55 Of The Best Rob Dyrdek Quotes

Rob Dyrdek made a lot of interesting comments the last couple of years. Some of them are good, some of them are not so good but I always liked his comments because I think his style is very funny.

Rob Dyrdek started his career in skating and became an internet sensation after featuring on YouTube in 2008. He rose to fame through the hit TV series ‘World of Dyrdek’.

The comedy show host, who has risen to the top of entertainment, is known for his humorous style of humor. He has set 21 individual “Guinness Book of World Records”.

He said people really love him and he loves them back. He’s also an avid snowboarder and skier.

55 of the Best Rob Dyrdek Quotes

I haven’t really had a vacation. I guess I feel like I’ve always been on the road, touring.

Rob Dyrdek is frustrated, and not only with the world that doesn’t understand what he and the other professionals do. He’s also upset with those who criticize them and use that to manipulate sponsors and skate tricks.

Competitions used to be more like playing a basketball game where you did not know the score or who was ahead or if it was a close game. The way contests are now are much more engaging because you can actually see who is winning over the next 30 seconds and you are encouraged to watch for the entire contest.

Rob Dyrdek said that once you get a trick from film, it’s there forever. It’s going to be a part of your career and one of the things that you’ll be able to use for the rest of you career.

The best way to put this would be a quote from one of the original skateboarders, Rob Dyrdek. He explains that it doesn’t work to judge the best-trick contest, because the way that skateboarding became so popular meant that skateboarding would naturally evolve away from competitive events like that.

The story of Rob Dyrdek as an adult was not always smooth sailing. Dyrdek’s life has been filled with both a good and bad times at times. He has also taken the time to share that experience with fans through his life story, which can be read in Dyrdek’s autobiography called ‘Suck It’.

Rob Dyrdek said that as a professional skateboarder he doesn’t look at someone injured on a skateboard because it freaks him out.

 I think most of us have probably seen Rob Dyrdek in one of his many video game appearances  (like on his own or a variety of other game shows) but I always thought he was a little crazy. Now I get it.

Dyrdek is also an avid skateboarder and had some success on the “World of Dance”. As a result, even though he’s a fan of the idea, he does not invest in it.

10th of 55 Rob Dyrdek Quotes

Crazy videos are something that is only possible to ever truly enjoy watching by the first time.

The famous reality TV star has been seen on many websites posing for pictures with an odd contraption on his left leg. The contraption is a carbon-composite piece, consisting of metal rods, tubes and wires.

The most important thing is that skateboarding is a global phenomenon, you don’t need to understand a different language or culture to do it. It’s a great way to be part of the world. You can come from all over the world and get the same experience as someone who lives in the Valley.


If you skateboard, you are awesome and you should always keep skateboarding and be true to yourself.

When you’re starting out on a skateboard, as soon as you try a new trick, you have to be aware to constantly practice it. It’s a real puzzle and everyone is constantly doing their best to figure it out and keep improving.

I say that the person you have to look up to is your mom, because she is the most perfect human. She is smart, beautiful, kind, supportive, has great taste in men, and always knows what to say to make you feel better and know that everything is okay in the world. Plus, she feeds you, clothes you, and lets you stay up way too late watching her favorite TV shows. She is a goddess.

The MTV network has been a great partner over the years. I’m truly grateful for the platform they’ve provided for me to create and refine compelling, entertaining media at the highest level.

I’m half-Mexican from my mother and half-Irish from my father.

Anything is possible when you work hard enough for it.

When Rob started his first company, the one that he has become so successful in today, all he wanted was a car company that would be successful. He didn’t want to work for someone else, so he wanted to work for one of his own. His dream was to be his own boss and to create something that he could have some influence over. The dream of being your own boss came true for him.

20th of 55 Rob Dyrdek Quotes

The way Rob puts it, it’s about not being scared of being big if you have the ability to be big and it’s about getting out of your comfort zone, and doing stuff.

The main reason you will fail at achieving goals is because you lack people to help you achieve them. If you do not have other people helping you, you will fail.

DC and Monster always supported Rob’s skateboarding career. He was one of the first skateboarding pros to make it to the finals round of the first annual DC Pro-ams.

My parents had enough of me when I was younger. After this article came out, my mother sent me a text message that said “I’m proud of you.”

This was my favorite quote. My mother was not happy with me when I was younger, but it’s better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.

Rob Dyrdek is a professional skateboarder, model, and entrepreneur. He was one of the first male professional skateboarders to come to prominence, later co-founding Element Skateboarding Company with Stacy Peralta and Jason Lee.

Rob Dyrdek believes that you are much better off owning 20 percent of your company, and having two partners who complement each other with their skills. Being 50 percent owned by two different people allows each person to have the space they need to work independently.

After the release of the game, Rob Dyrdek said that the most difficult thing about development was that they could not provide an end product that was representative of the amount of time that had passed. The game was first released in 2004, so the developers had to make sure that the game felt like it was accurate in the current era. They also had to limit the amount of time anyone could play the game because of what happened in the later years of the series.

When asked what he likes to do when he’s not on camera, Rob Dyrdek said he likes to skateboard.

Rob Dyrdek is the owner of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory; you know, the company that makes reality TV. This quote is from Rob’s appearance on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and was used when he later won the show.

Rob Dyrdek said that skating is very different for him now because he goes to the street, and there he is in the middle of a crowd, not surrounded by friends or family.

30th of 55 Rob Dyrdek Quotes

The first thing to understand is that a plaza is not a skatepark. It’s not about building ramps and rails. It’s about the environment it is located in, and the location/space of the plaza itself.

In other words, a skate plaza is not about skating but about the experience offered by the place that provides the best space for the skating community.

However, a great place doesn’t always have to be a concrete jungle.

Rob Dyrdek is a motivational speaker. He is a very successful individual with his own television show, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. He is a man of high standards and believes that with hard work and dedication you can achieve anything. This speech could be tailored to any situation. It can help you to look at every opportunity with enthusiasm and go for it with gusto, no matter how hard it may seem.

I don’t know if I would say I always enjoy being around people, but I definitely enjoy being around people that I really enjoy being around. And by enjoying, I mean I have a strong desire to be with them and make sure they’re having fun too. And I certainly enjoy being around people who make me feel good. And I’m definitely much more fun when I’m around people who are having fun and are giving me their undivided attention.

Not many people would say they had the opportunity to work in the same spot as Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Rob Dyrdek for over two decades.

I love how he thinks that he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread because he was on TV for 15 minutes. I’m still not convinced that he actually has a shred of credibility.

It seems pretty clear that Rob is talking about the responsibility that comes with success in our lives. He says that the success that we obtain is a gift, and the responsibility we have to take care of that success is very real. While it sounds a little bit like “duty,” he says that is not the case, just a responsibility.

Yes, Dana White and Rob Dyrdek. They are my inspirations, my idols. Dana White is a man without fear. You either listen to what he says and follow his lead or you’re not gonna make it.

My wife and I created our company from our own home, and learned everything we know now in a very short time. We started with what we knew best and had the passion for creating the best product. We developed software and created the first mobile app. Our business grew quickly and we were able to make a large exit in 2012. We were fortunate to have a great mentor who taught us to be entrepreneurs, to build a business from the ground up, and to build a very successful business.

He grew up with his parents and a brother. He also had to pay for his own rent, car insurance, phone bills, and groceries.

Rob Dyrdek has a new game coming out in October 2011. Called Fantasy Factory, it has a lot of hype already. If you haven’t heard of Rob Dyrdek, you haven’t lived.

40th of 55 Rob Dyrdek Quotes

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to play in the NFL. There is a lot to do in this league, and I’m excited to see where it takes us.

It’s the dream. A professional skateboarder can make the kind of money that allows them to not have to work. Also, it’s an excuse to have as many sponsors as you can.

At most contests now, skaters are judged against themselves. It doesn’t matter what the judges are thinking or how badly they think a skater did or didn’t do. That’s why there is no art anymore.

I think this was more of a reaction by Dyrdek than a serious critique of judges.

But I agree that we shouldn’t care if we are judged against ourselves.

Rob claims to spend 2 hours a week in an infrared sauna. He doesn’t have a sauna in his house, so he’s actually been sleeping in the sauna.

The first Rob Dyrdek video is a combination of the original clip and a remake and is found on “Rob’s Big Flip Part 1”.

Rob Dyrdek is one of the pioneers of the business that is today known as entertainment and he started at a very young age. As a teenager he used to work at a local skate shop to earn some money. He then got a few free CDs and started to do small demos on his own and that’s how it started.

Rob Dyrdek is a multi-millionaire. He built a very methodical television show around his business. He learned how to use television as a platform to advertise products. He created a platform showcasing the stuff he built. It’s taking the integration model to another level.

The key here is to add a structure to his business and build a team that he trusts to handle the day-to-day operations of his company. He’s got a lot of things coming at him right now so it’s good to have a team you trust to handle them. Rob Dyrdek needs a structure so that he can focus more on his own company.

In just a few words, Dyrdek said everything that needs to be said about his life and career.

The California Skateboarding movement was born in Los Angeles and has been built on the foundation of the city because of it. The first skate park was built in 1976, and the first vert ramp in 1987.

50th of 55 Rob Dyrdek Quotes

The first Street League Skateboard was about a man who was tired of living in poverty, and he got bored with being broke and decided to take up skateboarding to get some money.

Rob Dyrdek said to do what he does best and that is to operate on big vision and creative details.

Rob Dyrdek says that he is going to get his freedom back, but that he needs to get it back by making sure that he doesn’t lose it.

 Justin Bieber is the Unicorn of the Kardashian Family. He is the hottest kid we’ve ever seen and is the perfect representation of what real family is supposed to be. He is the real deal and he will rule the world.

The key elements to business being a success is a smart visionary and great management behind the people that are going to build it.

ROB DYRKES has always been fearless. Whether it was in high school when he made his first million-dollar YouTube video, or in the professional skateboarding world, where he took risks in order to push himself and his skateboarding.



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