Ron White Net Worth

Ron is an American actor who has a net worth of $2 million!


As of last year, Ron White’s net worth is over $2 Billion.

Ron is one of the most popular American comedians working today.

White has worked as a stand-up comedian since he was a teenager and has a great sense of humor. He was known as “Tater Salad” because of his unusual fashion choices. He is one of the most popular comedians on the comedy circuit. In his books he describes how he ended up in jail for his crime.

Early Life

Ronald Dee White was born on the 18th of December, 1956 in Fritch, Texas. White is the son to Charles Don White and Barbara Joan Craig. He is a citizen of the United States.

After finding success in the comedy world, Michael found himself in Los Angeles. His comedic style was similar to that of another comedy legend, Patton Oswalt, and so, he tried to make contact.


White is a frequent guest on the Comedy Central series PoliticNow, where White has appeared as a guest in almost every episode of the show to date. He has also appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Best Damn Sports Show Period and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

He had cameos on Family Matters, The Drew Carey Show, and on the WB Saturday morning cartoon series, House. His character on The Ron White Show was a talk show host, who interviewed celebrities such as David Arquette, Chris Farley, and Eddie Murphy.

White wanted a distribution deal with one of the music labels. The distributors refused to distribute White’s CDs because of his sexual orientation and his refusal to change his image. White then turned to the Internet.

In July 2016, White announced his candidacy for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election. He was not elected, placing fifth in the running. White then announced in October 2017 that he was backing Gary Johnson’s Libertarian Party bid for President in the 2018 election.

Ron White is the owner of the Washington Wizards and also a part owner of the Memphis Grizzlies.


Ron was a great coach and a great ambassador for the sport of boxing. We will miss him.

Favorite Quotes from Ron White 

Ron White is an American entertainer, singer, songwriter and actor. He is best known as the lead singer of the legendary rock group Grand Funk Railroad, in which he was the only constant member, having left the group on several occasions to pursue other interests.

It’s time to start thinking about what we’re going to do and it’s going to be a surprise.

3 Strong Lessons from Ron White 

If you want to go far, go alone.
You will meet many people along your path, but only a few will be truly loyal. A good leader knows when to walk alone.

1. Invest In Yourself

I learned that you should put money on what you will do/what you want to do, rather than what you don’t want to do.

2. Looks Don’t Matter 

When you make a decision to change, you get frustrated when you don’t see results right away. But remember, results come in time. Accept your body for what it is and don’t compare yourself to others. You’re unique, and you’re special.

3. Don’t Dwell On Negative Energy From Others

As an introvert, I don’t think I have a lot of patience for people who get angry and upset about things. I try to keep my personal feelings to myself. But I do think it’s important to let people who are upset and angry to feel heard and understood.


Ron White is a Grammy nominated comedian and author. His books include: I’m Gonna Be Dead Soon: An Illustrated Guide to Life with Chronic Diseases including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), My Kid has COPD and We Have COPD, and The Big Suck.

Despite his wealth, Ron White is an avid philanthropist.

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