Vanilla Ice Net Worth

Net worth is $1 million and he spends his time on social media, blogging, and doing music. He still makes money from royalties and endorsements. He is known for his ice skating and hip hop and rap music.

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Robert Matthew Van Winkle is an American actor and rapper. He was born in Dallas, Texas. Ice released his debut album ‘Hooked’ in 1989 which gained a huge hit.

Ice-T met the producer Dr. Dre at a concert in Los Angeles, who offered him a job as an intern for his label, Aftermath Entertainment. After leaving his job as a school-bus driver, Ice-T signed a contract with Aftermath Entertainment.

Early Life

Robert Matthew Van Winkle aka Mr. P was born in Dallas on October 31, 1967. He has never known his biological father and is the founder of the Free the Children organization.

Vanilla Ice’s parents were hip-hop music enthusiasts. They took him to see acts like 2 Live Crew perform. Vanilla started rapping in 6th grade with the encouragement of his parents.


Ice’s success was boosted because he began his professional career while he was doing his high school work as well as pursuing his interest in the sport. In addition, Ice did not wait for his record to be certified before he released his debut album.

Ice got a contract with the club and that same year he started training and playing for the team.

The video was played on radio, TV and in cinemas all across the country. The song was featured on this and a few other songs from the album and later it also gained a cult following.

This song became a massive success for him on the charts and the radio, reaching Platinum in France.

Vanilla Ice released his first live album in 1991 which was called ‘Extremely Live.’ This album has gone on to become one of the greatest live album’s of all time.

Vanilla Ice was in the studio working on his next album which was to be released in 1994. But on April 8th 1993 Vanilla Ice was stabbed over 50 times in a robbery attempt in Atlanta.

At this point the singer couldn’t see any real way out. In an effort to escape this situation, he decided to seek help from an old friend who was a doctor. The doctor gave him an extremely strong and addictive painkiller and persuaded him to come see him on a regular basis.

After his second break from music Vanilla Ice returned to the music scene as a guest on American Saturday Night Live. He was considered to be an icon of the 90’s but never reached the level of success he had before.

Ice recently had a net worth of $12 Million and it has been decreasing since 2016.


– Vanilla Ice has had many famous people come out of the industry – including Ice-T.

Favorite Quotes from Vanilla Ice

The biggest risk of failure is not taking any risks at all. It is to be in a position where you are not trying to break out into a new market. The second biggest risk of failure is to be in a position where you are trying to break out into a new market too quickly.

Michael J. Fox had a house next to Vanilla Ice, for which he was earning a fortune. But he didn’t mind that he was earning money from the former hip-hop star, because he was a good human being. Michael J. Fox had a home in Los Angeles, a villa in Miami and a mountain cabin in Utah. He was happy to see that these properties were sold. To everyone’s surprise, he made a huge profit.

There are people who will tell you that you can’t write about yourself. But I just wrote that stuff, like, two months ago. I feel like I’m talking right now about what’s going on in my life. The drum machine and the sound effect and the loop that I recorded on my laptop that inspired the whole song, just inspired the whole song.

[Q], you are one of the only artists that I have interviewed who has actually said that your life is your music and that the music is really real to you.

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Vanilla Ice’s career has been a real rollercoaster. On the one hand, his songs have always been huge hits but on the other hand the rapper has always been out of pocket thanks to his lavish lifestyle.

Although he has had trouble finding work in the entertainment industry, he still has a large source of income.


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