50 Unexpected Ty Dolla Sign Quotes About Life

____ is my favorite quote ’cause i love how the second half of his name has “-Sign” in it that sounds like he’s doing a rap verse.

Ty Dolla Sign was born to a Jewish mother and a Christian father. He got inspiration from rap groups such as N.W.A and 2pac. His name is short for ‘Tyree David Dorien’.

A lot of people like his single “The Other Side” – which was featured on the soundtrack of the movie ‘Logan’. It is also featured on his debut album “Wolves”, which is the record that he co-wrote with John Mayer.

I’m about to get a little serious, but you can call me Ty Dolla. I’m sure you know who I am.

50 Unexpected Ty Dolla Sign Quotes About Life

People, wake up and take responsibility for yourselves – eventually when things get serious and you have to start solving problems on your own.

As we come together in the Lord’s spirit of love, we want to show God that we are grateful that he gave us the grace to be saved. Also lets remember that the Lord knows how to heal us.

Ty Dolla Sign felt like he went hard on “Free TC” because there wasn’t enough love and respect for the record when it came out. This year, he’s going to try his best to keep some people from being disappointed when they hear a song they don’t expect.

[Interview]: As for the rest of the record, Ty Dolla Sign says there are more than a few surprises.

Ty Dolla Sign is speaking to Rap Fix News about all the haters on the internet that are giving up on him. He is not upset with the haters but instead is mad at the people giving up on their dreams. He understands it is not always easy to stay positive in this hard world we live in and it takes everything you have inside you to keep your head up and keep fighting.

Ty Dolla Sign mentioned that he writes other people songs and then sends them around. He does this for the music business. It’s a good moneymaker, and if you can make it work, it can do great things for you.

Ty Dolla Sign is using his platform as a rapper to make a difference. He is helping people through his music. He is helping people through his platform. He is helping people through his music, through his talent, through his art.

Ty: I’m a part of helping these people. I’m not the only one. There are a lot of people like us. People that have a platform. I think it’s only right that we should use it. Use our platform to help people. I feel like I always help people with my music. It’s just right to use my career and my status to help other people.

7th of 50 Ty Dolla Sign Quotes 

I understand why some may see Drake in the same category as a lot of rappers. He’s done pretty well for himself considering where he started out, but it’s not all about the numbers. Drake has a lot of talent and he’s definitely a good rapper.

It can get people’s attention and it is definitely a good thing to bring attention to the situation at hand.

When people are locked up, it can cause problems. They don’t get the opportunity to do all the things they want to do. I know it’s not a solution to locking people up, but we can’t afford to have so many people locked up.

In this new age of hip-hop, this genre has been given the respect it deserves. People often confuse “rappers” with “hip-hop artists”, but this is the reason hip-hop started to gain momentum. Ty, YG, and Mustard brought back the West with their culture. They brought back the time when artists were actually respected.

Ty Dolla Sign believes that music has gotten more free-form with the development of technology. Before this, music was a controlled force, but now, people can listen to whichever music they wish.

The first part of the quote is not from Tyler Perry but was paraphrased by his editor in order to make some editorial sense of it.
As far as the rest of the quote is concerned, it is a paraphrase of Tyler Perrys comment given in the video.


The first part of the quote is taken from a post by Tyler Perry on Twitter, titled Are you happy being a n****r?, dated June 25th.

Ty Dolla Sign says that he did a song with Rihanna recently, and he asked Rihanna how she found out about him, and she said Drake.

This is the best thing that can happen for my neighborhood. We should invest in this area and make it really nice. I think it’s really exciting to invest in new buildings and give people the chance to live in nice apartments.

If you’re not having fun while making beats, you’re doing it wrong.

17th of 50 Ty Dolla Sign Quotes 

I’d love to jump on this dope shit, but I can’t.

The Isleys are a funk band that is signed to Motown Records. Ty has worked with them in the past for his song “Lookin Ass”.

The rapper was quoted as saying that racism is still a huge problem in 2016, and in 2017, the racism factor should be eliminated.

Working with Babyface was legendary. He is one of the most talented producers out there. He is so talented, he’s so prolific, and his production style is so unique. He’s one of those guys I don’t want to say he gets overshadowed by, but he’s underrated and under the radar, but I want to say I’ve worked with one of the best out there.

Ty was very passionate about the criminal justice system and the fact that black people were being treated unfairly by the justice system. He said that we’re going to see some changes in the criminal justice system and that the Clintons played a big role in that. He’s a great ally for the youth.

I want to say “I can’t be mad, because I am that which I have been waiting for.” I am that which I have been waiting for.
I can’t be mad, because I am that which I have been waiting for.

Ty Dolla Sign cares about people and he learned in life that the only thing people are supposed to do is learn and teach.

The original tweet on the other hand has no mention of the kid, just an image of her holding a cake.

I want to be a legend one day; but it’s too soon.

With a name like Ty Dolla Sign, you could probably expect to make songs that are filled with a lot of wannabe gangster rap vibes, but surprisingly this is one of his best.

27th of 50 Ty Dolla Sign Quotes 

28. My dad put me with all the greatest people. It definitely helps me now because I know so much about music and composition. It’s cool. I love Pops. I’m super thankful for everything he’s done to help my career.

Ty Dolla Sign said that most of the time, we riot just because we want to riot, but that doesn’t mean we have to.

The first album I ever heard was Ty Dolla Sign’s Free TC when I was just a little kid. I used to do a lot of writing and recording myself back then, so that’s when I first heard Ty – he had a great flow. My early musical influences were people like Ty, Drake, Big Sean, and Future. They were so good in that age, and those guys inspired me. I wanted to keep that energy alive and keep getting better.

Ty Dolla Sign says everyone wants to steal each other’s energy.

The rapper Ty Dolla Sign makes his first appearance on the list having been released just last year with the song, “Paranoid”.

Music has played a big part in Ty’s life. He grew up around a lot of church musicians and is often in the studio with them or jamming with them on occasion.

When he’s not performing, Ty is a loving father to his 3-year old daughter, Imani. His love for his daughter is shown through his lyrics and his performance on “Gotta Be You” which is the first single off of his forthcoming LP, Nobody’s Perfect.

36: Ty Dilla got us off the ropes and got us some respect.

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I’ve been to a lot of places, man. I’m from Los Angeles.

Ty Dolla Sign says that even if the competition is tough, his brother really is talented.

The state of criminal justice over the last 30 years has been a disgrace. The prison population has gotten out of hand, and the “War on Drugs” has been horrible to African Americans. I know what it’s like to go to jail. I’m glad I didn’t have to go through it as a kid.

I would like to make it clear that I did not intend to suggest that Ty Dolla Sign is in the same league as Dizzee Rascal. But I will also say that I did not intend to compare Ty Dolla Sign to Dizzee Rascal. And I regret the comparison.

41. Ty said that his father was in a group called Lakeside back in the day.

We have a chance to change people’s lives. I feel like we can make history.

I don’t know if there are too many Drakes out there. I heard there is a million Migos out there.

Ty Dolla Sign wants women but his brother is locked up. He can’t leave his brother behind.

I think I’m going to do more songs on my own.

Ty has said this to his son, and the world at large, on more than one occasion, for sure.

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Ty is one of the best lyricist in the game. He is humble and a very smart lyricist.

As a matter of fact, DJ Mustard was the first to show love to the late producer. Ty Dolla Sign’s words here are very significant. He is not only talking about DJ Mustard, but about the top producers in the game: J Dilla and Timbaland.

Ty Dolla Sign said that if you don’t have a girlfriend/wife you should follow him on Snapchat. He said he doesn’t want to see girls or any guys snapping him.

The “Paranoid” became a hit song. The song was played at the opening of a movie and made a lot of money.


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[Lyrics]: Ty Dolla Sign, he’s got a lot of money, he don’t need no money, he don’t need the fame, he just wanna be with ya, he just wanna be with ya.

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