8 Bad Habits That Kill People’s Dreams And Desires

If you want to succeed in life, just get up early and work hard in your school and study.

Success is all about your decision making. If you’re not careful then you may find yourself getting into bad habits. If you aren’t careful you might find yourself just becoming a loser. The good news is though, you can always get yourself out of that habit and move on to something else.

By doing small and average things over and over again you will get better and better at them and if you stick to the same thing for long enough, you will become a master at it.

8 Bad Habits that Kill People’s Dreams & Desires

A person can be born with bad habits and bad traits, but a person with good habits and good traits can become a great person. One of the most important habits an individual should cultivate is the habit of good character.

1. Procrastination

Procrastination is a habit developed by those who want to spend longer time in life.

It’s usually the reason that start-ups never get off the ground simply because more time is spent on the less important things to make you feel like your making progress; however whilst putting off the important tasks to put off the risk of failing.

I have a lot of issues with this situation. I don’t get why they do this. When someone is starting their own company, they should spend their time working on their own business. They should not have any time to think about how their office should look.

He later says that the longer he waits to call his clients on the phone, the longer he can say that he owned an architecture firm that wasn’t a complete failure.

2. Laziness

I do what I can with what I have. I sleep until 10am, work till 6pm, get my daughter up at 6 but leave it a bit late, go to a social and enjoy some drinks with friends, then make my way home to tuck in my daughter and fall asleep in my pj’s watching T.V. It’s hard being a parent.

The more you learn, the more problems you get. The more responsibility you give, the more problems you get.

It’s at that point where you start to develop the habit of sitting back, doing things when you feel like it and generally becoming the lazy person you might be today. It’s like you are the CEO of your own business.

Being lazy generally means that you won’t do the things required to get where you want to be.

Because of your own lack of discipline to make the best choices, you could end up doing whatever you want to do and not being able to achieve what you set out to do.

3. Quitting

It can be tempting to give up when your goals don’t seem to be happening in the time you’ve allotted yourself. You know that you’ve only got a small window of time before you’re pulled back into the routine of work and responsibilities. But, you know that things have to change if you want to change them! You know that you’ve just got to make the most of every day.

The great thing about learning new skills or hobbies is that in the beginning, it’s really hard. It’s really hard to learn how to use a new skill, or learn how to read an unfamiliar language.

It’s easy to realize that what you are doing isn’t what you want to do when you’re so miserable and miserable about it.

4. Excuses

When I went to school, I had my excuses down pat. I know that it’s a pretty lame excuse, but I was one of those students that was so busy trying to pull off perfect grades that I didn’t take the time to actually take the time and work on it. I got so focused on the “perfect” that I neglected to realize that that isn’t realistic.

It was the mid 70’s, the world was looking for new ways to save money, and it had just been revealed that we don’t need a visa to get into France, the way the world had been thinking.

The most important thing to always remember is that these kinds of things happen. If you’re reading this, chances are you probably feel the same way. Everyone does. That’s why the majority of the world seems more or less the same.

This is probably the hardest thing to do because we want to believe we’d never repeat the past. We don’t know what the future will bring, but we can always tell the past.

I love the way you said that.
I think that I could never imagine myself
where I am right now, the person.

5. Negative Thinking

We all think like that, whether it be consciously or subconsciously and although it can be a difficult habit to break, it is a very destructive one.

I went to do some research to find out if there were any more signs you might be in the same situation and I stumbled upon the following article which I thought I would share with you.

If I can be an inventor then all the other things in my life will be alright, because I’ll be doing something that is fulfilling for me, and there are people out there who would be really good at using the things that I’ve invented to change the world and help people.

Dream and be open to the good things that comes from dreaming. Never let your mind get in the way of your dreams.

6. Over-Expenditure

You want to become a professional athlete, you would likely need to have a sizable amount of money to pay for the sports gear you would need. You would probably need to put down about 10 percent of the total amount of money you want to make in order to begin training to be an athlete.

As a matter of fact it is not the main factor for buying clothing and it’s not even the main factor when it comes to choosing the perfect shoes.

This could be the biggest thing that will happen to you in the upcoming year. Whether you’re studying, trying to find a job, or taking care of your business, the opportunity to spend your money for you could really work out.

It’s definitely not a waste of money to invest yourself in your life. It will help you grow your financial situation, and improve your life in other areas.

The only thing investing has over spending or saving is that it generates the returns when you need them.

7. Social Media

Social media is a time killer for those who have problems keeping up with their to-do list. It’s good for starting to meet new people especially if you do this over the internet. But it’s also time consuming and can be a lot of work for you.

And there is simply no excuse for this. What is the point of checking your emails every 0.25 seconds whilst working? It is a waste of time. This will probably be the single greatest bottleneck in your productivity.

Because of privacy concerns, or because of the potential to distract from your tasks at work.

Having a personal blog is a great way to stay connected to the world and grow your business. Not only will it help drive more sales through your website, but it also helps establish your credibility and authority in your niche online.

8. Being Comfortable

There is a lot of people that doesn’t feel comfortable being in front of their camera. But they put themselves there because they want to show others that they’re making the effort.

It’s good because you’re relatively happy where you are but bad because you don’t know how long you are going to be comfortable for.

This is one reason why it’s important to learn how to balance your time right before applying for a master’s degree.

One day you’ll realize how much time you’ve wasted doing nothing, being content, and for it all to now come crashing down on you, pushing you towards the unknown, which in itself will either be a life-saving thing, or a thing that will harm you.

You should always be pursuing what you want in life. You should always be working towards something in life. You shouldn’t wait around for the perfect opportunity to come your way. That’s never going to happen.


Here’s a quick recap of the 8 things that people do that kill their dreams.

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