Afrojack Net Worth

Afrojack’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million as of 2018. Afrojack earned the net worth through his own music and his collaborations, as well as through his various brands.


Afrojack is the man who is known as “The king of the bass”. He was born and raised in a small city named Spijkenisse.

Afrojack founded the record label Wall Recordings and put out his track ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ in 2007. Afrojack is mostly known for his track ‘Another Life’.

After the DJ community’s backlash on the decision, Afrojack said he would have to remove himself from the list until further notice.

Afrojack’s net worth is estimated to be 50 Million Dollars.

Early Life

From a young age, he showed an interest in music, playing drums in his school band.

Afrojack began playing the piano when he was only five years old. He learned how to play from his father who is of Moroccan ancestry. He has also been influenced by his Dutch mother and his Surinamese uncle.

After finishing school, Afrojack moved to Rotterdam and began studying Graphic Design, but after three years, he decided to take his career as a DJ more seriously and quit school.


When he was 14 years old, he played at Club Fonk, the predecessor of Tomorrowland and has been very active on the festival scene ever since.

Afrojack began his career in the club scene of the Netherlands before returning in order to hone his craft in the Mediterranean. He later returned to his native country in order to sign to Digidance Label.

 He worked with Lady Gaga to create a song he named ‘Americano’ about immigration and multiculturalism. The song was written in 2011.

Afrojack released a track called ‘The Future’, which sold over 20 million copies. He made an appearance in American Horror Story this year with this song playing in the background.

After his second successful album in 2012 with ‘Jack Of All Trades’ the American DJ Afrojack signed with Universal Records and became an integral part of the Universal label system. He was successful in 2012 with the release of his second album, Jack of All Trades.

He worked on tracks with David Guetta and other artists. He also collaborated with the artist DJ Snake on the song ‘Hotline Bling’. He was hired for the song ‘Hey Mama’.

‘Bed of Roses’ is a collaboration he made with French producer Stanaj.

Afrojack’s net worth is currently at around $60 Million.


Afrojack is a dance music DJ known for his unique style of House music.

Favorite Quotes from Afrojack

Afrojack: I learned the dance moves at the dancing school. I watched Michael Jackson videos. I listened to Michael Jackson on my iPod. I went to his concerts a lot, especially when I was a kid. Whenever MJ was on stage, I would watch and listen to it, and I was a huge fan.

He said that he thinks that when you listen to the world, you make a lot of mistakes.
He also said that this album is about overcoming those mistakes and to forget the world.
Then he said that this is about to be his biggest album because he is going to show everyone what he can do.
Then he said that he thinks that his music is very hard to listen to because it is very different from what other people are listening to.
He also said that when he listens to other people’s music, he doesn’t understand it.
He said that it makes him think about how he can be himself, but how he is not himself.


Afrojack is a talented and popular DJ, releasing a solo album and remixing tracks by the likes of Martin Garrix, Above & Beyond, Tiesto, and more.

According to Forbes, Afrojack has an estimated net worth of $60 Million.

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