Tyra Banks Net Worth

According to the latest valuation, Tyra Banks has a net worth of $200 million.


Since she was a child, Tyra has always been passionate about modeling.

TARA is the name of a fictional character from a series of books written by Judy Blume. She was portrayed by actress and singer Lea Thompson in the 1991 film adaptation of the series.

Banks began her career as a model and was the first woman of African American descent to appear on the covers of GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Early Life 

During her teenage years, Banks spent a lot of time at her grandfather’s house and was surrounded by her family, which encouraged her to do better in school. Banks also spent time with her friends.

She fell in love with the idea of being a designer and began to feel like she had to live up to the high-end clothing that she was seen to wear. She felt constantly judged by people at school for her style choices.


People say that Tyra Banks was signed to L.A. Models after being rejected by four modeling agencies and after being told by her father that she was “too dark-skinned” for the modeling industry.

In 1990, she was an Elite Model and was offered the opportunity to become a model in Europe. She then moved to Milan.

In 2012, Karrine McKenzie became the first black trans woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for her supporting role in the movie ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’.

In the 2000’s, Banks was seen in supporting roles for a number of films. She was the mother in the Nickelodeon movie ‘Mighty Med’ and played a supporting role in the movies ‘The Secret of Monkey Island’ and ‘Soul Surfer’.

She then started her own production company, ‘Bankable Productions’, through which she created and executive produced the reality television series ‘America’s Next Top Model’ in 2003.

She was also the host of the syndicated radio show, ‘The Tyra Banks Show’, which aired on radio stations across America for eight years. The show was a success and her fame grew further.

The biggest and most notable part of Tyra’s net worth is that she is a television star.


Tyra’s work was so influential and inspirational that it lead to the invention of the very first breast pump. At an early age, Tyra was already a successful model and later she became a successful TV personality, a best-selling author, and the face of many products.

Favorite Quotes from Tyra Banks

I’m glad that Tyra Banks said that. When it comes to an award, my husband says that if I don’t want to look at it everyday then no one can make me. I know that some people think that I’m crazy, but I like to see that I was recognized for my hard work. I also feel like my family deserved the recognition.

Tyra is right. In every way, there are tons of bad pictures of her out there. And, to have a career in modeling is not easy. You have to deal with your body, your age, your face, and the fact that there are thousands of pretty girls who are competing for the same job you want.

Having a job that I actually enjoy makes me really happy. I enjoy talking about the art of personal development and helping my clients get inspired, motivated and on their way to achieving their goals. The other part of my job that makes me happy is meeting the many wonderful clients that I help.

“I would use my body to protect myself when I was afraid.” Tyra explains that she would not use her body to attract a man if she was feeling unattractive. She would only do so in life or death situations.

3 Modeling Lessons from Tyra Banks 

Ladies, now that you know how to build a business empire, and how to gain the fame and fortune you want, let’s look at some of the advice we can learn from Tyra Banks.

1. It’s All about the ‘Smize’

Banks is the longest-running host in the history of the show, and she has been nominated for four Emmy Awards and has won twice.
There are rumors that Banks’ contract with Nickelodeon is coming up, and so they are probably looking to see if they can get a deal made for another season.

The aim of America’s Next Top Model is simple: The cast of aspiring models is chosen based on a series of fashion challenges and photo shoots. One model is sent home every week.

2. Anything Can Be Made Fashion

Banks was all about how to make things look the exact same, but they were still art. She would make things super high fashion, but still have the model not looking like a model.

3. Fashion is About Facing Your Fears

In ANTM you’ll see these wild competitions in which the contestants are put in some very extreme situations. There are even a couple of places where the girls have to walk on water.

The series was based on the premise of a beauty pageant with one prize, a modelling contract, with the winner having the opportunity to become a spokesperson for a major brand. This could be the opportunity not to be missed.


Tyra Banks is a well-known businesswoman and TV personality. She’s best known for helping bring reality television to the mainstream and producing ‘America’s Next Top Model’. She also co-founded the production company the Tyra Banks Company and in 2014 sold her TV production company to Endemol for $425 million.

In July 2022, Tyra Banks’ net worth is around $90 Million.

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