50 Kathleen Kennedy Quotes About Careers & Success

A favorite Kathleen Kennedy quote of mine would have to be “If you want to be great, do great things.” I love that quote. I think it’s fantastic.

She started out as a TV producer with her brother Kevin who is the President of Disney Television Animation. They have worked together for many years. They have also worked with various other notable film directors, e.g., Richard Donner.

Kennedy started her acting career in the late seventies and early eighties with her big break being in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. She soon became a producer with her first film, ‘Back to the Future’, which was a critical and commercial success.

Here’s a collection of the most motivating quotes by the producer of the most inspiring movies ever made.

50 Kathleen Kennedy Quotes About Careers & Success

1. “Star Wars” is a movie property, meaning it cannot be owned by one person or company.
2. We keep it safe for its 50th anniversary.
3. In other words, it’s fragile.

2. One of the problems with many truth-tellers is that they don’t do it in a way that makes people want to listen.

But wait, there’s more!

This statement was a clear indication that a new Star Wars film was on the way. Some fans didn’t like the direction the franchise was going with the prequels and Episodes I-III. They wanted a clean start with a new trilogy to make. We were at the cusp of that time.

In terms of the process, people were kind of trying to find answers to questions, which we don’t necessarily like to give them because they tend to be the wrong answer. But the questions that we thought were the right questions, they were the questions that we went down.

Creators are part of a community of creators. They are not there to be exploited. We need to make a culture where this is a good thing, where creators are treated with respect. We need to be part of that community.

With the release of the “Rogue One” trailer and the ongoing rumors surrounding the casting of one of the most iconic characters from the galaxy far, far away, “Star Wars” fans started to feel anxious about the future of the franchise.

Daniel Day-Lewis is an amazing actor.
Kathleen Kennedy has a strong relationship with Daniel day-Lewis.

Sometimes women don’t take the initiative that they should.

Movie making is an art. Movie making is a business. People use the best tools available to make a movie and sometimes the best tools are not the most expensive tools, but the most effective tools.

10th of 50 Kathleen Kennedy Quotes

The Star Wars crew went the extra mile to make sure the movie was a truly authentic experience for the fans and audiences. They made sure they put the correct music behind it, the correct costume, and so on. And the characters were relatable to the audience. They took the time to really create an emotional experience with “Star Wars.”
And that’s why it got so many Academy Awards. It was authentic. It resonated with people.

The movie came out when it was meant to be, i.e., when Spielberg was able to secure funding for such a project.

The movie is hard to make and you lose money on it.

Kathleen Kennedy is looking for a female director for the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ movie. She is aware that some people will think this is a terrible idea but she will not talk anybody into this. She also states that she does not want to bring in a woman who would not be willing to direct a ‘Star Wars’ film. She is willing to listen to any suggestions for a better director but she is not going to talk anybody into it.

Studios and distributors are looking to streamline filmmaking.

Kathleen Kennedy says that every person has something to contribute and that it is not easy to know what exactly one is good at. That is why she supports and empowers others.

Kathleen Kennedy, the director of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” has no plans to turn around and make another “Star Wars” movie. Despite the enormous success of “The Force Awakens,” she is not interested in creating a sequel.

As an aside, it’s great that her husband is also an executive producer, because one of the worst things about the modern Hollywood studio system is how much it tends to pit producer against director (or vice versa, I suppose). Not so here.

There was a teacher who had a little theatre, and he was letting us volunteer to work there and he was also allowing us to make little movies in class.

The international component of Lucasfilm means that we have to figure out what works overseas and, if possible, to localize it. In the past, we had mostly worked with other studios and the studios would do the localization. But now we are working directly with each new territory, and I think this has worked exceptionally well.

20th of 50 Kathleen Kennedy Quotes

Audiences still crave stories, and that is why the movie business continues to thrive.

Kathleen Kennedy was a producer on the original movie “E.T”. The movie was nominated for 5 Oscars, and won 2.

“Many great stories are father issues, mother issues or death.” Kathleen Kennedy was quoted after the release of Iron Man 2, that many great stories are father issues.

In 2016, there are still few women in leadership roles in Hollywood, but one female director has been a key voice in the conversation about how Hollywood can expand its representation. Kathleen Kennedy is the president of Lucasfilm and co-chair of the Disney board. On the day of the press conference, she and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy had a conversation with a female reporter about women in the industry.

You know how there’s always a lot of conversation about who the favorite director is at this studio and that studio and all of the studios and that’s just the studio business. But at a lot of the studios, it’s all about the prep. So I think she really is just trying to keep it in focus, trying to keep the creative focus.

This is true. But as you watch the news and see the turmoil at Fox, you realize that Kathleen Kennedy is no longer in charge. She is now the puppet master, directing from afar.

I am glad that you don’t analyze things all the time.
That would be a bad thing.

It’s an interesting thing when you’re casting a film – especially when you’re trying to discover someone – you’re waiting for someone to step into the room in an audition process and claim the role.

We’re in trouble if you can’t recognize the film-makers that really do care about what they’re doing,
and it’s a film like this. The film-makers are so good at what they do.

The studio has a philosophy that they are storytellers and they will find a way to tell the story. That’s what makes them successful because they have many, many years of experience telling stories. And they are storytellers who will find a way to tell the story of Star Wars.

30th of 50 Kathleen Kennedy Quotes

Kathleen Kennedy says that she started her career as a camera operator. She says that she was doing news and sports – baseball games and football games. Kennedy is acutely aware that women were not included in those areas at the time.

Success is never a matter of luck – it is all a matter of timing.

Kathleen Kennedy was always impressed by the power of “making things happen”. She has been producing great things since she was a child.

The Kennedy family’s personal lives have always been a bit of a rollercoaster. Kennedy has spoken of her life as a mess of chaos and how many times she’s changed her mind.

When it came time to hand out the Oscars, Kathleen Kennedy was more concerned with the best director and best original screenplay awards, which she won, than best picture.

The franchise concept can be exciting, but just as important is developing a film that is genuinely in service to the art of film.
The goal of a film is not to make a lot of money. The goal of a film is to create something that will live with its audience for a long time, to live on after death.

Kathleen Kennedy says that she’s married to a very talented filmmaker. She is very fortunate to have gotten him.

With the movie, we wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a male-centric movie. The fact that we had a director, who you could not say “was a woman; she was a man.” It was just the opposite, and we wanted to make sure that we could get a female point of view in the room and bring in a perspective that hadn’t been there before.

If you are planning something big, you should be developing a long way ahead of release. There are huge risks if something unforeseen happens after a long period of development.

It is more than just the visual effects artist working with the director to make the sequence as it should be. In addition to that, there are many members in the larger visual effects team that need to be involved. It’s often an all-out collaborative effort between many people.

40th of 50 Kathleen Kennedy Quotes

Kathleen Kennedy said that she was going to hire a woman to direct a “Star Wars” movie. This is the first woman to be named the director of the “Star Wars” series since George Lucas.

We’re working hard to make sure to have the right things to shoot. So it’s not like we’re going to roll out of the gate with everything. We’re going to get to the right things. And we’re going to get them right.

The new films will not be in 3D, they will not be in 4D and none of them will be in IMAX.

Kathleen Kennedy has been one of the most important filmmakers in Hollywood. She is the producer of Star Wars, The Hunger Games, and The Force Awakens. She is also the CEO of Lucasfilm.

I think what Kathleen says is pretty true. There’s a lot of luck and serendipity involved. I’m fortunate that I have a great team, that they trust me. And they trust my taste in movies. And we take a shot on every movie, and somehow some of them stick. Some of them don’t.

Kathleen Kennedy makes a good point on how Marvel and Star Wars have very distinct stories and that they’re very different. Also, they didn’t say “emulate” in their interviews. It’s very likely that Lucasfilm is the exact opposite of Marvel.

I think we all know that as long as we don’t overanalyze our own projects, we’re bound to come out with something that we’re proud of and like.

We have a choice to make every day to step into our God-given roles as directors, writers, artists and producers, and all of us have to be able to step into the roles of everything we do, and not worry if we have the clout, the name, the money or whatever else we have to have to do it.

It makes perfect sense that Kennedy would consider Bono’s environmentalism as part of his wider cause in the world. It’s easy to see how he would connect with the theme of an environmentalist-laden “E.T. 2”, even if he chooses not to take such a stance in the future. Even better, Kennedy could find a way to present both stories within the same time frame, which might make for the best of both worlds.

A producer is the one who has the vision and can see the project through. It needs to be a person who understands what’s best for the picture even if it means compromising. They have to have a good understanding of the story and characters. Someone who is the big picture and can see the big picture is a producer.

We’re going to be working on a lot of different projects and I think Base FX is going to be a wonderful partner and continue to be an incredible partner as well.


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