this is the man who was quoted as saying “We’re talking about Chris de Burgh, right?” I can’t decide if he sounds like a nice guy or a douchey one.

I’m not the type to kiss and tell. I’m not the type to be so open about this. People who are against people like me and who aren’t interested in promoting it are the types who would get excited by this.

3 Life Lessons from Chris de Burgh 

Chris de Burgh has made a name for himself as an international songwriter and musician, and he has done so with aplomb. He’s been able to combine his skills as a songwriter, along with his abilities as a performer, into one package. He’s also been able to make a living from writing music, and live the dream of making a living as an artist.

1. Philanthropy 

I am not an investor or a philanthropist, I am a businessman and as such I have to deal with people who are philanthropists.

2. Solo Artist 

When you’re an indie artist, and you’re not doing well, it’s tough. It can feel like nobody knows your music, or likes it, or it’s not big enough. When success does come, it feels like you’ve earned it.

3. Stay Hydrated 

To make a long story short, I have a lot of water intake in the morning before I go to sleep. Then I drink water during the day. And around 2 p.m. I usually have a big glass of wine. That’s it.


Chris de Burgh’s music is based on folk and pop songs from the 1970s.

It was during one of the hottest summers of the 1980’s that a song with such lyrics was written.

Chris de Burgh has a net worth of around $50 million. This was derived from the Billboard 200 Chart and the album sales figures.

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